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Capt. Jack Sparrow
I feel very sleepy during work hours eventhough i had 8 hours sleep last night?
I feel very sleepy during work hours eventhough i had 8 hours sleep last night. I dont feel like not wake up from my bed. I hate to go to office on monday morning. Please somebody provide me a better solution to be active. Please suggest me any medicine which could keep me active after sleep and during my work hours.

My Friend, are you suffering from any depression or mental fatigue. It may be that you are not interested in the work you are doing and due to this lack of job satisfaction your mind is not prepared to offer itself for the work you do. What you can do is contact a good career counsellor and get your aptitude test done. May be it may be time for you to shift to a job that interests you really. All the best.

well i to had this problem
maybe like me u also don't drink enough water try drinking
7-8 glasses of water everyday
having juice or juicy fruits for breakfast also helps
consult a doc if u want

dada m
Maybe you should try to avoid eating so much sweet foods. This could make you sleepy specially if you work mentally, just sitting in office. You should eat more easily digestible food like fruits and vegetable, so that you will not feel heavy. You could fell more comfortable to work if your stomach is light and active. And some exercise early in the morning could help you more active that you could wake up early.

If its personal
but i really hate 2 say this
May be its your 'suppose' bothering you.

Job may be of not your liking. Find some thing juicy at your workplace. Get up from your bed to have morning walk and you will find so many children Young and old with full of energy , you can have glass of milk in morning at the time of sleep.Good Luke

Before taking any medecin go to your doctor and discuss your symptoms. It seems you should get your Thyroid functions checked but on the doctors advice only.

As u stated that monday u hate to go, i think there is no problem in u, there is a problem in your office work atmoshpehere. U question sounds that your dont like you job. Try to make your workplace more interesting and create some interesting things there which make you attract so by that you able to get and enjoy the working hours and this feelings naturally comes to u.

Maybe you should take your vitamins.

Amit K
my frnd get up early in morning & do exersise is the bet way
to start a day

Exercise and vitamin B. Also, I have read that an apple will give you more energy than coffee! If getting sleepy is effecting your work day, you really should have that checked out though.

Eat pure protein and vit+minerals and natural iron tab.
It will help you a lot.

suresh k
Hi there !
=sleeping in poorly ventilated room ?
=very much crowded room ?
=or is it that you are taking any medicines like anti histamines or cough syrups in the morning, which can cause sedation ?
=dont have "heavy" breakfast !
=try not to work continuously and take small inermittent breaks which give you additional energy or boost !
=also try having a cup of coffee at the start of the work...

hope this will take care of your problem, for sure !
best wishes !

B vitamins. Good food. Sometimes the ventilation in offices isn't that great. Does anyone else in your office feel the same sleepiness? Maybe its just not you. A lot of office buildings have some very sick people because of carpets, paint etc. An older building could have urea formaldehyde in the walls in that case it should be checked by the owners every year or removed.Check it out for your healths sake.

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