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 HElp! my arm is weird!!?
My arm is suddenly weird.


it kinda shakes and it feels ticklish
I cannot grab stuff properly! It's Not numb.


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well today i was nailing some wood (long story) and i was bending down....when i got back up the left side of my lower back felt excruciating pain!! it hurts when i sit, stand up, walk....anything!! ...

 guilty!! i've lost my sting!!!?
I didn't mean to kill him, but he got on my ****...

 why does my back always hurt when i bend over?

 Why do legs ache after exercise?
I am 35 yr old female and have been exercising for the past 6 weeks, walking for an hour 4-5 times a week and also walking on treadmill for 20-30 minutes. But for the past few days my legs are aching ...

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 Can marijuana help my migraines?
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Before you start hounding me about drug abuse, I have severe ...

 Pain meds?
i have to get my wisdom teeth out, and pain killers make me really sick to my stomach if i don't eat a full meal. obviously i wont be able to eat a big meal once i get them out so what is the ...

 neeeeeeeeed help!!!! HEADACHE!!!?
I have a headache, does anyone else!!!...

 What causes my migraines?
First of all I lose most of my eyesight
Second the headache comes
Third all of my face goes numb

I do spend allot of time on the computer and the wii and I was wondering if this ...

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 Chest pain when breathing?
Whenever i breath i experience chest pain. I don't have trouble breathing just my chest hurts whenever i take a deep breath. I don't have asthma so i hope it isn't that.
I ...

 PLEASE!!!!!!girls only?
ok its that time of the month again but I'm getting aches and pains is there any thing I can do to sop them or make them less hurtful?
Help please

 Is it safe to snort acetaminophen?
I broke my leg a few days ago. It's in a cast now ad I was prescribed percocet. I've vomited quite a few times the pain's been so bad. I'd like to know if the percocet is safe to ...

 Why does my arch hurt when I run for a period of time?
I be running for a period of time than my feet start to hurt where my arch is at. I flat feet that could be why. Should I ice it afterward or if anybody have any idea what to do help me....

Jerry Sanders
I cannot open the methadone bottle prescribed to me. It says to push down and turn, but will not turn at all.?
some of the directions at the top of the bottle are cut off.

Chronic IL
Send me your methadone and I promise it will be opened!

Yes, Methadone bottles! They have this cork that has to be pushed down lightly and be turned anticlockwise simultaneously ie at the same time, as you are pushing down turn it and it will open automatically! hope this helps...

I get the joke haha methadone.. nice.

Or I am sorry for saying that. Push down hard an turn counter clockwise

push down and turn fo yo lifeeeee !

Push down really hard. They are a tougher bottle.

Dick S
There might be two arrows that have to be lined up before you push it down and turn.

just wondering. are you a blonde. its really not that hard to open a med bottle. there only child proof. you should call your pharmacy or ask some one with darker hair to help you. no joke

maybe your pharmacy can give you another bottle but i doubt if they will take the bottle back you already have, maybe if you take it into the place that administered the prescription they can open it for you. if not try tapping the top of the bottle on the side of a table edge or something of that nature and then opening it.or if all else fails get someone to open it for you that's a little stronger and more experienced at opening bottles of that nature like the pharmacy.

it is child proof as should be and doc did not prescribe or you would call him or pharmacy already.

look for something that looks like it needs to be squeezed on the sides of the cap.. Put pressure on it push down and turn..

eddy :)
Maybe you didn't turn it right. Like did it say clockwise direction or counter-clockwise direction?

If you can't, call your pharmacy.

Hayley T
are you sure that your turning it the crrect way???? if that doesn't work try breaking it open or asking someone else around you fro some help....

Dries out around the cap and top of bottle leaving a sticky residue that works like glue. Run warm to hot water over the bottle neck and cap.

maybe you're not pushing down hard enough. or maybe you have to push both sides together (squeeze the sides), then turn.

hand it to the closest five year old...he will pop the top off in 3 seconds flat...promise

Call your pharmacy and have them explain. At the very least maybe they can give it to you in another bottle.

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