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Jen D
I Took Two 10mg Vicodin Pills & I feel A little Off Balanced?
I noticed my pupils are constricted, and when I read or look at something on the computer then look away I feel dizzy and sort of like A drunk feeling.

I have never took any Pain-killer's in my life, & was wondering If this is normal?

My pain from surgery is completely gone though. :)

William M
haha, 2 10mg? thats nothing. they dont make 10mg. unles youre talking about like 10/500's? i used to eat(chew) over 1500mg of hydrocodone a day. nothing to be proud of but yeah

well duh(not to be rude) but thats the point of vicodin. your fine just go with it...oh and i realized from my highschool days that trying to concentrate while on them doesnt exactly work

Were you suppose to take two? If not, you may be overdosing slightly. But I don't think it's much to be worried about. You're able to type so I'm sure you'll be fine. Some people react differently to medication.

If you don't need them don't take them. You can become addicted. And yes they can make you dizzy, off balance, sleepy, and drug like feeling. If you take too many they can ruin your liver and kidneys.

It's normal. That feeling is why people take them recreactionally.

This is a normal reaction to a narcotic. Not everyones body can handle narcotics the same. Some people can take plenty of narcotics and feel completely normal. My suggestion to you is to take only one Vicodin next time instead of two

Jack O
Did you read the side effects on the pill bottle? Sounds like some side effects to me. Follow the directions - if in doubt call your doctor or pharmacist.

Yea this is normal. The feelings you have are normal for some one that has never taken pain medication before. I would recommend you lay down and relax until you know exactly how your body will behave.

Mandy VZ
Yes, it's normal. Next time, the best thing to do is take them and lie down and rest. Most narcotics cause these side effects, but some people do not experience this after taking them a couple of times.

John P
You are having a normal reaction to the medication. Be careful, don't think of driving while the medication is in your system, keep food in your stomach if you can, and DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS. Vicodin causes major constapation.

Vicodin, being a narcotic will effect your brain in such a fashion. If it becomes problematic I'd ask your doctor about lowering the dosage, but I'm not surprised that you're getting that kind of feeling from it. Keep in mind, some ppl are more sensitive to things like that than others. If you have any questions its probably best to direct them to a doctor, or even your local pharmacist would be able to help here. Call your local walgreens or something.

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