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I'm going to have mine done soon so I want to know, do blood tests hurt?

They hurt me, I have anxiety attacks every time I have to get blood taken.

It depends on how good the nurse is at taking blood test, its a small needle and usually doesn't hurt, just a little sting. Its 99% mental anyway, if you don't think about it, and don't watch, it probably won't hurt at all.....#####

Make sure you are plenty hydrated, and as long as you have a good nurse, you shouldn't feel a thing.

Nope, just a small needle to draw some blood. If your nurse is good/experienced, you won't feel a thing.

You are going to feel a pinch. What I have found to help me is making a fist, letting it relax,,,repeating this,,,,,for some reason this helps the vein to protrude a bit and the lab person has an easier job of hitting the vein the first try.

Hope you get an experience lab person.

Good luck.

roger r
tash if you want to talk call me i dont understand all the questions

Well they sting for a second but it will stop it wont be hurting for a minute or 2 it will only hurt for a second. Trust me. ♥Sam♥

Just a pinch, nothing horrible.

It's true, it's just like getting pinched for a second or two and then it's gone. But I've recently had a few blood tests where I felt nothing at all, I couldn't believe it!

it just feels like getting a shot

not as much as say getting your ears pierced. Its about the same as getting a needle, no big deal.

It's not bad, I'm 15 and have had my blood taken (and have had tons of IV's also) tons of times in the past year and a half, it's just like a little pinch. Just relax, breathe, and think happy thoughts. Good luck!

Janettes wonderful star
not really,
then again i have a high pain tolorence

Kay H
Really depends on you. Do you have a high or low pain threshold??
I have a low one and I also have deep, thin veins so they always have a very hard time finding them. So its a YES from me! I have panic attacks every time I get them done and also have fainted a couple of times.
Make you sure drink tonnes of water because it makes it easier then and also if you smoke, dont have a smoke for around an hour before going - that use to help me.
Good luck!!

Oscar A
If you don't look it really doesnt feel like anything,

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