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Horace J
I'm depressed. My car just got towed and I got fired on the same day,my girl just dumped me can some1 help me?
I'm depressed. My car just got towed and I got fired on the same day,my girl just dumped me can some1 help me? How can i relax and keep my mind of those things. Internaly i wanna cry but externally im not crying. Can someone help me and give me tips? Thank you.

sounds like you to get a buzz on

make margaritas, write a country song and get rich from it! LOL!

No seriously, every new beginning starts with an end. The job loss is probably a blessing in disguise, as is the loss of the girlfriend.

Find a good website with some relaxation techniques and put them to practice. Get a good nights sleep and tomorrow things will be much clearer. Sometimes the rest of your life starts with goodbye......mourn your losses (as we all need to do), dust yourself off and go get another job that will get you closer to your overall career and financial goals.

Learn about "The Secret". I saw it on Larry King Live and Oprah......google it. Lots of good advice there.....its mind over matter. Good Luck.

Its ok. Life has its ups and downs, and right now just happens to be the "downs" for you. It'll get better soon, but to make you feel better now, i would suggest that you get yourself a huge bucket of ice-cream and watch some tv or do something that usually makes you feel happy and just hang on. :-D

nicola s
now that's what i call a bad day go on have a good cry no one is looking then sit with a tub of ice cream preferably chocolate and watch your favorite film

Know what? Some of your respondents have given some really caring advice, and I have nothing to add except to wish you luck.

This has NOT been your day, has it! And all of your life there will be repeats to this day and you have to learn to roll with the punches. Sometimes you have to look at life philosophically. You can get the car back, right? And the job might not have been one in your best interest. If it was something you did that caused you to get fired, well then, maybe you learned something from this, that will help you with the next job. As for the girfriend....there are plenty of fish in the sea, my friend, and like a bus, there'll be another one along in a short while...a better one who won't think of deserting you!

And if a good cry will help then do it!...then watch a funny movie and laugh...best medicine in the world!

We are all entitled to a little break down every now and then. Maybe you should cry aloud so you can release that aggression. Then your mind will be relaxed and you can continue with your goals.

Tomorrow IS another day.

Focus on one thing at a time, if you can
I'd start by getting my car back - before the towing and storage fees get astronomical
Your GF may just need a little space and time. Let her have that while you are dealing with the car issue. If its meant to happen that you two get back together, you will - otherwise, heal and move on... Things that happen are meant to be.
Next, think about how to make a job move that benefits you!
Good luck
At least bad things don't come in Fours...



When it rains it pours. Just go to bed early and maybe things will be clearer in the morning. Sorry!

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