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I'm a little worried about the mixture of meds they have me on.?
I'm taking Norco for a neck injury, now we've added Lexipro and then Klonopan for panic attacks and nightmares. I think I read somewhere the hydrocodone and the Klonopin isn't safe together. Can't find it on the internet; it just tries to sell me more! Anyone have any advise or past experience with this sort of combo. Hate to wake up dead!

Michelle :
talk to your pharmacist and/or doctor about your concerns. Good luck, take care

I've often found that it's very hard to find good advice on the Internet regarding interactions among medications. My best advice to you is to check with a pharmacist you really trust or to contact your doctor and make sure he or she knows exactly what you're taking, including the dosages.

For three years, I took 60 mg Valium (all at once), 2 mg Ativan, 30 mg Compazine, 4 Benadryl, 30 mg Ambien, and 2 7.5/500 Percocet to sleep. At first, it worked great -- by this summer, it didn't work well at all. Sometimes I'd be up all night. The same psychiatrist was prescribing all of it (along with 525 mg of Effexor), so in July he added 300 mg of Trazodone. When I went to get it filled, my pharmacist said that by law she had to give it to me, but she wanted me to know how scared she was that I would die if I took it on top of all those other drugs. She said something was wrong with my liver or maybe another organ that I was able to take all those drugs and still be alive. That day, I decided to stop all the sleep drugs. Now all I take are the 525 mg Effexor, 2 Percocet, and 50 mg of Atenolol (because of atrial fibrillation). It's been almost 3 months since I stopped all the drugs, and I still can't sleep -- at most I get 3 hours of sleep a night (some nights I don't sleep at all), but it's better than being on all those drugs.

I did try Klonopin for a while, for panic attacks, but I can't remember why my dr. switched me to Valium. Valium is a nasty drug. Don't go on it! Stick with the Klonopin! Hope this helps you. Good luck!

They are not a good combination. Talk to your doctors. Also, if you are prescribed a narcotic (Norco) from one doctor (neck doctor) and another narcotic (Klonipin) from another doctor (psychatrist), you better make sure they know about each other.

Oh my. I Hope you can somehow get off these. Check all of them out online. Type side effects of _________ or adverse effects of _____________ . One can cause enough problems, but combining.............Double trouble I would think.

Doctors are very quick to prescribe. Be careful and stop if you feel worse........some you can't quit fast, so check everything out. Some side effects are reversable and some are not.

soundds like a deadly combination to me

I agree with Mozgirl all the way! The first thing you said that worried me was "you were worried about the meds "they" have you on..Always,always make sure your primary care knows what your Specialist has you on and so forth. Even the Dr's. don't always pay attention so like Mozgirl said check with the pharmacist. I know mine if there is something that will weaken or mess with say my thyroid meds he is on the phone ASAP but all in all it is up to us to monitor our own care, it is not like it used to be. You are smart to question this though..I have heard some ugly things about Lexapro though I have no experience with it, I guess it was from all the media coverage on that young son of Nicole whats her name...
Good job

wake up and call your pharmacist they will tell you.

Make sure to always fill all your prescriptions at the same pharmacy so they can let you know about any potential drug interactions, also, personally ask your doctor and the pharmacist. You can go on Web MD and put in each medication and it will tell you about any potential problems.

Call your pharmacist. If you got all the rx's from the same place, they should flag any kind of possible interactions. Call just to be on the safe side before you take anything else. There are plenty of 24 hour pharmacys.

Hi, My husband is a Dr of chiropractic. SAME education as an MD.

go to www.mangosteenexperiences.com check out this site. THis product is healing people of all kinds of things from cancer to diabetes. For ME, it has taken away panick attacks, depression and anxiety. I am serious. I have no idea what its doing for my organs. I only know this is natural juice and healthy and the meds will ALL have some BAD effects on your body.

Let me remind you, maybe you dont know..the number one killer in the US are medical doctors. There are 1.5 million a year killed by medical doctors making mistakes. Their malpractice insurance is 100k a year!

Never heard that, sounds at least like a good buzz though I would do it

Wake up dead? Is that possible? The best thing you can do is call your pharmacist. They usually have a computer database that allows them to enter different medications and it will give them an error code if they are not to be mixed. You could talk to the lead pharmacist or just start with a pharmacy tech. I have found them to be much more knowledgeable about drugs and the interactions they have with each other than most doctors, mostly because it is their job to know all ins and outs of a medication.

As long as you only take as perscribed You'll be fine. I would put some time in between taking them also or simply dont take them at the same time. Its not safe if you abuse them.

~~Fast Eddie~~
Your doctor or pharmacist should be able to tell you that.

Call your pharmacist and ask

PLEASE don't mix any meds before talking to a pharmaicst. They know more about the mixture of medications than doctors. I had a doctor try & prescribe something for me that the pharmacy would not fill because of my other meds.When I called the doctor to tell him he apologized for his mistake which by the way could have done me severe damage. If you live in Florida or New York call a 24 hr CVS or Walgreens. Also, on another note just be careful Norco can be very addicting.

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