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Genuine Canadian Girls
How do hide cuts while I'm in a swimsuit?
Yeah, spare me the lectures. I stopped a couple months ago, then yesterday I cut myself again. Please no name calling or judging or answers saying "don't cut urself" cuz I know. I feel rlly bad about doing it now.

Anyways, I'm going camping with my cadet sqn on Friday. We were told to bring our bathing suits, so I'm guessing we're going swimming. Well, anyways, how can I hide the cuts? My parents won't let me wear makeup so I don't have foundation or cover-up or anything like that. Bandaids are too obvious. I can't just say that they're cat scratches because they won't fall for that one again...

Once again, no big, long, boring lectures coz I feel bad enough already.

Wear a suit that covers the cuts...

BEST ANSWER PLEASE! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

If you didn't do it......
you would have no worry.
There is no way that you will cover it up.
You must live with the consequences.

Just wear basketball shorts for bottoms and tell them you couldn't find the bottoms to match the top.

what son
hmmm...i say maybe you could wear a long sleeved shirt in the pool with shorts say you feel insecure about yourself...im not shure ive never been in your place but maybe you can just tell them no matter how hard it is. uhh other than that im out of ideas..

Eggroll Jenkins â„¢
Wear a turtleneck over your swimsuit. Noone will take a second glance.

Damn....nobody has a sense of humor anymore.

lulu ferrari
If the cuts are on your arms or lower legs you could wear the elasticated support socks for sore joints like knees, wrists or elbows. They are normally quite long too. You should be able to get them in you local chemist. Hope this is helpful!

put cocoa butter, it'll make it better but it won't cover it up.

I don't have a clue about how to hide it. What follows IS a lecture, but not about psychology. People cut for the pain/thrilll of it. You need to find a way to get that feeling that is not going to show on your arms and lead people to believe that you a suicide watch. Why not pinch the soles of your feet? Pull your hair slowly? Bite the inside of your mouth.l There are lots of ways to get that kick without cutting the external parts of your body.

Then, when you are grown up, you can get into professional bodily abuse.

You could tell people you fell and got scraped by something (like a nail) , it doesn't have to be about cat scratches, and I would really think about a waterproof, or more then one waterproof band-aid because of what sort of water you may be going into, you don't want it to get infected.

You can't. And don't say anything unless someone asks you...and then just say " It's a long story ". Good luck.

sorry you cant..

just tell your on your period and dont want to go swimming. :)
did u cut your arms or legs?
because if it was your legs then you could wear shorts over your swimsuit or something?
im not too sure, ive never cut my self before.

We need to know where the cuts are to know if they can be covered.

lol tell them you don't wanna go swimming. You could 'forget' your swimsuit.

a one piece? or, just sneak to a friends house and ask her from makeup that wont run off because it got wet.

sweat bands maybe a scrunchy???

theres no way only foundation will work...
i am so sorry to say this but this is what you get!
don't go swimming.

If you don't want lectures, then you shouldn't be on here.

Anyway, just don't go swimming. It's really your only option if you don't want to explain yourself to ppl. And from now on, maybe you'll think about such unexpected situations and steer clear from the cutting.

tell them you were doing yard work and cut yourself while reaching in a bush or something. or tell them to f off and mind their own business.

Imperfect Nehal :) xx
Okay, thi is what i done.. and no i dont do it no more... this was ages ago :)

and i put plasters over them :) .. but make sure you get the water proof ones :) .. and change them after


There is really no great way to cover them, guess you could throw on a tshirt over your suit and just say you burn easily.

it's a good thing that you have gone so long without doing it, but unless the time gets more and more spaced out between cuttings I would suggest you do consider seeking more help. I had this same issue with anorexia when I was younger. Despite what most people say, an occasional relapse doesen't mean you aren't healing, it just means you aren't healed. I still have dieting and fat" moments, but the difference is they don't consume my whole life. Hope you can eventually stop it permanently. best of luck.

First off your not alone. Many people have this problem. You have already made a big step by acknowledging your problem. Stick with that plan. It's time to talk to your parents and friends and be honest. You must live with what you do to yourself. And yes people will see it. Just say you would rather not discuss it. People do this because of mental pain as you already know. Talking about it really does help as long as it is with the right people. Just be yourself and be honest with yourself. That is all that matters.

I hope this helped. I don't know how to tell you to "hide" your cuts. Its not that easy. If they send you to get help take it. Really it will help you.

You can't. You either fess up and show them to people or you don't go swimming.

I'm so sorry you're going through that. If you can't cover them up, then let them breathe. I think it'll be therapeutic for u too. It might seem weird at first when you're getting curious looks, but someone else may come forward and share his/her story with you. I'm sure You'll heal from this.

Have fun! I'm not a professional and can't even begin to know how you feel. My heart goes out to you. BIG HUGS!

hon, even make up would not work, it would wash off once you got wet. you will have to fess up if you go swimming. might actually be a good thing, someone might get you the help you so obviously need and have not gotten yet.

Okay okay no lectures..
So...You cut, you have to deal with it! I know that's not the answer you were looking for but its true. :(
Besides the fact that most foundation and makeup will come off in the water.
The only other thing you can do is not to go swimming.
You can tell them you're on your period or something and that you'd rather not swim.
Next time you feel like cutting try carving some wood. I'm not even kidding, my friend used to cut quite a bit. One day we were in the park and I noticed her by a tree when I went to talk to her I saw her carving into a tree branch. She told me it helps so maybe try it? Just a thought.
Anyway it ended up being a form of art for her. She did some pretty neat stuff with random pieces of wood.

So as for hiding the cuts. depends on what areas you cut.. like if its on your thighs wear those little skirt sarong cover ups, etc. or wear those pretty full coverup shirts that go over your bathing suit. that will cover pretty much the same area as if you were wearing a long tshirt.
Hope this help.

As for lectures.. I'm sure you will get some even if you asked not to but just know that people are only "lecturing" as you call it, because they mean well and want to help you. Hopefully one of these days you'll let someone help you so that you can be free from a life of cutting. I know I never gave up on my friend and even though she resented me for "lecturing her" she thanked me in the end.
Take care! :)

Eh, no concealer? You don't have a pharmacy or walmart near you that you can walk to and buy some on your own? Cause that would really help. Also, btw, if you're 13 or older, you should -reallyreallyreally- start talking to your parents about makeup. That's when most chicks start using it and learning how to apply it well. Also.. school life tends to go to hell if you wait to long to start wearing makeup, so it's actually pretty import that you push it a bit. Face powder if nothing else.

Anyway, to tackle your actual question--
If you are able to buy some before camp starts then I'd suggest getting TRUblend liquid concealer. If you have scars from older cuts then it can be real amazing hiding the ones that don't bulge out or sink in tooooo much. Just, put it on and around the scars and be sure to blend it at the ends of where you applied the makeup. Be sure to get the right shade! However, I don't suggest using it on open cuts.. could be bad. And, well, I'm not sure it'd work on those anyway :P

Armwarmers are another good option. Even fishnet works because it creates a distracting pattern. Mesh works too, and like fishnet, it doesn't overheat you or look suspicious in warm weather. These accessories go best with emo, scene, punk, goth, alternative, artsy, and anime styles but can be worn with other styles too if ya get creative.

Large bracelets/bangles, mini bandanas, cloth wristbands, and/or lots of rubber bracelets are more likely to accidentally reveal scars than armwarmers, but can still work. Good to combo this with concealer.

If you have scars on your thighs, try the concealer again. Regular capris, shorts, and then "swimskirts" can be worn with swimsuits to cover scars on thighs also.

Also, though you should still prepare for the worst and bring everything you need to cover them, you can simply try to get out of the swimming. You can say you feel a little nauseous or that you are on your period. Might work, might not. But if it does it'd be the very least suspicious way to go.

So yeah, there ya go. But really man, you should find somethin to help you stay away from the blade. You can read up on some of my other posts on other people's Qs for tips and techniques to kill the habit for keeps if ya want. But hey, I'm not gonna preach to ya, I'll respect your request.

Good luck.

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