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How can I get relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
I am a personal trainer who works out alot. Lately I have developed what I believe is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When I touch my wrist I can feel a tingling all the way at the top of my index finger. I hear there are surgical options but I don't want to take that route. What are some solutions for relief?

if your Capral Tunnel Syndrome has just develop you should just do the surgery beacause if u keep it up, it can kill you

put ur hand in ice cold water


cheryl v
put wrist braces on your wrist,it will help keep your wrist steady and straight,and take some naproxen

Alex A
First try with NSAIDS. They may give you a releif. If not then try steroid injections into the wrist. Even if there is no relief, you have to go for surgery.

Mickey Mouse Spears
It sounds like more than Carpel Tunnel syndrome, but also a pinched nerve. You should avoid using that arm for a few days. Give it a rest, and it will be in good shape again. I usually wear a sling or pretend like I am wearing a sling and just keep it at rest in front of my abdomen.

I was a weight lifter who contracted carpal tunnel. The doctor felt that I was too young for surgery so we tried a cortisone injection. That was about ten years ago and I am still O.K. Good luck

I would firstly check that what you are suffering from is actually CTS going to your doctor for a quick check wouldn't hurt.

I actually suffer from CTS so I can understand the pain you are in if you are suffering from CTS. When my wrist is playing up I wear a wrist brace that has a metal rod in it, that supports my wrist and also limits its movements and makes sure that any wrist movements I make are done properly so they wont harm it. I suggest getting a wrist brace and wearing it when you work out and also when you type/use a mouse as inappropriate typing is a huge problem as well (I wear mine when I type to and it really helps). Xx

I used to work for a Chiropractor, and we did ultrasound on patients with Carpal Tunnel, and it helped them a lot. This reduces inflammation and breaks up adhesion's.

Luke P
wearing a splint helps a lot i find

It appears that stretching your fingers for up to 5 minutes is an effective way of relieving these symptoms, whilst under the shower is even better.
But if symptoms such as tingling and numbness return almost immediately, I would contact my doctor ASAP as there are non intrusive procedures that will right the problem, it may even be another disorder.
But I would try the finger stretches and warm ups in the shower all alternating stretching and placing your fingers under warm water first.
Good luck.

I had what they call a Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, went to the doctor and he explained that it is very similar to the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome except it's my foot instead of my wrist.

Three options exist, usually the doctor recommends stretching and wearing wrist support, if that doesn't work, usually anabolic injection to the affected wrist plus stretching. If that doesn't work, then it's surgical, but apparently there's a new expensive treatment by ultrasound.

Read this too:


Good luck :)

Here is a great site on it that will help you far more than anyone guessing you;ll read on here

♥Miss Self-Sufficient
it's hard to say...since you are a personal trainer..you constantly use your wrist..

try wrapping it..

honestly i have carpal tunnel..
from typing...there's really no other option but surgery...
i'm procrasinating..

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