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How can I cure this? Please help :(?
It feels like there is A LOT of pressure in my head. My head feels really heavy and my neck is sore. I took some Tylenol twice today but it hasn't helped. What can I do to relieve this?

Adam S
go to a doctor

enya` p
take motrin....proved better than tylelonel......feel better! :(
-enya p :)

♥simply beautiful♥
teh easyest way is to get off the computer nd go relax or take a nap nd sleep threw it

it sounds liek a migarane or a tention headache

Maybe finding out what the problem is and then having it treated would be a good idea. If you have neck pain, it indicates you have some unequal muscle tightness. Need to find out why it is there and begin corrective measures to reverse it.

The head feeling heavy suggests you are on the verge of having a balance problem. Your head is being held up by those muscles in your neck and they are not working properly at this time. It would behoove you to take care of this problem before it becomes more complex and involves more areas of the spine. Seeing a doctor of Chiropractic would be advisable.

i think u should lay down
also clear ur mind

dalia a
you should problem go to the doctor just incase but be for that u can take a hot shower massage your temples!!! hope u feeel better!!

Go to sleep.It always works for me.

Lady War
Maybe you are getting the flu, or meningitis.. i'm serious, if your neck is sore for no reason and you have a headache, unless it is a sinus problem (which would not explain the neck) then you should see a doc.

Katie L
go to the doctor!!!

u should go see a doctor that dont sound to good!

have you been getting enough sleep? sometimes even though you dont feel tired there are some side effects and they can be pretty severe if you havent gotten the right amount of sleep in a while. or you could try downsizing your "to do" list. it could also be stress. if you cant possibly take some stuff off your plate try taking like a half hour to 15 min somewhere in the middle of the day to renew your self and keep your brain moving forward instead of back.

Sounds like sinus. You probably need an antibotic.

Katie E
your probably congested you should take some sudephed or some other decongestant

try sleeping and drink cofee one time only the wait untile midnight and drink hot tea andback to sleep

See a doctor. Is this stress related?

You probably have a sinus infection and need to see a doctor, but you might try getting in the shower and running very warm water over you face and neck. That might help ease the pressure. If you can't do that right now, you could try wetting a washcloth or paper towel with the hottest water you can stand and placing it across your nose and cheeks, maybe even on the neck area.

asprin should work if not go 2 the doctor hope it helps

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