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 My brother is hurtin all over, and its not normal for him..?
My brother woke up this morning and he says everything hurts..
and judging by the way he is "walking" around.. and the face he's making when he's not holding his head.. he...

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I got a shot yesterday and it hurts.


any tips??? its the size of a ...

 I have pains in my knee. I am 13 years old in 8th grade. What do you think the main purpose of knee pains are?

 What is the most painful pain that someone can experience?
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 My neck hurts! How can i get rid of the pain? Please help!?
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 Why do loved ones hurt you?
I have been with someone for almost 7 years and afraid that if I get hurt I wont be able to end the relationship?!?!...

 I'm a little worried about the mixture of meds they have me on.?
I'm taking Norco for a neck injury, now we've added Lexipro and then Klonopan for panic attacks and nightmares. I think I read somewhere the hydrocodone and the Klonopin isn't safe ...

 How to cure my are pain?
Yesterday I decided to do some push-ups, first set 20x,second set 12x, third set 5x, and fourth 10x. All of them add up to 47x. However it not much, but I haven't done push-ups in years, but I ...

 mean girl proplems: help needed now!?
there are mostly mexicans that go to my school and all of them seemed really nice! well almost all of them.
on tuesday as i was walking to the bike rack to get my cruiser, 4 mexican girls ...

 If you swallow a chewable pill does it still have the same affect?
I got these pills because I am sick and they taste HORRIBLE so I swallow them but I don't seem to be getting better....

 What could be causing this weird pain on my head?
On the left side of my head around my ear i have this weird pain. I discovered it when i had an itch, its been like this for awhile. its not excruciating pain, but it still kind of hurts. I only feel ...

 headaches:(help please?
get them @ lest 7 times a day now and my vision keeps blurring...its like a stabbing pain. not long had my eyes tested and its realy startin to worry me cuz i need to grab something to stop maself ...

 I cannot open the methadone bottle prescribed to me. It says to push down and turn, but will not turn at all.?
some of the directions at the top of the bottle are cut off....

 Painful tingling on my back?
All day today, I've had random moments where my back had painful tingling... It's very brief but its happened a few times today and I've never felt it before. Any ideas what this is ...

 what is the best pain relief for head aches without medications?

 Migraine relief without medication?
I have a migraine right now, since last night, and woke me several times during the night. The only medication I can take is tylenol (which I've been taking every 6 hrs with minor relief) ...

 I'm going to have mine done soon so I want to know, do blood tests hurt?

 what is a t bag and does it hurt?

first 48
How and Where do you apply a product called Head On?

Princess Jessica
on your little head

Try reading the instructions that come with the product.

your fourhead

The best way to avoid a headache with head on, is to switch the chanel when it´s commercial starts. That said, Head On is a topical analgesic, you apply it on your forehead. I have personaly never tried their product, I tend to ban myself on buying products from companies that annoy me. Head On will not fix your migraine, it might help, but only temporary. In fact, a headache is always a way of your body to tell you something is wrong. If you want to efficiently get rid of migraines, you need to fix the source.

on your forehead and temples

"HEAD-ON, apply directly to the forhead" -the commercial lol

Forehead, around the hairline.

It works well for migraines.

Ripper G
You bend over, and then shove it . . .

brandi from texas
Roll it on your forehead.

another Viagra.....lololol.

head on is an ointment injected via syringe under the left big toenail. . .

your an idiot if this question is serious. . and your an even bigger idiot if you try what i wrote above haha

cutie pie
" Head On, Apply directly to the forehead!"

I HATE their product and their annoying commercial!

I assume on the head?!?!

Don't try it on the head between your legs. It burns real bad.

It is best to go by the directions on the box.

mikey m
the product says to apply to the forehead area, I find that applying it also to the back of my neck helps as well.

Apply directly to the forehead.


I'll give you two guesses and the first one doesn't count...

directly to your forehead!

Ldy Bug
HEAD ON... apply directly to the forehead...HEAD ON... apply directly to the forehead... HEAD ON ...apply directly to the forehead!!

Fire Millen
It's all snake oil, don't believe it! Oh..like, a duh..ON your HEAD.

LMAO!! What a funny question.

Haven't you seen the commercials?
(Apply directly to the forehead.)
Those commercials are so annoying!

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