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 Owww. It hurts. A LOT!!!!?
I got a shot yesterday and it hurts.


any tips??? its the size of a ...

 I have pains in my knee. I am 13 years old in 8th grade. What do you think the main purpose of knee pains are?

 What is the most painful pain that someone can experience?
For example.. Breaking a bone is apparently painful. Is there anything that is really painful?...

 What are some good exercises to help back pain?
I have lower back ...

 My neck hurts! How can i get rid of the pain? Please help!?
When I woke up this morning and turned my head to look at the clock I felt a horrible pain in the left side of my neck. Now whenever i tilt or turn my head to the left, it hurts. My right shoulder is ...

 Why do loved ones hurt you?
I have been with someone for almost 7 years and afraid that if I get hurt I wont be able to end the relationship?!?!...

 I'm a little worried about the mixture of meds they have me on.?
I'm taking Norco for a neck injury, now we've added Lexipro and then Klonopan for panic attacks and nightmares. I think I read somewhere the hydrocodone and the Klonopin isn't safe ...

 How to cure my are pain?
Yesterday I decided to do some push-ups, first set 20x,second set 12x, third set 5x, and fourth 10x. All of them add up to 47x. However it not much, but I haven't done push-ups in years, but I ...

 mean girl proplems: help needed now!?
there are mostly mexicans that go to my school and all of them seemed really nice! well almost all of them.
on tuesday as i was walking to the bike rack to get my cruiser, 4 mexican girls ...

 If you swallow a chewable pill does it still have the same affect?
I got these pills because I am sick and they taste HORRIBLE so I swallow them but I don't seem to be getting better....

 What could be causing this weird pain on my head?
On the left side of my head around my ear i have this weird pain. I discovered it when i had an itch, its been like this for awhile. its not excruciating pain, but it still kind of hurts. I only feel ...

 headaches:(help please?
get them @ lest 7 times a day now and my vision keeps blurring...its like a stabbing pain. not long had my eyes tested and its realy startin to worry me cuz i need to grab something to stop maself ...

 I cannot open the methadone bottle prescribed to me. It says to push down and turn, but will not turn at all.?
some of the directions at the top of the bottle are cut off....

 Painful tingling on my back?
All day today, I've had random moments where my back had painful tingling... It's very brief but its happened a few times today and I've never felt it before. Any ideas what this is ...

 what is the best pain relief for head aches without medications?

 Migraine relief without medication?
I have a migraine right now, since last night, and woke me several times during the night. The only medication I can take is tylenol (which I've been taking every 6 hrs with minor relief) ...

 I'm going to have mine done soon so I want to know, do blood tests hurt?

 what is a t bag and does it hurt?

 I have an Upset Stomach?
Hi, I have an upset stomach and I need to know what I can do to make it go away? And BTW, I don't have to use the bathroom. So what can I drink or eat to make it feel better? I can't drive ...

 I hurt my leg . What should I do?
I think it was cause I might of pulled something because I hadn't danced all summer. Should I put heat on it ? Should I be walkin it out or letting it rest

How's your hangover or haven't you got one?

I know my alcohol tolerance level and am sensible enough NOT to exceed that limit and therefore do not suffer hangovers.

I don't have a hangover. I can hold my liquor.

Happy New Year!

Lynn C
havent got one , stayed in with my hubby,

have not got one did not drink that much but still enjoyed myself

No hangover,happy new year!!!

i dont have one i have been ill with flu 3 days and couldnt face a drink happy new year everyone

I don't have one thank you. The last time I was drunk was about 6 years ago and I promised myuself that the last time would be the LAST time.

I don't have one the bar i was at run out of Vodka !! but i don't mind i went on to Shandy`s and got up early with a clear head ..so now i`m able to sit and join you on A&Q`s !!!
**Happy New Year **

Nope...fresh as a daisy here hun....jober as a sudge....didn't drink last night, promised myself that i would wake up normal..feeling groovy today..plans, plans, plans....

I dont have one, just tired from doing the congo............IN THE RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Em x
I had a great time, have a bit of a hangover and am now eating a big bag of Twiglets to try and combat it!!!

Big Daddy R
haven't got one drank apple cider (non alcoholic) last night

Joan R
I haven't got one,B (honest!) but I did wake up to a violation notice because I said that my boys used to call toad-in-the hole "Toes in the hole" - what's wrong with that? - they did! (and I used to cook the sausages properly too).
It was Gartom's fault for putting me onto that question!

Whipass Chick, Alba Gu Brath
Not this year Sparks, for obvious reasons! LOL, never mind, there's always next year!

♥ Beaver Diva Sue ♥
I haven't actually got one sparks but my mouth tastes like the bottomn of a budgies cage and I've cleaned my teeth 3 times now !!

Have you got one ???

Happy New Year xxx

No,l only had 1 small drink.Love Jo xx

nanny chris w
Oh Dear ! I' m a disgrace ! We got in at 3.30am and I still feel like s..t !
It wasn't the Baileys or the gin, I'm sure - it must have been a dodgy vol au vent!!!!!!
I've had 4 cuppas , some weetabix a pear and a couple of Quality Street (trying to use them up ! ) so I should be back to my usual self by about 3.30 pm !
If anyone finds a 'lesser-spotted granddaughter',23, who decided it was a good idea to go for a walk at 6.30am -point her back this way,please -she's got my best black trousers on !

country bumpkin [sheep nurse]
mines still hanging around to much home brew cider put hair on a peanut it does.

Haven't got one B - too many in the past and the memory is still acute in that department so no more!!! Happy New Year! E x

omg my head is a bit fuzzy barb ,gotta cook a roast dinner yet lmao

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