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Euro K
HElp! my arm is weird!!?
My arm is suddenly weird.


it kinda shakes and it feels ticklish
I cannot grab stuff properly! It's Not numb.


Señor Ween
Urrrrrrrrrrrgh, your arm is weird, what's wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Mushtaq A
Your arm's muscles have become weak. You have not mentioned your age. Whatever the case may be, I suggest you to kindly do not take any pain killing pills. You should daily rub olive oil while sitting in sun. You should also do not take and eat rice/milk/curd which is very bad for body pain. Please keep your arm warmed up with hot water bottle while asleep. Take daily regular light exercise by this arm. Light exercise means "to lift the arm as easily as you can. do not exert pressure on your arm. I hope after some time you will feel better. I again say do not eat rice.take milk, or eat curd, which are very bad for pain.

It's possible that you are double jointed and that can sometimes flair up and scare you. Or, you could just need to warm it up a bit, perhaps you sat on it too long?

as soon as possible consult your family doctor, it will get worse if you make any actions by your own

No problem it is just because of


Fay DeathWray
this happens to me in the early stages of a migraine.. if you get a headache with it, then its prob the same thing

ρəαcə ☺☺☺ [Melis]
Do you have parkinson disease?

ring a doctor or someone to take you to one asap!!!

Euro, Did you take any new medications in the past day or two? If so, it could be a delayed reaction. If not, get yourself to the doctor ASAP. This is nothing to joke about. Since you don't list your age, this may be a neurological situation but there is no way to tell over the internet. Just get this looked at today. Take care.

If you have leaned on it for a period of time then it could be just a shortage of blood to your motor neurons in your arm (nerves responsible for movement)

leave it for 5 minutes it should go back to normal, if it still feels weird try a bit of massage with your other hand if that doesn't help then try a warm shower or bath to get circulation going again

if at any time the arm changes colour or feels worse or after 10 minutes you still have the same sensation then ring 999 (or 911) and ask for an ambulance as you could potentially have a blood clot and it is better to be safe than sorry

Kym J
Sounds like a pinched nerve or something like that. I would still go to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Kym J

You didn't say what you were doing when it went weird, sounds like it may have "gone to sleep" were you laying on it or have it in some unusual position

Austin l
How long has it been this way but you should go to a doctor if it lasts too long. just ty shaking it a lot and hiting it on stuff.

Aakash C
LACK OF BLOOD SUPPlY dear... get a check up.

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