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 pain relief for mouth ulcers?
Any home tricks to ease the pain of a mouth ulcer? Ive had one for few days now on side of my tounge and its soo annoying and painful and bonjela doesnt seem to be doing the trick :(...

 Sharp Stabbing Pain in back of my head and now my face??
Every now and then all of the sudden I get this sharp on the left side of the back of my head, it lasts for probably less than a minute and then goes away. The other day I had one of these pain ...

 all of a sudden I can't hear out of one ear..?
I just work up and am really scared I can't touch it I can't hear out of it what should I do?...

 I rarely throw up but in the last few hours I have thrown up 5 times. Is there anything I should do?
I'm not sure how this happened but I believe it is food related. I am experiencing all sorts of abdominal pain such as cramping and heart burn. Should I take pepto bismal, or is there anything ...

 Which hurts worse SHIN PAIN or BACK PAIN?

 whats better to take tylenol or ibprofen?
my leg hurts what should i take?...

 Broken wrist problems ples help!!!!!!!!!?
OK i broke my wrist last week but now i am starting to feel pain again
its hurts some times so bad i skip class and go home and rest
is this normal ?...

 How do I keep my leg from falling asleep?
This may sound weird, but every night at around 10 o'clock, My left leg starts falling asleep. Occasionally, My left arm starts feeling the same too. Is it all in my head?...

 How to releive EXTREME sunburn itchh!?!?
on tuesday me my family and some family friends went to the beach where i spent 4 hours in the water and my sunscreen wore off, its now friday at 2:40 in the morning and i have unbearable itching on ...

 Ive been dizzy for almost two hours?
this has happened two days in a row now. it seems like ive been constantly dizzy . i have no clue whats wrong with me . i dont know what to do to make it stop ive layed down , ive gotten enough rest. ...

 How to die without pain?

 I stand on my feet 8 hrs a day at my job. Does anyone know what will stop my feet from hurting?
I know a massage will help but I need something besides that....

 lump in my tongue?
i have a small lump in the inside of my tongue ...does anyone know what this could be?...

 I threw my back out this morning, i'm only 17 years old, do i get to a doctor or keep taking my medicine?
I'm taking medicine because i've always had backpains, but i dont take the medicine (i forget to) and it was getting better as long as i didnt stress it, well i went camping and after ...

 My girl friend takes like 7 vicodins with booze. She's addicted. What can I do to help her?
What are the effects? What does she have to do to kick it? She's 21, about 110 pounds....

 What should I do, possible cracked ribs?
So I got back from a metal show a couple of hours ago and I was feeling prettyy normal considering what I had just gone through. Just tired and a bit sore. My side was quite sore but nothing to ...

 do i need to see a doctor for my sunburn...im in severe pain...?
i cant sleep and i have hunderd of blisters on my upper back and shoulders...had huge quarter size ones that busted and are contunually dripping puss down my arms. aloe gel burns it and i cant sleep ...

 How can I make myself feel better ?
I have a sore throat, slight headache on the top/in the back of my head like around the neck too, I think my ears feel like they are trying to hurt as well, and the sides of my face hurt right by my ...

 Whats that bulbous thing that hangs down at the back of the throat?
just above the tongue as mine is swollen and is causing strange sensation to the back of my mouth and ...

 Alright, so my friend bent my pinky very far back an there is extreme pain. What Should I do?
Also that happened two days ago and the pain is still there and if i move it it hurts and if i push on it, it feels extremly ...

the diesel
From your experience, what is the best way to alleviate mid-back pain?


Ibuprofen...works every time

Chiroprator :)

Christina C
I do stretches

[email protected]
Heating pad always works well.

Stretching it does too. Or just laying flat on your back on the floor, just to let everything settle. Or laying across your bed with your feet and head dangling, to stretch it out that way.

And of course, a massage is always good.

Perhaps taking tylenol, or advil, or asprin would help as well.

Jason B

1. Strengthening your stomach muscles. Take it slow and easy but do 100 situps a day at different times if need be. I fell off a roof onto the tailgate of a truck and I have never had to have surgery by keeping my stomach muscles in place, and invert streching. That is get upside down and stretch your back.

sleep it off Lol I have a really low pain tolerance.

Bengay and massage.

You have to correct your posture. Tylenol might work but for how long? If your are heavy you must lose weight. If your muscles are weak you must strengthen them. Your abdominals support your back they must be strong. Make sure that you have good sleeping posture. Make sure you use good body mechanics like lifting with your legs. If you have any questions go to my profile email me and I will help you.

JJ Joseph
There is a free online text on backache. It's a web version of an older medical text, but it's quite readable and very complete.

Chiropractor and massage and a lot of water after the massage. That would be what my husband swears by, anyway. Also some Ibuprofen reduces swelling.


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