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For the worlds worst hangover whats the best and quickest way to make it dissappear??

Ms Merlin
Please don't shout, shuun.
Drink a beer.
Eat a full English brekkie.
Fresh air.
Back to bed.
Neil is right.

Hailey Chargin
Been there done that
drink a big glass of cold water
take a cold shower
eat some eggs
and sleep a wile

:D Good Luck

Smiley Coyote
Eat two scrambled eggs with toast, and pass out again...

Hangovers are supposed to be caused in part by dehydration so drinking a bunch of water might help also I've heard people say that greasy foods help. Next time drink a bunch of water before you go to sleep.

Greasy food, ginger ale, more sleep usually helps.

I know this sounds weird and NOT the healthiest..........but usually, if you have a beer.........it helps.

Not only is your body dehydrated, but it's going through alcohol withdrawal. Having another drink (if you can muster it) just may take away the nausea and help you sleep some more.

Neil M
Stay drunk, but if thats not an optoin, then a greasy breakfast, bacon & eggs etc, and a walk in the fresh air. If all fails, go back to bed and sleep it off.

water, sleep, grease. Those are three keys

Coffee. Drink some water or some coke. Take a walk. I always found that getting in the ocean helped a lot.

Liz R
Greasy food.

Drink a beer :)

Brother Otter
Hangover is mostly dehydration and electrolyte loss.

Gator-Aid and aspirin. Drink enough where you're peeing a lot. Oh, and patience.

Angela E
Gatorade always helps me the most. I just pack myself full of it. It's best if you can drink it before you fall asleep while drunk, that way you dont get so dehydrated during the night which causes the hangover in the morning. But I would say just grab some and drink as much as you possibly can. Other than that, I'd say just eat whatever is tollerable... and get some sleep.

Dart Swinger
Drink lots of water, rest in bed. A hangover is it's own punishment.

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