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Miss K
Foot cramp? What can i do?
i always get cramp in the arch of my foot. Sometimes i get it when im driving and i have to pull over! Why does it happen and what can i do to prevent it?

kunal-the thief of hearts
just go to the heaven and wait for me!

Muscle cramps are normally caused by a potassium or calcium deficiency. Below is a link that describes different types of cramps and their cause.

Steve D
You need to try and shorten the muscle, you get cramps because the brain thinks the muscle need to be shortned don't flex the muscle u need to contract the muscle. I always thought you should flex the muscle, but i found out a few days ago you should shorten it. Hope it helps.

my little sister and i always have the problem because we are both athletes and we run long distance track and cross country. my mom got us both new shoes that help the arch. you can get soft-sole shoes or shoes that have a higher arch inside the shoe, like in Dr. Schol's shoes, to help stretch out the arch. Sometimes it happens when i'm walking, so i stretch up my toes, and massage the inner part of the arch....does that help?

Teesha J
omg - this is the worst feeling ever. it happens to me too when im driving down the motorway.

i used deep heat cream for a while and i havent the cramp since.

try not to wear tight shoes either. xxx

dont scrunch up you feet and take your shoes off whilst driving and massage your feet while you can!

relax your feet dont make them tight .. on a night rub cream into them

It happens to me quite often I just have to walk about it can be quite annoying at times.

Melt P
hey, i get cramps quite often too. and they are so painful and happen at th e worst times. anyway, try taking more salt in your diet, as this is usually the cause of most cramps. Low sodium levels cause cramps. However, it still might be a good idea to see your doctor about it. And don't overdo the sale either. It isn't healthy, but it is needed in your body. Also sweating causes you to lose a lot of salt, so add a little salt to your meals, especially exarcise. Hope i helped.

Bananas are good at preventing cramp. As is Quinnine which is found in tonic water, you can also buy Quinnine although I am not sure if you need a prescription for it.
Do you have quite a high arch or flat feet? Either of these could be contributing to the problem. Also if you wear heeled shoes this will not help at all.

How are your supplements and nutrition? I get these sorts of muscle cramps in my arches too - mostly when I am not getting enough calcium in my diet. Calcium is not just good for bones but also keeps your muscles smooth and supple.

It could be a lot of things.

It could be because of stress, poor nutrition or not enough sleep. Try to improve these things (get enough sleep, eat well, take vitamins). I've heard it might be lack of potassium in some cases (eating bananas will help with potassium). See the link below for more ideas.

It might also be genetic. I get them sometimes even when I'm eating well and am not tired and am not stressed. Sometimes it helps me to walk it out or massage the cramping muscle.

flex and point your foot and dont put so much pressure on it

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