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Superball Conundrum
Does anyone know of other ways to lower/stop pain without aspirin?
I just worked out today and am very sore. It was suggested I just take aspirin, but that makes my knee pain worse. In fact, I took Advil once and I couldn't walk on my left leg at all for around 4 hours. While it isn't quite that bad with other painkillers (Tylenol, Aleve, Ibuprofen, etc.), they also increase the knee pain.

Is there anything else besides the normal painkillers that might help? In a way that will help with either small headaches or soreness...

Pet lover
eat and drink plenty

Sasha B
pineapple is a natural pain killer

Satch JR
Smoke some ganja...
Do lots of streching!! and yoga!! Get a massage...drink more water...
all of these will help

curcumin is an herb extract that reduces pain. It's more of a long term thing, you take it every day and your body is better able to manage pain. Ginger works the same way.

If it's muscle soreness, a heating pad on the affected area may reduce pain. Or sometimes ice works better to numb the pain.

Simply resting the sore areas will allow them to heal faster. Talk to a personal trainer, you shouldn't really be working out to the point of soreness that requires pain relievers.

Have you tried applying ice for 20 minutes on and then 20 minutes off for a couple of hours? The second day, you can use either ice or heat which ever feels better. That should help just as much as meds at this point.

politically correct
Try an ice pack. It seems wierd that your knee pain increases with NSAIDs though. Have you checked with a doctor?

The Great Gazoo


It really works Wonders for the full body goodness, increases oxygenation, which increases tissue perfusion, which increases flexibility, performance, and strength.

Any time you have chronic joint pain, here's the Catch 22, the best thing is to work on strengthening the surrounding muscle groups, so since you have a sore knee, start w slow presses, lunges, then to hamstring, then calf raises, etc... slowly increase the weight each week.

Allowing these large muscle groups to work harder for you will alleviate some of stress on your knee...only you have to USE your knee to strengthen the muscles... see the conundrum there? If you are overweight, it can lead to excess pressure, try WATER exercises, this is some of the BEST ways for ppl w strains/sprains/other exercise limiting issues to still get a GREAT workout w/o all the joint stress. Amazing for the bod, heart, lungs, SWIM!

For short-term relief, you might try a hot bath, heating pad, elevation of your affected extremity as often as possible when you are off your feet will alleviate that too, and increase circulation, which increases (see above) . A knee brace may be helpful too, immobilizing the extremity is very comforting when in pain. ELEVATE AS MUCH AS POSS, don't cross your legs or wear uncomfortable shoes, walk, walk, walk, as much as you can as is comfy for your level of exertion.

A lot of herbal remedies out there work for some, try at your own risk. Accupuncture works for a lot of ppl- that is some amazing science the Chinese tapped into, it really is scientifically effective.

See your doc for more help, esp if you have chronic pain, it's awesome that you are working out-that really is the best for your whole body and for achieving the best long term effects.

What ever works for you, good luck! =+)

c p
Icy Hot. The bar and the patches work miracles! I couldn't run without it.

Missile Rocket Dinosaur
what did you do to yourself if you hurt your knee so badly?....You're either doing horrible form squats or deadlifts, or just ****** something up royally in your workout. Try using Icy-Hot, or Tiger balm if you can find it. That stuff's the ****. I use it after fights and it makes all the pain disappear.

Cold or warm compresses, and try not to aggravate that area for a little while.

Grace Paris
Have you gotten chiropractic? Sometimes the knee gets out of alignment and an adjustment from a chiropractor will keep you from being in pain. Aside from the first visit, where you pay for x-rays, the subsequent visits are relatively inexpensive. Pain is a sign to stop. You knee is speaking to you. Try preventative care and not after the fact pain management. Your knees will thank you! smile

When I'm sore I do yoga. I know it sounds dumb, but it's true.
Pain relievers don't work with me for some reason.
Just look up some yoga positions on the internet.
Hope I helped.

I have the same problem today.

I alternate aspirin, tylenol, and advil but don't overdo it.

I heard one works on your liver, and the other your kidneys so that's why I rotate out.

I also took a hot shower and massages my arms and legs, and stretched alot.

Also I tried meditating, but that didn't help.

I'm going to go smoke some (if you know what I mean). I keep that around just for these painful days.

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