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Can marijuana help my migraines?
I've heard that studies support weed as a cure for migraine headaches, but I've also heard that weed can intensify the pain if it's the wrong strain. I've tried all sorts of pharmaceuticals and many times nothing seems to work except for an IV full of painkillers and intravenous Imitrex, which obviously requires a trip to the ER. Any advice?

Jen F

Dont even try marijuana

Taylor VonGore
It makes mine worse contrary to how it effects most people. If you're schizophrenic, don't smoke it for that incentive. That might be why...

Weezy said that's why he smokes on Katy Curic or whatever her show is.

+_+ haaa

No, Unless you want to kill brain cells and feel all grogy and yuck inside sure go ahead but, from my experience you just get head aches after i dont think it would help.

got weed?
yea it can....if its bad enough...i suggest you smoke ur brains out...it numbs pain really well for me...i have chronic leg pain...and when im stoned...i barely feel it...it allows me to function....weed is used for pain in cancer paitents....and people with chronic pain like me....except i dont live in cali...so i have to do it illegaly...

I have never heard from any of my friends that that has helped, however you will not know unless you try it. My mom suffered and always ended up in the ER , my boss is taking some medication that when he starts feeling a certain way he takes this medication that stops the headaches. Not sure what it is though. My mom was old school though and she would never smoke pot, She has since passed though. My boss said he starts seeing daisys and he knows to take the pills.

ur doc can give u a medical marijuana license and yes it has helped my aunts and mother for years cant hurt to try

Erica Ewen
Marijuana helps my friends headaches, he never uses pills.

Sure, why don't you swap migraines for psychosis?

Julius Commodus: Rome est omnipo
yeah it does, trust.
and it is worth it, i got my pipe for five dollars. it's small, but it does the job well.

I've smoked before while having a headache and it truly does help get rid of them, the first time I ever smoked though it actually gave me a headache and I threw up so be careful! Don't smoke too much at one time otherwise you might get sick especially if it's your first time.

it might help your migrane
it will help you suffer long term problems

you could listen to these drug scum but id suggest you dont because drugs only lead to your downfall

you do the math

i would suggest chamomile but you could take garlic, ginger, thyme or tumeric

it helps mine!!!!!

If you get the right kind of marijuana, yes. I know people who use it whenever they feel ANY kind of pain. And it works for them. But crappy weed can actually GIVE you a headache.

Im_a_ gummie_Bear
yea smoke up a storm

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