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 what happens if you smash a Tylenol and sniff it?
you know how people take cocaine through there nose. can u do that with tylenol to?...

 I am sick...HELP PLEASE (doctors, too)?
I have a horrible stuffy nose. How can I get it to go away super fast? And honestly, lets be for real, sometimes blowing your nose stuffs it even more so, help me!!!...

 Chest Pain?
I'm 13 years old ( I think that rules out a heart attack) and I get these chest pains every once in a while. Sometimes I feel like I can't move and they feel really sharp like I'm ...

 headache help?
I'm at school right now and i have a rotten headache, my whole body kind of aches. i have twenty minutes before my next class, what can i do to fix my headache without taking any meds?...

 My wrist has been hurting really bad and I want to know what I should do to prevent the pain?
I have been drawing, painting and dealing with hard clay lately and my right wrist has been having like surging pain and the pain starts tingling in my wrist and moves down to all of my fingers and ...

 Is taking more than 2 advil overdosing?
I have really bad cramps and 2 advil usually dont help that much, it says to take 2 every 4-6 hours but if I take 3 or 4 is that overdosing?...

 Yesterday I pushed a girl down the stairs....?
What hilarious prank should I do next?...

 Needles, IVs, and anything that has to do with a pointy thing :)?
I cant stand needles. Heres a picture: Once I kicked a doctor in the stomach! I shouldnt be proud but when I look back I think its funny. Anyway. I cant stand em and im deathly afraid. How do I stop ...

 Why is my throat so sore!!!?
i have had a sore throat for about a week, my tongue and throat swells up while im asleep and makes it very hard for me to get saliva down...it also hurts when i take tablets, i think i have 'STR...

 Migraine symptoms?
Last night I had a horrible headache and felt nauseous that I couldn't sleep and finally after like 2 hours of being able to sleep, I wake up and I'm tossing around in bed and not being ...

 When I roll my eyes it feels like maybe the muscles around my eyes hurt?
It's not my eyes that hurt but maybe the muscles around it? Kind of like a headache?? I am sick with a cold, but why is this so?...

 I have a sharp pain my left ribs now and then i'm quite worried can you help?

 Barely walking, eating, or sleeping.?
This question isn't really about me. It's about my friend. She can barely walk because she is having really severe pains in her low abdomen area. She has loss of appetite. She can't ...

 What are some really effective pain killers? Better than Ibuprofen and paracetamol!?
Had an operation and the after pain is beyond agony!

They gave me a special pain killer but it doesn't work at all really!

Im on ibuprofen and paracetamol but again this ...

 Im sooo scared! Do sixth grade shots hurt?! How many do I get?! Im sooo scared!?
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I get my shots for 6t grade on Friday. Is there a way I can make it hurt less? What about afterwards? Is it sore? PLEASE HELP!...

 Massive Migraines!?
Knowing the BRIGHT computer screen isn't helping, I'll make it quick...

I've had massive migraines/throwing up because so every day for the last week. I was taking ...

 My body is KILLING ME. Please help!?
im in the process of trying out for volleyball. and my abs and the rest of my body is on fire. Is there anything i can do to soothe the pain quickly? I cant be this sore tomorrow. cause it will kill ...

 doesn't restless leg syndrome sound made up to you?

 My mom's back hurts.?
She hurt her back trying to pick up plastic in a squatting weird position. It hurts for her to get up and down or round her back. She's fine when she's up and she's fine when she'...

 Is there anyything I can take for my period pains?
I have real painful period pains and today at school it was annoying because of it. I like in the UK and are looking around for things to help with it so I can go to school without feeling really ...

Best Shoes to wear while working on concrete floors?
I just started working again after quite a few months so Im not used to being on my feet. Im on my feet for about 8 hours a day on concrete floors and my feet (heel, arch) and calf muscles are killing me about half way through my shift. Im also overweight and have problems with my toes so I need a good shoe thats wide in the front and sturdy. I usually wear sketchers but they are wearing out very fast and not offering enough support or comfort.

Alex Ye
flip flops

you can try skechers its a shoe brand, or pumas which is also a shoe brand its light and confortable and stylish, or you can buy gel pads for your shoes ............ good luck :)

stop by your local walmart and there are shoes just for you they are workforce or something like that

Timberland boots,may not be that comfortable try, putting that gel heat comforter at the bottom of it.
Hope this helps and good luck on working on that concrete.

I like girls
some shitty shoes you dont care about lol

try a good running shoe. they have the most padding.worked for me.

All that Glitters
Sketchers are NOT designed for work. Go to a medical store that helps people with extra needs. They will steer you to a great work shoe. Padded insoles are awesome, don't buy the jell type! Cloth arch supports- You wont believe the relief you'll get.

Go to a better shoe store and get a good supportive shoe. Maybe purchase two pair and change in the middle part of the day. Just a change sometimes helps standing on your feet all day. Many people have that same complaint about concrete floors. Being overweight is also tough on your knees and feet all day. Maybe at your break time take a short walk. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Try changing your shoes twice a day just to get a more comfort change for you.

Douglas B
the problem you are having is not with the shoes, it's with your feet. You get your feet straightened out and you can go down to any shoe store you want and it won't matter which pair of shoes you buy, they are going to work. You have to take care of your problems first. Your calf is giving you trouble because it is shortening up on you, which is also pulling on the muscle in your foot. Here is how to release the calf muscle:
Achilles tendon:
With that foot in your lap, take both your hands and place them on the back of the tendon about one inch apart at ankle level. Press the tendon hard between your fingers and thumbs and hold that pressure there. Relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don’t tense up any part of your body. After 30 seconds slowly raise the front of your foot as far as it will go. Then remove the pressure but hold your foot there for one minute longer.
If your arch is still bothering you after that release then this is how you can get that to release as well as anything wrong with your toes:
Have the foot in your lap. With both thumbs side by side, place them at the back of the arch of your foot, right in front of the heel. Press in pretty hard and hold the pressure there. Relax. After 30 seconds slowly raise the toes of your foot as far as you can. Then release the pressure but hold the toes up for another 30 seconds.

high heel stilletos. the guys'll luv ya

if your feet are flat skate shoes or somthing like nike running shoes if not basketball shoes are good

missin him
..i would go with ones maybe highger on the ankles?...like, i mean for baskteball i know im moving alot and its good for support,, but maybe it will help your ankles better? and heel n stuff (:
i dnt know much about shoes, but ... yea (:
maybe, a bit more expensive ones that are better? (: u cud ask the shoe mann at the store! lol

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