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Michelle Muir
Barely walking, eating, or sleeping.?
This question isn't really about me. It's about my friend. She can barely walk because she is having really severe pains in her low abdomen area. She has loss of appetite. She can't hold anything down. She can barely sleep too. I feel so bad for her. She went to the doctor and they didn't know what was going on. All my friends are getting hurt so im trying to help them. (No they aren't dare devils) So anyways.. I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on with her. Have you been in this situation? and Did it stop? If so then how? btw she is only 14!

Your friend is a coward by getting you to ask instead of her.

The Neutral Twin
omg, ur poor friend i feel so bad for her! its rlly nice that u asked and r trying to help her. I looked ur question up and i hate to tell u wat i found. she may have lung cancer, but idk. or pregnant but heres the link where i found the info

Urinary Tract Infection Maybe? sometimes Misdiagnosed as something else or not diagnosed at all but is there.

Your friend needs some medical help. What did the doctor say. She needs some tests done and some bloodwork. Keep us informed of her health.

she needs to see a Dr...

Did the doctor cheak if she might be pregnat?

Cat Goat
Get a second opinion from a doctor. Is it menstral cramps? Is she lactose intollerant...that hurts a lot?

Is she pregnant, or on her period? And if she didn't already, she should get an x-ray.

Ms. KiMoRa
i think she need to go to the ER. hopefully they can help and take test if needed..

If her doctor doesn't know, then she should go to the ER.

Okay no she's not a coward if she cant walk sleep or eat then i don't think she'd take the time to go on the computer. Anyway I don't know whats going on i mean thats really scary, sorry that doesn't make you feel better, but i mean if doctors dont know what it isssss then what I would do is like google it? I have no clue.
good luck(:

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