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Mr Bee Pants.
Are tongue piercings really painful?
I've had piercings before. I had my lip done, it didn't hurt. The second time I forgot to ask for numbing spray and it hurt like a b*tch. I go faint after piercings as well... which is why I'm reluctant to get it done.

its really not to bad, it feels like a pinch and its done, the most painful part in like the day after when u sound like a retard because ur tongue is swollen, but the actual piercing itself is like 2 min(if that) and its done.

They can be for some people, everyone is different. When I had mine done years ago. I took some ibuprofen like an hour before I went because I didn't know what to expect. It helped me with the pain and swelling, which wasn't that bad. Good luck!

Mad as a Hatter
Tongue does not hurt at all. Cartilage hurts and so does nipple piercings i have heard!

I've had 10 different piercings and my tongue scared me the most beforehand. But I had absolutely no pain at all when I got it. I was petrified of flinching but it was so quick I barely noticed. Just make sure you go to a piercer you or other people really trust.

My friend got it done and she said it hurt for a second, and was just numb for awhile.
You have to get it done professionally otherwise if it's done wrong the piercer could pierce through a nerve or vein in your tongue and paralyze part of your tongue or face.

Sandy Klein
Everyone reacts differently. i had mine done about 7 years ago. i didn't have any numbing spray and it really wasn't that bad. i had swelling and i couldn't eat solids for about 3-5 days. the healing process is normally quite short.
by the way: i love my tongue piercing and don't regret getting it done. and i haven't had any probs with my teeth.

I got my tongue pierced 5 years ago.. the actually piercing didn't hurt. Its after the bar that hurts. imagine, you stuck a 3 inch needle thru your muscle. your tongue will hurt after wards for a few days. it'll feel like a soreness rather tan pain. just eat ice cream!

just make sure that they numb you..

I had my tragus pierced and that was ok, however I wouldnt like to say about your tongue, if it hurt that much, people wouldnt get it done? however you will get a huge amount of swelling..

Jade Ramirez
it will hurt just as much as your lip did

Anonymous Person
no i heard they don't hurt. but after i heard it hurts like a *****!

Amanda Gerdan
I think so but I wouldn't know since I never had it done.

at first when u get it yes but after a couple of days it will heel

i had my tongue numbed, when that wore off it started to sting a little and couldnt eat hot foods, but the night i had it done i had a horrible pain in my head and my ears, felt like they were going to explode. i went to sleep and was fine the next day. doesnt happen to everyone but i heard that effect can be common. i have now had it for 6 years with no problems. you will be fine. go for it. oh and your tongue is the fastest healing muscle in the body, so the pain doesnt last as long as other piercings.

No idea, never had one yet!

Pretty much as painful as they come. The piercing part isn't so bad to be honest.. the adrenaline rush you get before hands usually acts as a pretty reliable sedative. but you said you faint easily from pain.. or atleast I'm assuming it must be from the so called "pain" and not the piercing itself because then you'de be some kind of massacis.

Like I said though, the piercing part isn't what makes it so horrible. It's the healing process afterwards.
It generally takes about a week to 2 weeks for the swelling to go down and the pain to finally dwell away. The actual healing of a tounge piercing takes a few months or so. For the entire week or so straight that it's in it's prime healing stage, it'll be absolute hell.. You can't eat any solid foods because it hurts so bad.. You can't drink any extremely hot or cold beverages, as well as anything spicy. You can't talk hardly at all, and when you do not only does it hurt so much you wish you hadn't, but everything is stuttered. It's going to seriously sound like you have a lisp.. kinda embarrassing.
Alot of my friends had their tounge pierced before I decided to get mine and I thought how cool it would be to be able to twirl the tounge ring around against your teeth and on your lips.. but don't even bother trying untill it's fully healed.

After all of this, It does get pretty awesome having. I can twirl it, twist it, roll it against my teeth, etc etc. Not to mention the amazing head I can give my husband with it. lol

and another quick note, IF you do get it, be careful eating because alot of the time you can either forget you have it, or simply drift off and accidently bite it(assuming it's metal). It not only hurts but can sometimes mess up your teeth.

It's a love hate thing honey. Some people like it, some people don't. Some people can bear with the pain, Some just can't. and I did. Defiantly one of the things in my life I do not regret.

it will hurt

yes, any unnatural thing like this hurts

Yes worse

John B
It will hurt a lot and your tongue will swell up

pat m
Don't know if it is painful but can lead to serious mouth and gum infections and I wouldn't want it done.

I had my tongue done. Dont do it! mine got infective and was extremly sore for weeks!

sam b
You will be praying to your god for death !!! It is a good diet though, cause you won't be able to eat for a week and a half. Good Luck.

Be Happy :D
It really does hurt, believe me. And tongue piercings ruin your tongue and your teeth, I wouldn't get it done, they look stupid, in my opinion.

Piercings are painful and ugly.

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