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Ego Pharmaceuticals
If you have been sunburnt, what types of treatment have helped you ease the symptoms?

Spray solarcaine for pain, use pure aloe vera straight from the plant or vitamin E cream (unscented and uncoloured with no additives) until redness is gone or peeling has stopped.

Steve b
vinegar can ease the pain and prevent blisters from forming if the burn is bad...if you can stand the strong odor.

My children's diaper rash creme works wonders! (Zinc or Petroleum Jelly) And it keeps the skin from that disgusting flaking look after it heals.

I have the aloe vera plant in my backyard , everytime I get sunburn, I take a cool shower and use the gel which is found within the aloe vera plant. This is natural and effective !!

Krysta W
Try rubbing some aloe-based gel or lotion on your skin where you're sunburnt, and covering the damaged skin, and then of course, bundling up.

When I got extremely bad sunburned over this past summer, my legs looked like cherries had exploded all over them. I tried that and covered up my hurt skin, and it took quite a while, but it worked.

The trick is, when you start peeling, your skin will itch like nobody's business. In that case, use hydrocortisone cream several times a day. A cold compress will help until you start peeling.

baby oil. and have shower ic cool water. do exercises to sweat as this makes your skin more active hence recover quickly. i dont recommend using chemical products let your skin work by itself as this will make more resistant to the sun

This may sound a little funny, but when I lived in Europe I would get sunburnt a lot...my mum would put cold yogurt on my skin (natural yogurt) and it would cool the skin down and take away the heat sensation. (The worse the burn was the quicker the yogurt would dry and crack).

Aloe vera gel about half a cup , with 12 drops of lavender oil and 12 drops of german chamomile oil . Both anti inflammatory and very soothing also works well for chicken pox spots .

Ms Angel
I use to mix the aloe Vera juice/cream in water and after your shower spray on the skin where it has been burnt. It feels very cool and calming. But know I use (A different company) Niviea Sun Cooling After Sun Spray. I find that is great just to keep your skin smooth and rough. As you get older you must get lazier as I don't even make my own skin care out of natural flora any more. It just makes sense in buying now rather than making.

i got BUSTED by Dr. Philâ„¢
use aloe cream. that makes it feel better, help you from peeling, and makes the sunburn go away faster.

Mrs Flowerpot
The gooey Alo Vera gel used directly from the plant and drinking lots of water. Also helps with radiation burns for cancer patients.

Suzette F
We would always keep a jar of Noxzema in the refrigerator during the summer to slather on when we would get sun burned.

This is a touchy subject (no punn intended)! In discussing sunburnt skin with a dermatologist, they say NOT to use Aloe Vera because it stretches the skin and creates an even greater moisture loss. Burnt skin is compromised and has trouble keeping moisture inside of the body. Therefore, I believe it is necessary to use a humectant along with a sealant that will draw moisture into the burned skin and lock it in from being lost in the atmosphere. Sarna is a lotion that is a camphor based lotion that works wonders!! It is a non-steriodal anti-itch cream. It works in all the ways mentioned above, but without the harmful effects of skin stretching!

PURE ALOE VERA, pure and simple. Straight from the plant, not the crap you buy from a pharmacist.
My nephew suffered from 3rd degree burns when he was 2yrs old, they told my sister he would need a skin graft by 5 of Australia's leading burn specialist, she fought them through the courts (docs was involved) but she had a practitioner with documented and photo evidence of patients he has successfully treated with pure aloe and they won the case...My nephew is now 13 and no skin grafts.
In Bali I suffered from 2nd degree burn from an motorbike exhaust and the Balinese found some aloe for me, it took away the burning/stinging feeling and healed well with only slight discolouration of the pigment...it is known as a skin cell re-generator.
it will lock the heat in and continue to burn.
To the person studying natropathy, why on earth study natural therapies if you prescribe glycerene??? You wont hold much merit as a naturopath if thats what you recommend.

Years ago I would put on my mums pink "Oil of Ulan" face cream which worked fast and the sunburn went straight away. Now it's called Olay cream but the original one is what I put on all over my face, arms and legs when I go to beach and I never get burnt.

Kym M
Aloe Vera cut straight out of the garden at first then sorbeline cream after a couple of days.

I'd usually put on some aloe vera gel on to the sunburnt area to soothe the skin and promote heeling.

I always keep aloe vera in a spray form in the fridge for me or my kids.it is fantastic for sunburn or bites or anything irritating..........A-one !!

I'm pretty radical with this. I have an autoimmune problem triggered by sunlight so I am a huge fan of good quality sunscreen 30+, hat & long sleeves/ umbrella.

When I have got burnt
+ cold shower and moist cold packs (avoid cold burn)
+ gentle skin moisturiser mixed with topical steriod cream
+ bad burn > prednisolone (prescription) 10- 15 mg daily.
+ antihistamine

Sometime I have to keep this going for 2-3 days + no more sun!!!

Aloe Vera. This plant is wonderful for burns and stings such as mosquito bites. Simply break off a peice of the plant, snap it in half and use the fleshy moist juice of the plant to rub on the affected area. Also Aloe Vera gel kept in the fridge works well.

Penny J
Its been many years since I have been sunburnt. I don't go to the beach anymore (long story) however when I did get burnt my Mum, a former nurse, would put us under a warm shower to open the pores of our skin then apply Parke-Davis sunburn cream. Gee I miss that cream as you cant get it anymore!

Sorbolene cream works for me, really cools it down & helps with the drying out of the skin...

aloe vera gel.

Raw tomato, cut in half and wiped gently over the skin - brilliant relieves about 80% of burning and soarness.

Keeping cool is the next thing and wearing loose clothes.

Aloe Vera.
I always keep a leaf in the fridge.
Brilliant for nappy rash too.
Watch out for the spikey bits.LOL

Most people prefer gentle cooling of their skin when they've been sunburnt so a cool bath eases the burning and replaces some of the moisture in your dehydrated skin.

Swishing 2 cups of apple cider vinegar or 2 cups of fluid milk, or 1 cup baking soda in the bathwater and soaking for 15 - 20 minutes will quickly take the sting out of sunburn......... for further pampering add a tablespoon of almond oil to the bath and luxuriate.

After the initial cooling, coat your sunburned areas with one of these air-excluding substances because the oxygen in the air coming in contact with the skin is what produces sensations of smarting and burning.

* Aloe vera gel. This ancient remedy for burns is cooling, soothing (one of its constituents is a chemical cousin of aspirin) , and healing.

* Honey. Plain honey is recognized as one of the best ointments for burns. Mixing it half and half with wheat germ oil incorporates the healing benefits of vitamin E. For severely burned areas, try whirring honey and wheat germ oil in a blender with dry comfrey tea to make a thick paste.

*Mayonnaise. Cover the sunburned parts with mayonnaise, store bought or home made is fine..

*Vitamin E, squeezed from punctured capsules or purchased in a bottle, is credited with relieving pain, transforming beet-red skin to bronzed-brown and preventing the formaiton of blisters.

*Oils. Polyunsaturated oils applied to sunburned skin and covered with a light bandage has great skin penetrating power and thus will soothe and heal the skin.


***edit**** To all the doubting Kibbles out there ........ there is a common misconception out there that petroleum jelly and glycerol (glycerine) are physically similar. Petroleum is water repelling and insoluble in water, glycerol is the opposite ie: water attracting. It does produce a similar feeling of wetness on the skin to petroleum but is in actual fact water absorbing ..... There is a VAST difference........... On sunburn or any other type of burn for that matter it is not recommended to use petroleum jelly.


aloe vera

go out to your garden and get a long leaf of your aloe vera plant, if you dont dont an aloe vera plant ask a neighbour or a friend. Split open the plant and rub the fresh aloe vera on burnt areas, takes away the burning and prevents severity of peeling skin after wards which in turn prevents less itching from the peeling and your skin will love it. Its better than any moisturizer.
If you dont have a plant I'd suggest you go to your local garden nursery and buy one. They should be around $3-$7 for a smallish plant. The plant grows quite quickly and is self clumping so you're plant keeps getting bigger and bigger :-)

aloe gel

Mister Ambulance Driver
find an aloe vera gel with lidocaine; or any kind of burn spray that has lidocaine in it. It's a pain reliever and should help immensely.

The aloe vera simply cools off the burn and helps keep it hydrated; but the gel with lidocaine will actually kill the pain. (at least for a while.)

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