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Yahoo! Answers Team
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
Welcome to Episode 12! They just keep coming. They won't stop. You have the case of the hiccups. How do you get rid of them? Share with us any tips you may have and then watch some other responses here: http://yanswersblog.com/index.php/archives/2010/12/22/yahoo-answers-hits-the-streets-episode-12/

Emo no emotions
Calm yourself down or stay calm and take deep relaxing breaths. If the hiccups are not gone, hold your breath for as long as you can, or maybe a minute, until you are sure that they are gone. If that doesn't work, drink water calmy and moderately. The main thing is to take the whole process slowly and calmy and, I guess, believe that the methods work.

drink lemon juice... cuts hiccups like a knife

Some of the home remedies for
hiccups are as follows Hold your
breath, Gargle with water, Place an
ice bag on the diaphragm for
sometime, Sip ice water quickly,
Close your eyes and gently press
your eye balls, Drink a glass of soda
water quickly, Eat some sugar, Eat
one tbsp peanut butter,
There is no special diet
recommended for hiccups. However,
it is advisable to avoid hot and spicy
food because they can irritate the
lining of the esophagus.
Do not overload your digestive
system by over eating. Although
hiccups are not a serious medical
problem, it is advisable to see a
doctor if they last for more than 24

Take some Pepcid AC tablets. You can find them at the grocery store. This was recommended by a nurse. I had the hiccups bad. This worked for me. They stopped.

First expel all the breath in the lungs and then take a huge breath in and hold it. This expands the lungs and holds the hiccup area still so it stop contracting. This works for me every time, though once in a while I may have to exp ell and breath in twice.

Hold your breath. Take a deep breath and hold it for as long as you can. Do this about three times, and if you haven't hiccuped in between deep breaths, they'll be gone. The secret is to be holding your breath when the hiccup WOULD HAVE otherwise occurred. It always works for me.

!!~!! ChromosomE !!~!!
Drink cold water. If that doesn't work, then add sugar & salt with cold water and drink it.

The best thing that has helped me is to have someone plug my ears as I drink water. This helps extra air from escaping.

It is the only thing that has ever worked. If done correctly, the hiccups should go away with a few gulps of water. It won't work with just drinking water. The ears have to be plugged while drinking.

~Leche flan~
This works for me all the time!

1) Have some water in a cup.
2) Place a chopstick or a spoon over the cup (form something like a bridge).
3) Say to the cup " whoever got a hiccups must drink the water under the bridge"
4) Drink the water with the chopstick still on the cup. Only take it off when you finish swallow the water!

I am not sure if this works in english, because it's what chinese people do (we say it in Mandarin). My mom taught me this, and she told me that my grandmother taught her, I tried just drink water without anything, and drinking water simply does not work for me.

Have fun!

Spec Tac
Swallow a tablespoon of lime juice. That simple. Try it and see for yourself, it works everytime!

The truth looks strange
Drink water upside down.

Flag Pants
Scientifically you're supposed to be able to relax the diaphragm and this stops hiccups immediately. But unless you're an opera singer most of us don't have this level of control of this part of the body. The more most of us try to do this the worse the hiccups seem to get.

Sounds gross but it works 100% a tablespoon or desert spoon of vinegar. It is the medicine for hiccups. I'm not sure why this works. I would think it's either the change in the acidic balance in your gut or just the distraction that you've just drank something that is a bit gross.

Another solution that seems to work if your friend has hiccups is to ask them a distracting question like "What did you have for dinner last night?" or "What did you get for your last birthday?". The distraction seems to relax your diaphragm and stop the spasms.

BOO! (:

But really. Hiccups are uncontrollable spasms of the diaphragm; often caused by eating too fast. This results in air coming with your food.. It is known that when this occurs, the familiar "hiccup" sound is expelled. What I have found that truly works is the act of laughing.

while in public,I had the hiccups, a lady walked up and ask me if I had a min. & would I like to get rid of them..She asked for my right hand, took her thumb and forefinger and put her thumb between my index & middle finger, her index finger under mine, palm side down, put pressure on it, and said" look at me" I looked into her eyes and she said "repeat after me, you will hiccup no more, your body will want to but you cannot hiccup, you will not hiccup again" all the time keeping firm pressure between my fingers.(she said some of it twice) It lasted about a minute.I felt silly doing it but it worked! And my body did want to hiccup 2-3 times but I did not. I use it on everyone I can..and it works every time1

I eat a spoon full of sugar. It works every time.

I Said So
This tried and true method works everytime!

-Med/Large cup of water

Plug your nose (both nostrils) and your ears with your middle fingers and thumbs.Now, take a sip of your water through the straw. Don't sip gingerly, get a good gulp or two.

That's it! It sounds crazy and looks pretty ridiculous but it WORKS.

The Pig!
"Hiccup Girl" from Florida murdered someone. I myself, usually try a teaspoon of sugar. I have had about a 75% success rate, much better than any other remedy I have tried.

This remedy was also recommended on the show "The Doctors" last week. The sugar remedy, not the murder one. :)

I have read all of the answers given and no one gave this one. I was watching "True stories of the ER". There was a case where the girl had the hiccups for a week. Finally, one of the doctors read up on a case where the cure was simply to apply pressure just above the center of both eyebrows, with ur thumb or forefinger; for about 30sec to a min. You don't have to press hard, but just enough. I have used this method on my hubby and it worked every time. You dont need to hold the pressure until the hiccups stop. Even if they or you still have the hiccups after you stop the pressing, give it a few seconds and most likely it does stop.

This is hard to explain but it works Every time.

You need a short water glass and a spoon
put the spoon into the (1/2-3/4 full) water glass, then place the spoon into the glass, then drink down the water with the spoon handle resting/pressing against your cheek.
It is simple and works every time.
I don't know why, and it's not scientific, but I do know that I have won many a bets in pubs with this method

Hiccups are a result of consequent spasms of your diaphragm. Your Diaphragm is principally a respiratory muscle. It contracts when you inspire and relaxes for you to expire. When it contracts and relaxes really fast like in less than a second, you inspire and expire in less than a second as well. That's when you experience hiccups, simply forgetting about it can do the trick. When you drink water to stop it, it actually stops but, not because the water got into your gut, to your blood, to your respiratory center in your brain stem and impulses back to your diaphragm telling it to take its time in completing smooth contractions and relaxations, no. It so happens that drinking water like eating food brings consciousness to breathing which you have to temporarily halt to swallow ideally hence, taking temporary control of your respiratory muscles, which includes your dear diaphragm.

LOL bungalo LOL
Take a deep breath and hold it for 20 seconds(usually works for me)

The Patriot
I find holding your breath works. And making sure you do not move a muscle in your throat. When that happens, I get an odd sensation as the muscles in my throat move to correct themselves.

However, this is a cure I have had to learn for myself. I am not sure what I am going to do when my kids get them as I doubt they will listen to me with that!

And I hope you find the two links below on it interesting. The second one is certainly worth a look.

Crying Fox.
If a person has persistent hiccups as it appears you do, it may not be a casual thing you can easily get rid of and likely has a medical cause that you need to see a physician about. A bowel obstruction and going several day without a BM is a serious condition often resulting in a bad case of hiccups..........not a funny thing, although it's bound to bring a lot of laughs from your "friends". Everyone can get an occassional case of hiccups and most of the remedies seen in this blog may very well work because they exert pressure on the diaphram. If they last longer than a few hours.....see your doc!

I always hold my breath for about 10 seconds and that seems to work for me. If i doesnt work i usually repeat and if it doesnt work the third time either, i just let it be :)

I am presently 78 years old, but when I was a young man I experienced a bout of hiccups that wouldn't go away. I tried everything; it was a no go. It happened that there was a bowl of grapes on my mother's dining table. I ate a few in between the spasms. The hiccups stopped within seconds. There were repeated episodes, and once again grapes came to the rescue. There were a few times when grapes were not available. My wife suggested raisins. Bingo! The same results. My friend underwent single
by-pass surgery several years ago. The experience left him with what the doctors told him was "very minor trauma to his diaphragm, and that the resulting hiccups would eventually go away". They didn't. I told him what I've written here. Once again the grapes - and sometimes raisins - came to the rescue. As they did - and still do - for my son and wife when they have a spell of hiccups.

When you are standing you put your head down by your knees (like you're going to try to touch your toes) and drink a few gulps of water from a water bottle. Works every time.

Rusty Bucket
Eat a teaspoon or two of plain white sugar

There are many ways to get rid of hiccups. There is never ever one specific way of getting rid of them.
1. Try to get scared/scare the person who has hiccups. It also might not be a human, so you can try to scare animals too.

2. Drink a glass of water. This sometimes works. But it never is 100%. I have gotten rid of hiccups by mostly drinking water. It is currently one of the best known ways to get rid of hiccups.

3. Hold your breath. Now, some people might find that this doesn't work, but this does work occasionally. I have tried it, and it's second best compared to drinking water. If drinking water doesn't work, this method immediately comes after it.

4. Lemon juice. I highly suggest this method if the drinking nor the holding of the breath works. Its sourness is one you cannot forget. Make sure to swallow only a little, because if you swallow too much, you'll be puckered for a while.

5. Burping. This can be achieved by drinking soda or just making yourself burp. I can make myself burp quite easily, though I'm unsure of anyone else. You can also eat a lot, so that your digestive system will eventually make you burp.

6. You can wait for the hiccups to stop. Not highly recommended, because you'll have to suffer it for quite a while. Some people have hiccups for years. It's possible.

That is all the methods that have worked for me.

I hope I helped, mates.

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