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Danny Glover
How can we work together to reduce child mortality around the world?
Worldwide, 10.5 million children under 5 will die this year, most of them die from easily preventable causes. How can we work together to reduce child mortality on a global scale?

Proper irrigation systems.

Ron Petras
Now it is safe to say that the majority of child mortality occurs in 3rd world countries. Those are counties that lack the basic amenties that we have here in the states ( ie.running water, electricity, regular health care, etc.). Now if any of these "multi-billion dollar companies" would spend some money toward this solution, we may be able to "kill two birds with one stone". In these 3rd world countries due to the lack of development in these areas should mean that there is plenty of room for building development. I suggest that with all that room you can build acres and acres of solar panels that would provide not only electricity for just that country, but may have potential of providing electricity to neighboring countries. With electricity each and everyone of these countries can now start utilizing power ( which is clean if I may add, NO POLLUTION!! ) to give its residents some kind of independance. We can also set these countries up with some type of agriculture. With this I suggest building large green houses to be able cultivate some type of produce to feed its population. With of the potential to maybe even help support the growing food supply demands throughout the world. Of course with agriculture, water is an essencial. Water may be channeled via aquaducts from near by water supplies and processed by onsite plants and distributed throughout the country. The 3 necessities: Food, Water, Electricity. If these counties could have a sufficient supply of each of these necessities it may allow its citizens the oppurtuny to focus on programs to help better their countries. Now the reason I ask the Larger " billion dollar companies " to assist in this venture is that they can simply afford it. If they just put some money forward on this they would also have the potential in seeing a return as well.

Child mortality is a product of poverty and neglect. We can get around this by working together, if we all stopped trying to get rich and started acting like part of a global community, we would all benefit.

We should take a leaf from the book of ants and termites, they act as one, there is no imbalance there, just a structured society.

We have to put a lot of pressure on politicans to spend more money on the resources that are more important than those that aren't.

Every child deserve to be treated fairly and a right to live. We as citizens of the world should demean all nations put aside their ideological differences to provide aid for children because they shouldn't have to suffer for the stupidity of adults.

I hope that answers your question.

Educating those country specially the ones who live in small villages. It's not them, us as well. Getting more info on how to help others around the world for example we don't hear it that much from schools, businesses, from recreations as well, or other places.

Sometimes people don't know where to turn when they want to help, so if there was an easy access for info then people would be more aware of this.

This is a good a idea to reach out, because I'm now getting more info from other question that people posted that have helpful links.

Hi. This sounds like it might be one of your callings in life and what a great one it is. I know of some ministries that have water programs in foreign countries to improve the quality of life. I think that should be taken up in the United States. Some of these little Oklahoma towns I live near have horrible water. That makes everything bad for everybody. If a baby has formula made out of great water, I think that stops a lot of problems.

Perhaps you as an ambassador to the United Nations could start a Universal Education & Healthcare program funded by fundraisers and sponsored by a number of your celebrity
friends !

You and your friends could be instrumental in leading the publics attention. To Funding such an organization.

The areas of attack would be economics, clean drinking water and sewage treatment. ( Separating the drinking water from the sewage. And Diet, the effective treatment against pnuemonia & Diarrhea. With focus on these three areas somehow findng a way to help people help themselves.

As people are willing to work to better their situation.
Any effort is sure to succeed

Economics Land or some kind of work,
water treatment separating the drinking and bating from the sewage.
And Nutrition and diet.
But an organization
THE GLOVER Project ( where all the distribution of funds is sanctioned by its Director) and projects personally overseen by one who reprts to you from start to finish)
Meaning food and medical supplies and cleanwater projects get delivered and not caught up in red tape.
People need to know that children are are future, teach them well and let them lead the way show them all the beauty they posses inside,.......show them a sense of pride
Meaning sometimes Goverment Liasons need to be cultivated and maintained
I'll help, .........
By the way how is the Weather in SF Love that city


Todd M
We can, in America, stop buying $250 jeans and BMW's and Mercedes and try thinking about others in need...

But this isn't going to happen. If you gauge human character by the chronicles of history, it's easy to deduce that we are a very self centered, selfish species...

The irony here for me, is that this question is asked by an actor that makes millions and millions of dollars for a few weeks of work...


I believe a lot of people don't understand how huge the problem is. I also believe that people see themselves as 'just one person' doing something and not really making a difference. When people like you - you know, obvisouly 'famous' people, can bring a large group of people together for a cause, it makes it more than a 'single person' doing a job and feeling insignificant. As for what specifically can be done- you got me on that one. I love my kids, treat them as I wish I'd have been treated, and watch out for other people's children when they don't have anyone else around to watch out for them? So far, that is all I've been able to figure out that I can do. I'll shut up since this isn't my blog hehe!

First, we must insure that each and every mother to be has prenatel care. To do that, our neighbors and the mothers friends must watch to make sure that the mother to be is taking care of her self and getting the care she wants or needs.
I am Cherokee and we as a people are starting to pay attention to each other,, NOT,, being nosey just showing that we care about each other.
Be willing to give her a ride to Drs.
Be willing to listen to her
Be willing to help her adjust to the coming of something very great;;; A life;;;
One MORE thing
Fathers must stand up and take care of their sons and daughters PERIOD

Educating about birth control.

Before Yahoo! Answers brainstorms these questions to give to "celebrities" to post on this forum, they really should do some research.

According to CNN, 2006, the United States of America, ranks the second highest of nations world wide for newborn deaths. The only place that ranks above the US is the sub-Sahara in Africa. That's pretty shameful.

According to the World Health Organization, W.H.O., the United States of America, ranks NUMBER ONE in childhood deaths before the age of 5.

Now, before a question is asked by an American based company about how to reduce child mortality world-wide, don't you think it would be a good idea to ask how it can be reduced in the United States of America?

What gives?

The care MUST be taken on the part of ADULTS.

Stop Insurgency. Stop Bad Governance. Stop Corrupt Governments. Stop HATE and APATHY. Stop PASSIVITY and IGNORANCE.

Until we can value a child's life to the point that we are WILLING to take action--- then and only then will something be done.

"Most of them die from easily preventable causes"--- Such as Abortion? Disease? Violence? Genocide?

What are the underlying internal reasons for these problems? HATRED, Apathy, Unconcern, Ignorance

As an American, I may give you the last $25 that I have. BUT is that really enough to SOLVE the problem? I know that I certainly cant afford to fly to another country, (let alone continent)-- as my finances limit that prospect.

Does my heart reach out to these children? YES
Do I pray for them as I would pray for my own? YES

The Problem lies not only with the Giving/Receiving of Aid--but also its DISTRIBUTION.

It different for different countries.

In the United States, we could easily give mothers more rights to better maternity care. I think there's too much emphasis on birth control and termination, and not on the actual health of mothers and their unborn children. Just making it an issue will bring improvements.

Also, families need to stay together more.

In Britain, there seems to be a lot more education on this topic. The government and the National Health System take it very seriously. New mothers and expectant mothers are given advice every step of the way, and the NHS pays for health visitors to visit each new mother regularly.

Education can help in countries where there is enough money. But in the middle of the war the mother, the father and doctors can try everything but the baby dies anyway because there isn't enough food.

Education will be a big help.

JUst make another lethal weapon movie and donate ALL the proceeds to charity...that would be one way for hollywood to quit being so selfish and money hungry.....U get paid millions to act and entertain? why not use your power for good like donating millions then the world would be a better place!

Share knowledge, food, medicine, and time. We must all work together for the good of all, or there is no cure for child mortality rates.

I strongly believe that we need to look in our own backyards for starters. Many peole don't realize that there are starving, diseased, and poverty stricken children in our own neighborhoods. You hear so much more about children in 3rd world countries dying, but rarely hear about our own children who live in shelters or on the street. That would be a great goal for 2007, to open our eyes to our own problems.

Answers regarding better health care, better birth control and/or family planning, etc can call be boiled down to one answer--Education.

Educate the masses and all of society improves. Most countries with poor infant mortality rates have inefficient, destructive, and corrupt governments. I can only deduce that a more educated constituency would have more power and would push for more change.

Rick V
What will happen if we were able to save every child? We need world wide birth control.

If you could find a way to un-corrupt the governments that could care less about their own people - that would be a start.

I am working hard to keep my own child alive. I give to the Red Cross when I can. And i brake for children. That's about what I am capable of immediately but i will keep my eyes open for opportunities.

education and birth control

better prenatal care for the mothers and preventitive vaccanations for all kids

The 3rd world countries are the ones increasing their population as well as their child mortality rates. Just to name a few: Contraception, education nutrition, economy, and medical health will make a difference as a form of preventing child mortality.

All the famous people in hollywood needs to pull together some of their wealth other than 10 thousand dollar ( they spend that on an alfit of clothes and their gross is a million) towards research the progress on medicine that could cure people would move just a little faster.

Diarrhea is the #1 preventable cause of death among children worldwide. Public health awareness in 3rd world nations is a good start.

Birth control

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