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Why am I sweating while I sleep?
For the past 2 or 3 months while I'm asleep I sweat profusely. I wake in the middle of the night drenched like I just got out of the shower even if I have the air on 60 degrees. I don't understand it and I am worried. I know it's not T.B. or AIDS, but other than that, I don't know what it is. PLEASE HELP!

bad dreams

you don't mention how old you are? if you are over 30 its probably menopause you can be over 30 and have this and its starting maybe or not sure also it can be if you are sweating like that can be starting of brochitus. that is ho w mine starts. there are so mny things and you need to have check up and talk to doctor and find out or it could be nothign just in gneral but its best to find out and get it taken care of.

Bosco A
do you get drunk a lot ?

Kristin A
First of all, how did you rule out TB or aids?? Most people rule these things out because they are afraid the answer could be "yes" . .. you're doing yourself a HUGE favor if you get checked out.

You could have a cold accompanied by a slight fever, or i know diabetics can sweat like that. . .

go get yourself checked out, please!!! You'll be glad you did.

Free Falling
I don't know how old you are but could be a sign of menopause. Hotflashes can happen with hormonal changes.

Are you overweight? that could be another factor.

Peri B
maybe you recently stopped taking hard drugs and your body is reacting to it. crack is bad.

I have this off and on.. are you drinking caffeine during the day? Do you smoke? Either of these might cause the sweating. If not, you might want to see a sleep specialist. Good luck.

You probably have bad dreams, anxiety (THE HUMAN BRAIN NEVER SLEEPS!), or maybe try sleeping w/o covers. See a doctor.

Milo's Mom
Night sweats can be a symptom of menopause or another hormonal issue. I've gotten them for 10 years now, ever since going through menopause at the age of 31. This is something that needs to be checked out by the doctor. TB and AIDS are two common causes and even if you don't think you have them, you should still be checked for those and other things that might be the cause.

You could also have hyperthyroidism, or a problem with your endocrine glands. Whatever the cause, this is not something to take lightly. See a doctor. Good luck!

Tammy B
You don't mention your age but it sounds like night sweats which start when you go into perimenapause. Unfortunately if that's it it can go on for years but it's nothing to worry about. I've already being having the night sweats and hot flashes for about 5 years. :>(

satish s
yeah it may be something your body is going thorought a change. like withdrawal of something. or your body is changeing naturaly. or stress. but if your in america it probably is obeasity. your body is under physical stress. it could me mental stress like your worried

if its none of that. go see a doctor.

To many blankets???

ski doo
sleep apnea. research it. my fiance did the same thing and found out it was sleep apnea. its dangerous to your health!

the voice of reason
see your Doctor, do you really want to depend on these answers in yahoo to solve your health problems or give you con fort

dont lie under any covers.
turn a fan on pointing towards u.
put ur hair up out of ur face.
maybe an icepack on ur forehead.
if this doesnt help i dont know wht will.

You might have a fever a mild fever.


Michael Q
That's definitely a good reason to see your school counselor or a professional therapist. Nobody on Yahoo Answers can give you adequate counseling. (I would think T.B. and AIDS would have more serious indicators than night sweats. That could be part of the problem ... you're worrying too much!)

try sleeping with a really thin sheet or nothing. and like a tank and shorts. and turn a fan on also.

maybe you are having nightmares.

its summer its hot no matter if your house is 60 degrees

night tremors that you may not be aware of. try keeping a cold washcloth with you in bed. also dress light and keep a fan on.

Kitty³ (cubed)
Maybe you're perimenopausal...

***JAN 27 2010 with baby #1*****
sounds like you are having anxiety when you u r sleeping

It could be your dreams. Or maybe try sleeping with a lighter blanket.. and thin cotton pajamas. Have a fan?

just keepin it real
turn on a fan.........

Lauren D
hmm go see a doctor.
maybe ur stressed about something.
lol i wish i did that...losing weight in my sleep hahah

ur just hot. keep ur room a lil cool turn on a fan. use a thin sheet. either should help.

i <3 vans shoes

I would say your just getting hot but after 3 months i would go to the doctor ASAP!!!!!

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