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What is the best hangover cure?
Is suffer from extremely bad hangovers, I have one now in fact. Symptoms include racing heart and sometimes anxiety.

dont drink

The truth is that there is no "cure" for a hangover, other than time. A hangover isn't "from" alcohol directly, it's your body will burning the alcohol out of your system. There isn't a miracle drug or food that will make that happen faster.

Scientists have long considered acetaldehyde, a common byproduct which comes from the body's buring of alcohol, to be more toxic to the body than alcohol itself. Acetaldehyde is a primary ingredient in embalming fluid

Keeping hydrated is important, as is getting rest. As for special foods, cold showers, etc., it is mostly just what makes your body feel o.k. at the time. You won't change the effects of the alcohol on your system, and you won't get over your hangover any sooner.

Mixing a glass of club soda or water in with your drinks helps slow down your alcohol intake, which would lessen a hangover. However if you are going to drink enough to have a hangover, you're just going to have to put up with it.

eat food.

avoid hangover...... stay drunk!!!!

Maybe you should stop drinking so much the night before. Just have a few to relax, or have fun....don't get so completely drunk.
Drink plenty of water before you retire to bed, as alcohol is extremely dehydrating. Hangovers don't generally cause anxiety...maybe you have panic attacks? If you think you may, talk with your doctor....and maybe just go to the movies tonight. :)

Take Tylenol or Advil ( some kind of pain reliever lol) before you drink!! and eat a greasy cheese burger it helps! I have done it everytime....also drink lots of fluids! Have fun! lol

The cold man
One thing that I used to do was to drink a few glasses of water before hitting the bars or whatever. . Usually worked. I understood that a hangover was basically dehydration of the brain. don't know how true this is but it frequently worked. For an active hangover-sleep it off. I will whisper to you good luck!

breathing pure oxygen will do the trick

Christine H
Sorry but I cannot resist it. Don't drink!!!

they have some pills called "chasers" they seem to work good for hangovers. for me if i drink the night before, when i get up i have one more.... keeps me from a hang over :)

for one thing then stop getting so trashed--make sure you are drinking plenty of water to stay hydrayed--that is your main problem.

Alexander P
Ibuprophin and Gatorade. Hydrate your body. Electrolites actually do help.

well supposedly you are hung over coz u are dehydrated...drink heaps or water...trust me i know its hard but you can do it...that will get over the headache...when i am drunk before u go to bed drink a bottle of water...not too much coz u may throw up in your sleep which is really dangerous...so yeah drink a STANDARD bottle of water...that will minimise the hang over...trust me it work...u wont be as sick the next day...just make sure u dont go straight to sleep after drinking the water coz u may throw up which is again really DANGEROUS

I agree with blazedjinyc. Doing that will give you a little appetite and that helps. But you have to drink water. Gatorade does the trick too.

mellow out with some gangja and munchies

The post-intoxication state, commonly called hangover, also referred to as the "hangover" syndrome, is related to drinking too much alcohol (or possibly the wrong types of alcoholic drinks). Scientific research has not yet come up with clear causes or cures. So it really is a matter of taking measures to avoid a hangover and/or treating each of the symptoms of hangover. Here are a few facts may help prevent or reduce the dreaded symptoms of a hangover!

Researchers disagree on what may be the exact cause of the syndrome. Some feel that certain by-products that come from the liver's breakdown of alcohol may be responsible, others have postulated that "toxins" such as methanol found in high quantities in some drinks are responsible.

To combat this unwanted side effect, it has been suggested that we eat foods rich in cysteine, such as eggs. The cysteine is used by the liver when it processes or metabolizes alcohol; therefore building back up this chemical may help. Try to drink on a full stomach as this will absorb and break down the alcohol in your body.

Another reasonable approach is to be sure to drink lots of water, since alcohol tends to dehydrate the body and brain. Some of the electrolyte rich drinks can also be of value. Do this also while drinking. Use water as a 'chaser' to your alcoholic drink. Also drink soe more water when you get back home with some painkillers to relieve the headache.

Lastly, blood sugar levels can decrease after alcohol use, so some extra sugar is advised by some experts.

The bottom line here is that physicians do not actually know what causes a "hangover"; therefore, these home remedies are based on educated guesses rather than the proof of science. The best cure here is, as always, "moderation.".

As for your anxiety symptoms and rapid heart rate, those also are symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and dehydration. Replenishing your body with nutrients and water and abstaining from alcohol will resolve those. Please note that if you are worried about drinking excessively or you think you are becoming dependent on alcohol, speak to your doctor to help you withdraw, as sudden withdrawal can itself cause adverse effects and, at an extreme, seizures.

The article below might be interesting:


Drink orange juice and water the orange will give you sugar and the water will flush the booze out of your system

Tomatoes, apparently, are very good for neutralising any leftover-alcohol in your system.
Alka-seltzer works wonders for achy heads and stomachs, but if you don't have any of that - 2 tsp of bicarb in a glass of water works fine (helps to re-hydrate your brain and settle your stomach)

Believe it or not it call hair of the dog that bit you have a couple drinks of what you got tore up from the floor up the night before you will feel better but don't do it again and you wont have this problem

id say the best hangover cure would have to be raw egg

stay in a cold bath

It may sound odd but I find that an iced lolloy (especially an orange calipo) does the trick...Hope it helps :-)

a good shower then coffee and a bacon roll yummy

taxed till i die,and then some.
the best hangover cure is to stay drunk

Stay drunk.

Definitely a MacDonalds or a KFC, does the trick everytime!

Drink a Coke (not diet) and eat a piece of bread !!!!
Really, really works! Oh, don't forget two aleve!!!

peter h
I always had a drink by the bed,usually diet coke.Drink plenty before you go to sleep and drink when you wake up.I used to go out and get mashed and ive only ever had 2 hangovers.Hydrate,hydrate,hydrate.
The bubbles help clear away the gunge from pizzas and kebabs too.Tada...the beginning of a new day,fresh as a daisy.

Cedric the Dissonant
the quintessential cure, may I present the bloody Mary:
juice of half a lime
1 gille vodka
pinch of celery salt
pinch of black cardamom
pinch of black peppercorn
a dash (to taste) of tobasco sauce
a dash of worcestershire sauce
(4 tblsp is good)
4-8 ice cubes
one pint of tomato juice

put ice cubes in a blender and pulse until roughly crushed and transfer to a Tom Collin's glass.
add the vodka and other ingredients to the blender and pulse two, three times until mixed thoroughly.
pour over the crushed ice and garnish with a celery stalk (optional)
Finally, pray for a quick death (NOT for the faint of heart!!

don't drink alcohol!!!

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