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Telstra Child Flight
What are some restful indoor activities to do with children when they’re home sick from school?

Chan M
aren't they meant to be sick>>

If they are up to playing games, and provided they are not 'contageous', I'd send them back to school.

Otherwise, I consider that children should be able to amuse themselves, given the number of toys and, hopefully, books that are in the normal home.

Harsh, aren't I? Been there, done that, both as parent and teacher.

Sam H-B
Whenever I was home sick from school, all I wanted was: sleep, and to spend the day on the couch in front of the TV with a box of tissues within arm's reach. My mom would usually play video games with me for a few hours between house work, and prepare chicken soup or other rare treats for me. Usually during the evening when my brothers and father were home, it would be time to get extra special attention because I was ill. My dad would watch movies with me, and my brothers would be extra nice and bring me glasses of water. I guess, when it comes down to it, just paying attention and doing whatever your child wants (within reason, of course!) is what my parents did for me, and that slowly got weened away as I got older, and more independent.

Some activities for a more active sick child, would probably be board games, books (when I got sick as a teenager, books took up a large chunk of my home time,) arts and crafts, playing with dolls, or even rearranging my room, like stuffed animals, picture frames, books, etc...

But I would definitely encourage children to sleep in in the morning. It's an added treat, and it'll help them get better. If you have other children who need to get ready for school, it'll be easier since the sick child won't be asking for attention.

Jess M
I think board games are a good idea. Games like scrabble, monopoly, etc are great. Combine those activities with some DVD watching in bed.

Personally (I am 14) I enjoy watching a movie or reading a book.
If I am really sick (not just with a migraine) I like to sleep, and read up on some cookbooks.
For younger children I recommend reading to them, or giving them a nice lukewarm bath.
I like to play my DS, which is really good, because it makes mum happy by keeping my quiet!
So I recommend any of the above, just don't let them outdoors!

Our family often drives 1 hour or more on weekends and then back again. We have many games that can be played sitting in the car.

- Guess the video (sing a disney song and guess what movie it is from)
- Fractured stories (Ask for a list of words to change a story. eg Colour (Blue); Animal (Eagle); building (bike shed); food (licorice) etc and then say, "This is the story of Goldilocks, but you swapped some words, so now it's Blueylocks and the 3 Eagles...")
- Say your lines (pick 3 simple lines to say like "Can I eat it now?" "That looks like a pet I used to have." and "That will never work" ... then as you tell a story, the others can interrupt with those lines.

"Once upon a time there was a little tailor ... "That looked like a pet I used to have." ... who killed 7 flies in one hit ... "oooh, Can I eat it now?" and he made a belt for himself ... "That will never work" ... that said, I KILLED SEVEN WITH ONE BLOW and he said to himself ... "Can I eat it now?"

furlo ™
i had to stay in bed when i was sick and home from school!!

Board games are a very good idea as are engaging craft projects and puzzles

monica b
Read to them - my boys enjoy expressive reading anytime, especially when their spirit is low. I agree with Angel there is nothing more nourishing for their fragile heart and mind in times like that then someone being there just for them and lead them into a world of their own imagination. Sit down and read to them a wonderful story for them to draw/ write/or talk about later on...Life is wonderful for moments like these! .....................

building things with lego blocks. the whole family can participate and bond in building something together

When were kids we had what was called our "arts and crafts" box. It had all kinds of stuff in it...cardboard cylinders, material and wool scraps, paddlepop sticks, small boxes. We'd spend hours gluing and creating!! It's also a good way of recycling. We also had a dress up box, which consisted of old shoes and clothes my parents had they no longer wanted. It's good role-playing for kids.

<Please Insert Nickname>
Aren't they sick? When you are sick, you should be getting rest by staying in bed, unless told otherwise by a doctor.

I think it is important to make up a 'sick bed' on the lounge. Then they can see outside, watch TV, read books, listen to radio or cds, and when feeling a bit better, play board/card games, introduce them to puzzle books. Filtered sunlight also makes them feel a bit cheerier. A central place is much better than being stuck in the bedroom! When they are feeling a lot better, a sheltered area outside is great, and water games are always a hit for little ones. I always made sure mine had lots of sympathy and TLC, lots of drinks and basically whatever they felt like to eat (within reason).

Stephen J
storytelling can be fun!

Have a movie day i find its good for them to be resting on the couch so that they get alot of rest and usually they are feeling much better the next day

When I was a child and was sick, my mum allowed me (only on special occassion like being sick) to grab every pillow of everybed, cushions, doona's blankets etc and make a cubby out of the dining room chairs. Mum would then grab heaps of books and/or open the covering (like a window) so that the tv could be viewed.
we or i would then read books or watch vids in my hidey hole. It was so cozy and warm.
I could also full asleep anytime.
Mum would make me chicken & corn soup and also made fairy bread for a snack.

My best memory was when one of my friends was sick too so we both didnt go to school and mum babysat my friend and i.

It was so exciting to play cubbies with my friend. She loved it. And mum looked after us by making the usual chicken corn soup and fairy bread but supprised us with going to the shops and hiring some disney films so watch on tv.
We cuddled up together and had a communal bin for our snotty tissues :) aahhh

One day i'll do the same for my kids. As making chicken/corn soup and fairy bread is so easy and most cases have the ingrediants on hand already.....

Hay Sam H-B - just read your post - chicken soup must be a great thing for sickness, cos its freaky to have two posts with the same memory as a kid with the same issue for chicken soup. although mum always made chicken and corn yum yum. Good for a sore throut and filling. And easy to handle if you feel nausas.

My children love it when I read them books. We usually find during the week there is never enough time, we only read them one book each night and they're always asking for more. When they're sick in bed, we can indulge them by reading their favourite stories over and over and over again if it makes them feel better. Sometimes spending time with their parents is just the antidote they need!

plenty of TLC and liquid intake if they have a flu.
board games, a good movie to watch
read books involving school activities
depending on sickness medication should be given by mom/dad. lastly a little sleep after all the activities.
i do hope these few ideas will help.

Cooking is always good but if they can't eat because they are sick possible salt dough modelling.

Check out the site below for recipes.

Oh...and of course reading reading reading....

Activities like reading, building blocks, baking, playdoh, colouring, babies and doll house or trains (if you have one), dressups, origami (if you know how to show your kids), pretend play (cooking, shopping, doctors, fire fighters etc....)
If they are very very sick and just want to sit on the sofa, then story is probably the best. Some nursery rhyme cds or tv or movie if they are into that sort of things.

Tell them stories (ones of when you were in the same situation as a child might appeal!) Jig saw puzzles are also not too strenuous along with watching movies or listening to relaxing music. Often kids just like you to be nearby when they are not feeling well.

Redaing books.
Card games.
Writing letters to people.
Board games.

Luke & Maz
Colouring or making things out of paper is usually a hit. We have paper plane making competitions and see who can make the plane that can fly the furthest.

read them books let them color get some pop corn (or their fav treat/snack/meal) and their fav movie and have a chilled out day. when my kids are sick i coddle to basically their every need lol :O) hope this helps and your little one gets better soon

Hi there,

The best way is to distract them; so anything really!

Here are some ideas:
reading books,
head online - many will have online activities and games
tell jokes
watch tv
watch movies
get some socks and make finger puppets
sleep or rest
paint their nails
brush their hair
play with makeup
listen to music
create music - spoons, couch,
pretend to be a car

Best of luck

My children love it when I read them books. We usually find during the week there is never enough time, we only read them one book each night and they're always asking for more. When they're sick in bed, we can indulge them by reading their favourite stories over and over and over again if it makes them feel better. Sometimes spending time with their parents is just the antidote they need!

Scrapbooking. Small science acitivities. Art - drawing real objects or modern art.

Making their own songs on a computer program.

Flower arranging.

teach them card games, and play board games with them.

when I was a kid home sick me and mom (or grandma) played boardgames

Depends how old they are, if they're quite young: Read to them, put on a movie, give them a bath, do some colouring, etc. It also depends how sick they are, just ask them what they feel like doing. Movies are good as they can just lie on the couch and drift off if they feel like it.

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