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Yahoo! Answers Team
What's the best way to get over a cold?
Welcome to Episode 7! Will there ever be a cure for the common cold? Until then, is drinking fluids, resting, and getting plenty of vitamin C enough? Share any remedies you have for getting over a cold — the cold season is fast approaching!

Watch the video here: http://yanswersblog.com/index.php/archives/2010/10/07/yahoo-answers-hits-the-streets-episode-7/

Your moms Dick
the best way to cure a cold is taking a warm bath and keeping it humid.

Jim Jim
I've always found being veer lazy

Give it to someone else

i like tea. it seems to work for me.

Drink lots of fluids and get as much rest as possible. you'll get better soon enough.

wash your hands

lots of sleep and i always have a nice cup of herbal tea and just rest and just time will make it go away

Staying home from school. It helped my cold get better :D


Sue eillot
drink Lemon, ginger ale , eat some honey, make hot soup and take some medications.

hope this help

Smile, Laugh, Be happy and you won't get sick.

Max Panel
**** A DUCK

The Patriot
Rest, wrap up warm and hot drinks.

I hope you find the link below of use on this.

1) Fill up the kettle with water and heat it up.
2) When its heated up pour the water in a bucket
3) Get some Vicks and put quite a bit in the water.
4) Get a blanket and cover the bucket and inhale the smoke from the bucket.
5) Get plenty of rest and you're good to go the next day! :)

Have something to could work on your digestive system and could make stomach empty.
Sweet lemon is very good for that purpose.
Gargle with warm water and salt. Pass it through nose too.
Taking a hot bath or hot shower and after put the clothes on and cover up and dry the hair (at bed time).
Then having something to could wrap up the head (Like hat).

Have a strong tea with fresh sour lemon & honey. Take 3 tylenol.
During the night you will get sweat and by the next day you will be fine.
Don't forget flu shot, when you are fine.

Azima M
Drink tea, hot cocoa, water not cold water, and get plenty of sleep and if it doesn't work get a medicine from a doctor and stay indoors much as you can. Or get medicine from a store good luck :)

Kerr ?
Lemsip - vitamin C and paracetamol to bring down the temperature and sooth the throat.
Also, keeping warm - try not to expose yourself to the cold.
Prevention is the best way of attacking a cold so, wear plenty of layers in the winter, bring antibacterial hand wash around with you because this time a year, there will be a lot of colds going around - public transport, workplaces, schools and even on the streets.

I believe drinking lots of fluids to drain your body's bacteria is the best way. Drinking hots of hot tea soothes your nasal passages. Also, getting a nice rest and sleeping most of the day.

steam vapor might help so as to soothe the swelling...

Purple Dinosaur
Drink lots of water and rest.

Love Is In The Air CLOSED for a moment
The common cold, although not lethal can be pretty annoying and it’s not something we really want to have affect us. It makes us tired, groggy, sleepy and demotivated. Here are a few things you can do to get rid of your common cold easily, without drugs and naturally.

1. Get Some Sleep. Let your body get some rest, and ensure the room you’re in has a fresh supply of air. Keep a window open slightly to allow air to recycle otherwise the air you’re exhaling and want to get rid of mixes and is also inhaled.

2. Drink Lots of Warm Water. Water is the best body cleanser in my life. I drink a lot of water daily and can often tell signs of my body needing water on days that I don’t drink as much as I usually should. Warm water when ill is just as good and easier for the body to take. If you don’t like lots of water, squeeze some fresh lime to give it a taste.

3. Eat Water-Rich Content. Lots of fruits and vegetables will do you a lot of good. So too will some hot soup. Keep your intake light and easy on the stomach so that fresh nutrients can help fight off the foreign particles in your body causing the common cold. Steamed vegetables are good and avoid highly cooked, spicy and processed foods.

4. De-stress. Stress can sometimes be attractive to the foreign particles that cause the common cold. Use this time to de-stress by listening to your favourite music, playing a musical instrument, reading and other at-home leisurely activities. Take your mind off things that are currently worrying you and enjoy some time off.

5. Avoid Energy Drainers. Avoid people, foods, music, activities, etc that drain you more. Your goal is to get out of the state of common cold that the viruses have put you in. Allow your body to heal and don’t let others affect that.

Time is the best cure.

As Latins said: ''Omnia fert aetas''

I had a cold for over 2 months ate a pomegranate chewed and swallowed the seeds. Cold was gone in 2 days. Works great. Also sugar will make the cold worse. Sugar brings down your immune system

I just drink lots of soup and watch movies. I cover myself up and take HOT showers every night.

cσcσ chαnєl ♥
Lots of paracetamol, Vicks, Movies, Blankets and Hot chocolate :D

I let my body tell me what it needs like sleep, fluids and food. Generally though, when I do have a cold, chicken noodle soup (in whatever way is available) & something cold to drink.

I like to take the day off work and snuggle up in a blanket and relax

Rest, soup and rest

magical formula

The best way to get over a cold is to prevent it in the first place. Wash your hands frequently using soap and water, or alcohol based sanitizers! Eating healthy foods give your Immune System a boost in fighting the germs that invade your body. In colder months, it's a good idea to wear layers to stay warm. If your body is cold, it'll have a harder time fighting the germs. If you know anyone who has a cold, ask them to wear a mask so when they cough of sneeze, they won't spread the germs to you! You should also exercise frequently for a healthy working body!

Always get the flue shot regularly each year! The flu virus changes every year so scientist keep working on developing a new vaccine for that particular virus!

Now what happens if you do get a cold? Drinking lots of fluids helps flush out the toxins in your body. Orange Juice has high amounts of Vitamin C which can help boost your immune system! Getting lots of sleep really helps your body in fighting off those nasty germs!

During colder days, your body will traps in a lot of moisture from the air. What my parents usually do when i'm out in a cold rainy day, is that they boil coke and add some ginger to it! It doesn't have the best taste to it, but you'll feel a lot better after drinking it! Another remedy is hot spicy foods since they can clear your nose out of annoying mucus.

Overall, you just have to be smart in fighting the cold. Always keep a positive attitude and you should be cured within a few days!

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