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How To Sleep Quickly?
every time i go to my bed to sleep i stay long time but i dont sleep...plz help me!

Brooke =]
Get someone to hit you over the head with a frying pan.

Adam S
weed is good.


this is a super bad idea but advil pm really helps

William m
Tke 2 Tylenol Pm

listen to some music

clear your mind...smoke a blunt

Seriously, smoking some weed will help you sleep without interruption. Other than that, pills, which I wouldn't recommend as they can make you feel like crap in the morning.


read a book

watch t.v. the rays make you sleepy
drink a glass of milk or eat turkey
they both have some kind of thing that makes you sleepy haha.

sleep only when you're tired dont force yourself to sleep

try drinking warm milk. its an old remedy. also try do something in the day time to tire yourself out for the evening. try not to take any naps. also trying reading a boring book at night before you go to bed.

take melatonin.

I watch channel 98 (government programming) it puts me to sleep within 15 minutes. Remember to set your sleep timer to 15 minutes.

WOW...those channels are so boring.


you need to relax your mind and not think about too much. You lay awake thinking about everything you did , or gonna do. If you don't let your mind wonder too much it won't take long to fall asleep

I have this problem all the time. I like to wait till I'm really tired, or even do things to cause tiredness. Maybe read, or put on music. But if that doesn't work I love to drink sleepy time tea. It's at like every store, natural, and is even great for sickness and relaxing too :). It'll put you right to sleep :).

I watched a show the other day about sleep, I think it was on BBC1...Anyway, they proved that raising your core temperature by taking a hot bath/shower, then reducing your temperature makes you sleepy. I have trouble getting to sleep, so I tried this and it helped a lot!

same thing happens to me
it takes me about 30 min just to fall asleep
my doctor says that means im not healthy and that i should be more active in the day time so i would feel accomplished and feel tired by the end of the day. maybe try playing outside or running or doing something else idk.... unless you already stay active and ur healthy: mentally AND physically.....
also try clearing your mind, or, try daydreaming except its at night. thats how i get to sleep. :P

I got some different solutions:
Idoser - check it out, its a program that can play sounds which influences your mind in all sorts of ways. you can get a sleepy tune, or a tune that makes you feel like your on drugs. The tunes are from 10minuts to 50mins.
Youtube Rainy recordings - Super relaxing!

Tiffy :]
All those who recommend smoking, SHAME ON YOU!

Read a book, listen to some music, watch a funny movie.

Pillllllz baby

You might have a lot on your mind.
Drink something warm before you go to bed, or read.
It might be your bed that's the problem too, try new, softer pillows.

Maybe get one of those soothing sound devices that plays calming stuff like waves crashing to help. Other than that, make sure the tv, cell phone, and all that other disturbing crap is turned off.

Kevin L
take benadryl, my primary care doctor and my oncologist told me this is the safest sleep aid because it is not addictive and has very very little to no side effects besides knocking you out for 4 to 8 hours.

try having a hot bath beforehand, it makes you really warm and sleepy =)
or herbal teas are good

tylenol pm and bdrill

read a book...Works for me.

Only try to sleep when you are tired.

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