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HELP~! I have a bad habit, I can't stop cracking my fingers?
Like I don't feel relaxed if i don't do it. I'm only 13 and yet my fingers are starting to become slightly deformed because of this? Any suggestions?

I personally have no room to talk about this subject seeing as how I have been popping my knuckles since the age of ten and can now pop nearly every bone in my body, but start off small. If you can go without popping for a day do it. Once you do that you know you have the self control to stop. After a while you will no longer feel the urge to pop them. I know this because i did it one summer and realized what had happened when i tried to pop my knuckles one day and it hurt like a mo fo. Good luck, kid.

try grabbing a stress ball. it will surely help.

you'll be ok its a habit, something you are used to doing, my boyfriend bites his nails

When you crack your fingers, the sound you hear is the release of a gas from the synovial fluid between the joints! It's not possible for this to cause deformity or enlarged knuckles......that's just a myth! You need to stop doing it for the simple reason that it's a habit!!........and probably a bit annoying for people around you to have to listen to all the time.

Kaitlyn W
pick up a new habit! like chewing gum or something...
i crack my fingers to, but not all the time because i dont want to get arthritis.
just think that there's no such thing as cracking your fingers, and when you feel the need to do it,
pinch yourself or something. good luck!

I had a girlfriend who cracked her fingers all the time, You know what I did? I dumped her!!

狐 Josh
Everybody has a bad habit or two or more. I chew on plastic straws. Somebody was on my case about it so I told them I'd give it up and take up smoking and drinking. Now my bad habit doesn't seem so bad anymore.

If your 'bad' habit gives you comfort, and doesn't hurt the body, or other people, then don't give it up.

I had the same problem to but i got over it i have nothing to tell you but only one source think if you kkeep cracking your fingers it might be a possibly that you can get artrist and i didn't want it so i i stoped and it really work to so just thibnk do you really wnat that and you'll stop

Keu na
There is no chance to deform your finger. Though you want, you just try to get rid of this by restraining yourself.

it is really hard to come off the habit u will have to have a lot of control over yourself but i dont think something will happen if u crack them cuz im 17 now and i was like 11 when i started cracking my finger( now i can crack my ankle and wrist now its weird) and nothing happened

If this is becoming a huge problem for you see your doctor. He can examine your fingers and maybe offer you some exercises or alternatives. It could also be a compulsion. It's all treatable if indeed this is what you have.

Otherwise, as with any bad habit, just don't do it. I know it's easier said than done. I quit biting my nails the same way (after doing it for like 5+ years as a kid) just by promising to reward myself and fulfilling my reward if I do not do it. I haven't done so for around 10 years now =)

You can do it if you really want to.

Madison Hilton
Theres probably something else wrong with you. They don't become deformed simply by cracking them...,

Actually cracking them is good for you.
It releases Calcium deposits that build up from the air bubbles when you crack them.

I have that same addiction. It's fine. People make up myths about it because they probably don't like the noise. Nothings wrong with it. I also bite my nails. But THAT'S a different story. I've tried nail polish, but unfortunately it doesn't work for me. I do anything to get to them. I don't care how bad it tastes, I just bite. I'm sorry but, NEVER bite your nails. Ha ha ha ha ha, wow I changed the subject. Sorry! I'm also cracking as I write. :) :(

Cracking you fingers won't give you arthritis or anything crazy like that, but it isn't a good habit. Of course, there really isn't any specific way to stop yourself from doing it. I had the same problem and I managed to stop by (don't laugh) writing STOP across my knuckles in big red letters, so whenever I was about to, I wouldn't. Then I started wearing this spiked ring I got from hot topic so whenever I tried to crack them I would end up poking myself. Eventually I stopped. It took a while though...

your fingers will fall of if you dont quit.

Remember that everyone around you is disgusted by this and you'll stop ;)

You may be right
You better just stop, it will make your joints on your fingers really big after a while, like baseballs.

You won't be able to get a ring over them, so it's not going to be good when you get married.

You just have to stop. Think about how bad it's going to be if you don't, that might help.

Yeah... just figured id join the party... typical, noone invited me, and now its all over... i freaking hate you guys

my moms best friends dad is a world renowned hand surgeon and he told us that cracking your knuckles cannot harm you in any way so crack away

cracking your knuckles doesnt make your fingers deformed- you might have an underlying cause for that. theres really no hram in cracking your knuckles *pauses to crack knuckles*- i do it all the time

Your fingers cannot become deformed simply by cracking them.

Saria Castell
Rocio is right.
Also, the cracking of fingers does NOT cause arthritis in the hands, that's a myth.(http://osteoarthritis.about.com/od/osteoarthritis101/f/crack_knuckles.htm) Cracking your fingers won't harm you, I've been doing it forever and my fingers are absolutely fine.

no harm in cracking,,but if u wanna stop..juss try and resist it

Radgar E
Okay, something that people don't seem to realize is that cracking joints is not harmful to you. You're not cracking bits and pieces of your bone and certain studies have actually shown a decrease in your chances of having arthritis if you crack your joints. All it is that makes the cracking noise is air bubbles in your joints popping. That's all. Your fingers cannot become deformed unless you pull on them ridiculously hard and wind up breaking/dislocating them. Cracking joints is considered a disgusting habit by some, but quite frankly they can go f*ck themselves. It's fun and relaxing and I do it all the time.

Cracking your fingers isnt really bad for you, your fingers must be getting deformed from something else.

lol i used to have the same problem! the only way i got over my habit was to resist the urge on cracking them.. its hard, and uncomfortable for the first month, but once you slowly get over your habit, you wont want to crack them again.. so just try to resist..

I crack my fingers and back and ankles ...
the joints can accumulate tiny air bubbles and popping it releases it.
no long-term damage.
some people are more likely to do this.
and some people are more likely to hate the sound of hearing other people do it!!! :)

It's not that bad.

You could be addicted to crack.


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