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i have blood in my pee?any answers
lately whenever i go to the bathroom and pee their has been some blood is not a lot and it doest hurt i get a tingly feeling down there and latelty i've been having to wake up every night to go to the bathroom.

hm... are you a girl?

Get a prostate exam

go to the doctor

Ronni R
you might have a infection....go to the doctor

Heather C
you have balder infection, you should really go see you dr.

an infection.. book a docs apt asap

if you're a girl that mighht be a period ... and if you are a boy you should get that checked

debbie P
Go to the doctor- could be kidney stones.

see a docter admidly that can be cancer ousi

if ur a girl u might be on ur period and if ur a guy idk go to the doctor

you have a urinary tract infection, you need to see a doctor.

go to the hospital.

celiac deseise.
your small intestine lacks the enzimes to digest gluten, [wheat products] see your doctor,

It sounds like you have a bladder infection. If you're under the age of eighteen, have your mom or dad take you to the nearest walk in clinic for an evaluation. The doctor will test your urine for white blood cells and can order an antibiotic for you to take. Good luck.

Ya go to the doctor.

r u a girl?

You have your period

Jk go see a docter.

dan...the relationship man
your heading directly for death

If its not just your period then theres something wrong with your kidney, this usually means that your kidney is failing and might need to be replaced. Thats a serious condition. Go to your doctor right away!

are u a girl or boy cant tell of picture
if girl it might be period if boy go to doc

help plz

It sounds like an infection. Do you feel the need to urinate often? Is there pressure? Only antibiotics can help an infection so you really do need to see your doctor.

my aunt had the same thing its due to something that u probably ate so go to the doctor and tell them about it u will get some pills that will help u stop peeing blood. hope that helped.

Patricia d
UTI or bladder infection. Drink lots of water, cranberry juice.

its defenitely a urinary tract infection, i had that a while back with the same simptoms as you, you need to go to the doctor and the doctor will give you some pills to take! good luck

You need to go to the doctor ASAP! You could have internal bleeding!

go to the doctor immediately it could be liver sclerosis which is the liver falling apart my grandma died of it she had the same symptoms she peed blood hope this helps

u hav a period

its dangerous , i dont know whats the name of disease in english , (coz im punjabi ) , but soon u will be feeling dizzy , because of lack of blood .go to doctor now.

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