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i had a near deth experience last week over dose on herion do u think god wasnt ready for me or was i just lu
i had to be brought back 4 times in 4 days

Larry&susan S
God gave you a free will. He did not put the needle in your arm, he gave you the free will to choose what to put in his temple. He will forgive you and help give you strength to change, but its your choice not his. Just remember suicide is a unpardenable sin, you will go to hell.

God wanted you to see how you can help others.

Mike M.
God wants you to live life to the fullest. So don't just sit there.....GO FOR IT!

If it was the Lord's will for you to have died- you would have. As you are still here, I would consider this his will. All of us that are still here, have a purpose and He has a plan for us. If the Lord did not have a plan for us he would have taken us by now! His will will always be met.

If you beleive in God you would not be trying to overdose.
Just food for thought
God is there for you if you really want to follow Him
Motherly advice
DON'T DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wasnt god,im sorry to tell you. i don't belive in it, but i do belive it wasnt your time to go,to leave this life to come back again in a new. THEIR IS NO GOD!

Consider this The God has given you the chance to shun the evil doings. So, it is time to bow down and ask for mercy and repent.
May be next time your over dose proved to be last dose of life.

Gain forgiveness and start a new life, Life needs struggle and hard work, don't run away, face it.

If you think that "God" is anywhere in this equation, please think again. You should think about the here and now.

The best thing for you is to be taken off heroin slowly, properly, and to find something else that can fill whatever need you feel you are currently filling with the drug.

Surely you have got something to contribute to society, if only as a sane and happy person whose life touches others in a positive way. Don't convince yourself otherwise, ok? A lot of us feel we are ciphers; think about your family, your friends - even if there is only ONE person, that is ONE person whose life you touch and who derives something from you. So you see there is meaning in life, even if we do not immediately recognize it.

Good luck to you. And come back with another question. We'll be here.

PS I notice that you are smarting from a bad breakup.

Here's the thing:

You have to respect yourself before you can expect others to respect you. And if you are trying to kill yourself with heroin or anything else, you are saying you are not worthy of respect - your own, included.


Clean yourself up, find the good you have within yourself, and proceed to live. You WILL find another person. And this time you will be better off because you are clean and because you have a better self-image and you won't even have to advertise the fact - it will show.

you were lucky,but id start going to church on sundays

hopefully, you're not bragging---you are blessed to have life and should be more responsible - get help and live...help other's live

samurai shampoo
if you think you're going to Heaven on a drug OD you're still not thinking straight. if you must invoke God, consider it a nudge in the right direction. if you don't heed the nudge, be prepared to reap the consequence.

It was your time if had to be brought back. Good luck to you I hope you learned you lesson. You should treat every lasting moment of your life as a blessing from above.

Cara Beth
Hmmmm? Keep it up and you will end up dead eventually. You might consider getting clean. It worked for me

I think you just lucked out...but no need to push it twice!

shirley e
It wasnt your time to go or you would not be here.

heroin god doesnt tell you to take heroin

I don't think god had anything to do with it. You just got lucky. If you don't clean up your act sooner or later you won't be so lucky. How many granny junkies do you know?! None I bet...junkies don't live very long lives.

Near death is just that: near death. It is not absolute death.

What it means is that you were not so horribly done that doctors could not help.

God is no where in this picture; it is not about him.

Maybe you shouldnt do heroin. DUH!

i think he was telling you that you need to come back and clean up your act before he can accept you. this is your second chance

♥charlies angel♥
thats a sign that you should stop doing herion. if you cant do it on your own, seek some help. you should feel very fortunate to be alive and count your blessings

good luck

I don't think God wasn't ready for you, hon...YOU weren't ready for him...He's given you a second chance at life...LIVE IT!!!!!

I will be praying for you

I think you got lucky.

Fleur de Lis
Take this opportunity and get off the drugs. It will happen again and you may not be so lucky next time.

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