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Ughh , I don't know what this is !?
Yesterday, I woke up and my throat/tonsils were hurting like heck . It kinda hurt to swallow, but I managed. Today is the same way, but I have no clue to what this could be. If its something serious, what can I do to make it go away without going to the doctor? Because my parents won't take me cause they never believe me . Please help !

Kelsi M

just need to take hot water,,,,,take it when u feel thirsty....after days u feel better.....

I had the same thing few weeks ago. Drink hot cocoa or hot milk. It helped me:D

Jordan F
Sounds like strepped throat or tonsilitis. Well if your mum and dad wont take you to the doctor then there not caring parents. Just tell them your throat really hurts.
Sometimes salt water works as a temporary remedy.

Well you need to see if you are running a fever. you could have strep throat or even mono. Both of which require antibiotics. Strep can turn into a condition called scarlett fever if untreated and can become deadly. If you begin to develop a red rash on your back go to the Dr. immediately!

Look at the back of your throat for white puss bubbles & or if you can see if the back of your throat is very red. then you got strep throat, toncilitis, most of the time you need an antibiotic for that. I just had it a month ago i couldnt swallow, slept alot, fever. But my parents ended up gettin it in they kicked it without med. So if you've got a good amune system you mite be able to kick it. but if you get to the point where your runnin fevers n not gettin better than go to Dr. lots of vitamin c, plus gargle with salt water as often as you can. Goodluck hope you feel better soon!!!!!!!

Take a flash lite and look at your throat,,,, Is it red,,, does it have white yucking looking spots on it......
if so..... take the flash lite with you.... stand in front of your mom and let her look at your throat,,,, then maybe she will take you to the doctor.... If you dont get some medicine you might end up soon with a high fever and only get worse.

Get a flashlight and check out your throat. If you see ulsers there, you most likely have strep. Get your mom to check them out, and tell her you feel horrible. She'll understand. You need to go to the doctor if your throat is that painful.

I had same problem and cod liver oil capsules are very beneficial in this condition.

Leticia S
LOL looks like your parents should have the cops called on them for not taking care of you. You need medical attention and you are 100% covered by her insurance soo go to the doctor now and get medication. go with an adult

It could be strep throat, a dry throat from allergies, or a really bad cold. Your parents won't believe you? Show them your throat (if it's red), tell them you are in pain. Take tylenol and/ or cold medicine (read labels so you don't O.D. on pain killers) and show them you're serious! The best help you can get is a doctor's prescription or diagnosis. I don't think you have a disease, just drink water and rest up!

If your parents won't take you, go for yourself... There must be a free health clinic around there some where, or the school nurse might help with that.

Melanie H
if you have to move your neck/ throat when you swallow, you might have infected tonsilles, if not its prolly just strep or a viral infection

drink hot liquids or soup
maybe you will feel better,,

if it continued,, Go to Dr. ,, at that time parents will believe

Donna B
could be swollen glands

try this
warm up cocacola and lemon juice it does work

I'd say strep throat get it checked out it can spread very easily


the runescpae master
you might have strep throat as i am a doctor those are the symptoms of strep throat so you should go to the doctor!!!

if u have a fever and other probables like that you might have meningitis

hope i helped!

Seems like strep throat. If you don't take an appropriate antibiotic, you could get rheumatic fever.

I'm not a doctor and you need a doctor> Don't try to do anything because it can get worst.

Taylor ~
yeah, I think it's streap throat too. If your throat is red, and swollen (making it hard to swallow), it's streap throat.
uhhh. how to fix it? go to the doctor, or school nurse. If you get a note from the school nurse saying that you have streap thoat, then your parents will have to take you to the doctors!
:) good luck! :)

your tonsils may be swolen. some people need them to be taken out. its perfectly safe to do that. I hope i helped!

you need to go to the doctor...
it could be strep throat, and that is serious as it could lead to a kidney infecttion or even death if untreated.

you also could have tonisilitis, which is also quite serious.
you need to get your parents to take you to the doctor asap.
sounds like you need antibiotics.

How old are you? Just go to the physician yourself...
Sounds like a bit of lymphatic edema which could indicate infection. Go get a swab.
Seriously, go to the damn doctor

Eric M
Sore Throat.
To calm it down, try the old tricks.
Warm Honey Tea
Gargle Mouthwash mixed with Warm water
Stay away from Cold Liquids

It sounds like strep throat, you should probably go to the doctor

It really sounds like strep throat. Maybe you should go to the doctor to get it checked out.

Brown eyed girl
could be Strep Throat or tonsillitis...you probably need an antibiiotic!

try drinking some warm tea, and take some sore throat meds. it wont hurt to try! hope ya feel better!

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