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Just a question that kinda popped into my head...?
Which is healthier/better for you...pot or cigarettes?



Jack T

I think pot is.

Pot. No doubt.

smoke the buddaaaah cheaaaa! =D

Mickey Mouse
None. They are both very bad. Don't do illegal drugs

Don't do illegal drugs? BS.

Pot, or marijuana has been, and is still being used for medical purposes.

Karan B
Having a cigarette while sitting on the pot is probably more healthier....


That Tall Redhead
pot for sure


Digital Massacre
marijuana is better for you, regardless of legality. granted marijuana will put you in prison, but cigarettes are physically worse. for you and those around you

tizB llinDa

Their both really bad. Get high on life!

I would think "pot", or marijuana, would be healthier in some cases... It's at least used for medicinal purposes, at times.

Cigarettes are just a habit you can't pick up at any time, and even if you smoke 100% pure tabacco ones, like, say, Nat Sherman-brand ones, it's still unhealthy.

But really, unless you have a prescription for marijuana, I can't really see either of them being "healthy"... It's more like choosing the lesser of 2 evils.

im not really into either, but some places use pot as a medicine for cancer, and cigarettes just cause cancer. so i would say pot!

Both destroy your body! Do you think that shows appreciation for the body God gave you?

Everyone no that pot is the earths only good smoke


POT!! but if you spin it, it is just as bad as smokes, worst really..


i think a better question would have been ' which is worse.. '
smoking tobacco ruins your lungs and all that jazz, but so does pot
on one side tobacco is far more addictive and so once you're hooked the damage to your body will be severe
whereas smoking pot is no as addictive and has fewer physical effects (unless smoked in excess).
pot, however, when smoked before the age of 24 can effect the brain permanently and irreversibly.
my uncle, for example, began smoking pot at 13 and continued smoking until 16. despite having no predisposition to schizophrenia he developed it regardless. The development of the condition was blamed on his use of cannabis.

Neither. Smoke inhaled into the lungs is a carcinogen (cancer producing). It also can cause emphysema resulting in a shortened lifespan....

Liberalism has a delusional bias
Healthier? Better for you? Don't you mean less dangerous? They both can give you lung cancer, so I would say they are about even.

neither honey..despite what some people think..smoking one joint does to your brain what 20 cigarettes will do, lots of ppl will say pot isnt addictive..they are sorely mistaken

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