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Sean Z
how can I straighten my eyes?
I have one eye that looks a different direction then the other one. I'm wondering if I can get them fixed without surgery.

no name
Sorry, but no, you can't. Good luck!

just surgery

author, KLynnSage
u can't straighten ur eyes its impossible
ya probably surgery

answer mine?

I have a similar problem and as far as I know the only way to fix it is surgery.

El Chimpancé Caliente
you may need contacts. sometimes that helps a lazy eye. otherwise its surgery. Or a good kick in the head (just playing, head trauma does not work. Only in cartoons)

I think the eye that looks at the other direction is called the "lazy eye" cause it depends on the other eye to look at things. my little cousin has it and he wears an eye patch now. But its only for a while. You wear the eye patch over the eye that is focused so then the lazy eye is the only thing you use to look and it will have to focus and look Straight ahead. So just get an eye patch or something to cover the good eye so then you depend on the lazy eye for a few weeks.

go see a eye specialist, they would know..

If your problem is just a lazy eye, there are exercises that you can do to help. Cover the strong eye and make the lazy eye follow a pencil as you pass it in front of your face... don't move your head just your eye. Repeating this might help stregenthen the muscles. Quite a bit depends on what the doctors have said the problem is. I would get more than one opinion before someone put the blade to my eye. Good luck.

I had the same problem as you. I do I have a cousin that also had this problem and she had surgery and it did work. But I personally never got the surgery and never would. The reason your eye does that is b/c you have a "lazy eye" meaning that one of your eye's vision is not as good as the other so you basically unintentionally use one eye (my good eye) to see. When I went to my eye doctor years ago he told me this exercise to do every night before going to bed to help me fix the problem because in my situation he said there was hope to fix my problem. So basically the exercise was using a sharp pencil you hold it with one hand and move it back and forth and using two eyes focus on the point so it helps you to use both eyes. One advice to prevent it from getting worse is try not too watch TV so much because that was the cause for me ever since I was born I watched tv for more than 12 hours a day since my parents are lazy. Oh yeah, other eye exercises also works as long as you're practising using both eyes focusing on an object. Also keep in mind that surgeries do have side effects. I've read this article about people that had laser eye surgery and the article explained how people were complaining about it because they get really bad headaches and their eyes hurt and stuff after.

Good Luck with your problem.

Casey jane.
you cant
and thats very dangerous :|!

I'm pretty sure you HAVE to get surgery in order to fix that. I really don't know what you can do to help that without surgery. Sorry, bud...

YES you can - with vision therapy:

Vision Therapy is an individualized, supervised, non-surgical treatment program designed to correct eye movements and visual-motor deficiencies. Vision Therapy sessions include procedures designed to enhance the brain's ability to control:

eye alignment,
eye teaming,
eye focusing abilities,
eye movements, and/or
visual processing.

Visual-motor skills and endurance are developed through the use of specialized computer and optical devices, including therapeutic lenses, prisms, and filters. During the final stages of therapy, the patient's newly acquired visual skills are reinforced and made automatic through repetition and by integration with motor and cognitive skills.

While Vision Therapy includes the eye muscle training methods of orthoptics, it has advanced far beyond it to include training and rehabilitation of the eye-brain connections involved in vision. Clinical and research developments in Vision Therapy were closely allied with developments in neuroscience during the twentieth century. Research continues in the 21st century.

In Vision Therapy programs, optometrists look at the neurological control system and thus are treating the whole visual-motor system and altering reflexive behavior, which results in a lasting cure. Also, most optometrists rely on office based therapy, which they believe is more accurately performed and monitored.

Vision Therapy for strabismus generally consists of either weekly or bi-weekly office based therapy. Some doctors reinforce in-office therapy with home therapy. This is based upon a case-by-case determination. Milder intermittent cases may be handled with home therapy. Older children are generally more cooperative and thus obtain a greater benefit from therapy.

Paul MB
It would seem that all you have to do is make that eye, the one pointing over there, point straight ahead. Then it will stay that way and we will be 'right'.

The problem isn't that the muscle is weak, though that could be a cause like in Diabetes, Syphilis, other vascular problems. The reason the eye doesn't see well is that the brain ignores or suppresses that eye's image. It makes the view straight ahead, which is really off somewhere else, doesn't exist, or is ignored, actively ignored. The blind spot or suppression scotoma has to be eliminated.

When surgery is done, and it isn't that difficult or hazardous as one would think reading these answers, the muscles are unattached, the eye moved straight or just beyond straight, and the muscles are reattached. One will be too long now, so the extra muscle will be rescected, and the other will be reattached further back than it's original insertion.

If the eye is past mid-line, then the eye will drift towards center after the surgery. As it gets more and more central, the items on the side of the vision of each eye, that correspond to the same area in the other eye, will hopefully 'fix'. This is how the eye stays aligned, retinal correspondence.

But if the eye isn't moved far enough, the blind spot that is straight ahead of the body isn't seen, no retinal corresponding points are lined up, and the eye will drift back out, or in.

Doing eye exercises can help if one has a weak eye. Or a weak muscle which needs a little 'help'. This is the orthoptics mentioned.

The why of the deviation is another issue. If there is a problem where the retina has been dragged towards the temple, such as in Retinopathy of Prematurity, and the eye is deviated so that straight ahead as far as the macula and pupil are concerned is straight ahead for the body, then surgery to fix the muscles or orthoptics are the 'wrong' therapies to pursue.

and there's more.....

lots more.

The best answer would be for you to see a Pediatric Ophthalmologist or Strabismologist, get an evaluation and find your true diagnosis, the degree of visual impairment, and the range of therapies, from orthoptics to surgery. If you go online to find someone who knows how to fix this with their special plan or exercise plan, or relaxation plan or .....think of it as just more snake oil which can cure even Cancer!

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