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 I have been seeing a black dot in my left eye for almost 3 months now. Its motionless, what is it?
I have been seeing this black dot in the center of vision of my left eye for almost 3 months. Its motionless, as in, it doesnt float around my eye and is always in the same spot no matter which ...

 How can i GET bloodshot eyes?

 Everytime I wear eyeliner my eye turns RED!!!?
Everytime I wear eyeliner my eye turns really red and starts to itch. It doesn't matter which kind of eyeliner it still turns red. Why???...

 what are the bad things about glasses?
cause i wanna get glasses but im still not sure if i want them..
i have sort of bad vision but i wear contacts.and getting tired of ...

 What color eye contacts would best suit me?
So heres the pic of me


What color contacts would look better on me?...

 Is it normal to have headaches?
I got glasses yesterday (Yay!), but after wearing them, even for short periods of time, they often cause me to have moderate headaches....

 I have something in my eye and i need help?
Well. i was on a motorcycle yesterday and something got into my eye. and its hurt for 15 hours now. every time i blink it hurts and i have to look to the right for it not to hurt. Ive tried to wash ...

 Eyes changing colours? Can someone explain please?
Hi, for the past year or so I've been noticing that my eyes seem to change colour a lot, depending on conditions, like whether I'm crying, whether I'm outside or inside etc. They'...

 What do you do if you look at the computer so much that your vision is blurry and your eyes hurt?
I work on a computer, so I'm stuck looking at the computer screen all day long, and now my vision is getting blurry and my eyes hurt. I can't quit my job and I can't stop working on a ...

 This is only my second day wearing contacts, and every now and then my eyes blur out and I have to blink a lot?
to see clearly again. Is this normal because my eyes are just getting used to the lenses or should I go back to the optometrist?...

 Could I go blind from this?

Do you think in 2-3 years we will know more information about this?!...

 Is this like.....bad?
I can pop just about every bone in my body over and ove again as many times as i want. and when I walk sometimes my ankles pop over and over.. its annoying and sometimes hurts....

 Can you tell my glasses are fake?
I started wearing glasses, but do not need them. I just like the way I look--smart. :)

Is there any way anyone could tell they are fake? I spent about $100 on the frames ...

 How to convince the optometrist to let you get glasses?
Well... its a long story, but i bought some reading glasses from the chemist and now my parents said that they are gonna take me to get some proper prescribed ones. I really like glasses so i would ...

 Should I see an eye doctor?
Im 14 years old and when I was younger I had crystal clear vision but lately I've been noticing that far away words/objects have been getting harder to see. Also I have been having headaches ...

 My eye has been watering nonstop for 2 days, what is wrong?
It's not read, so I don't think it is Conjunctivitis. I woke up in the morning and it was already pouring, so I don't think I have got any makeup in it. It doesn't itch as such, ...

 Why do I see (a) black squiggly line(s) when I look around with my right eye?
Every time I move my eye, I see this thing. I try to center it, but it moves with my eye. Is there something "stuck" in my eye that I can get out? Sometimes, I will see more than one, ...

 Problem with wearing glasses!?
i wear my glasses only in class and when i watch t.v., but if i wear them for a long time i start to get a headache, and have to take them off , anyone knows why?...

 The floor looks like it's moving after I use the computer too long?
After I spend hours using the computer, the floor seems to be moving. It also happens when I don't sleep. Is this normal?...

 How can I make myself need to wear glasses?
I always wish I wore glasses. Because it look cool, and pretty. lol. Almost all my cousins wear glasses and also my little brother too. I want to wear glasses as well. I wonder how make myself need ...

тнє ѕιηgιηg ∂яєαмєя
does computers ruin your eyes?
my eyes get kinda blurry when i look at the computer screen.and could that be the reason why my eyes have been seeing really blotchy things lately?like i see stuff floating around sometimes,then my eyes start to hurt.is it just my eyes,or is the computer ruining my eyes?

the first computers that i used in college did ,but the new computer are better on the eyes

La Zoom
no but ther ruin your grammer.

daniel F
i been using compute for 4 years and my eyes are in perfect condition :P even better i presume xd

Kriti C
In today's rat race computer plays a vital role in our lives. It gives us information from throughout the world but excess of everything is bad. Sitting glued to Computer can lead to weak eye sight so always take care to work on computer just for half an hour.

If it's really bright then yeah, but you can even it out by turning on the lights. Also look away for times.

Yes, because your mind always focuses on a image that it receives through your eyes and when you sit close like everyone it can mess up vision, for It just because you sit too close. It is recommended to sit away from a screen at least 5 ft away? And try to set your resolution higher like 800X600 not 1024X768 and lower etc... if it continues get help!

Its the computer. Staring at it to long, or if you have eye sight that is a little off, can cause those problems. My eye doctor said to get reading glasses just for computer use. I did, and everything has been fine since.

Any type of light may damage your eyes. Best thing to do is to put the screen futher away.

Kristiin Knows
Ruin your eyes, No. But can you strain your eyes yes.

Looking at a bright display/screen in a low lit room can severely strain your eyes.

Make sure to have adequate light in the room or reduce the brightness of your screen. Also make sure to sit at least 2 feet back from your screen.

It's not the computer. It's the monitor. If you're using a tube monitor (CRT), then you shouldn't be looking at it for long periods of time. The flat screen monitors are much safer. Still, any time you're focusing on something for long periods of time with light rays that are shining your way, it's not a good thing. Always, the best screen for the eyes is a reflective screen (e.g. like a Movie theater - projector behind your head).

Xavier See Jing Han
The infared from the computer sends out vibrating elements which when contact with your eyes, cause irritation and makes it turn red. Thus, it too much computer spoils the eyes.

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