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 Anyone had Lasik surgery on their eyes? I'm scared they will mess up and I go blind?

 Are coloured contacts safe to wear?

 Why do peoples eyes change color?
I see someone at school every day and sometimes there eyes will be a hazel color then turn to aqua blue in a hour or sometimes a day. I have seen hazel for days then aqua blue. The aqua blue color ...

 My left eye looks smaller?
I've noticed recentley that my let eye looks smaller than the right,There is no Itching,But it does feel weird,can anyone give me some advice as Im freaking out here....

 why did my eye hurt really bad when I put my contact in?
Well I put my left contact in and it didnt hurt at all then when I put the right contact in and it hurt so much it like burned and stung really bad and my eye got really red so I just took them off. I...

 Is there any way to improve one's vision???
is there any exercise involved in keeping eyes healthy...i am a software professional...can long concentration on CRT spoil one's eyes??...

 i just got contacts and my eye is red?
im not sure if it because of the contacts,i got them two weeks ago, i was rubbing my eye so it came out, and i didnt know wat to do so i put it back in and it burned and my eye was like,gushing tears ...

 Why does my top eye lash always get stuck to the bottom ones when I blink?

 how long can you wear contacts?
I heard from someone that you can only wear contacts up to 8 hours per day... is that true? I have soft lenses from O2 optix that are 2 week dispensables. I wear them for like 14 hours a day. Is that ...

 Hey, How do I look in my new glasses. They have wide temples and rimless lenses?

 Whats wrong with my eye?
My left eye feels heavier than my right. I had a accident involing my eye almost 3 years ago, and I dont know if that has anything to do with it. My left eye just feels really heavy! I'm ...

 What happens when you do cross eye for a long time, and for how long?

 I have a lazy eye. How do I turn down 3D movies when my friends invite me?
I have a lazy eye (or strabismus) so my eyes are always crossed even with my glasses on. Its very noticeable so its not a secret.

But I still get invited to see 3D movies with friends. I ...

 Why don't they invent cigarettes that are good for you?
If people find it so hard to quit my aren't there such cigarettes that are good for you?
Still keep them addictive just not harmful....

 I just got new eyeglasses; Are they appropriate for wearing at office or are they too glamorous? Please help?

 what is my eye colour?
i dont know whether they are green or hazel, because someone told me hazel is darker brown but mine have only a hint of brown. They look a bit darker in real life and they look bluey green sometimes ...

 Am I the only one who thinks that.....?
contact lenses are a total nightmare? I have spent 3 hours trying to get them in and apparantly getting them out is even harder! It is so uncomfortable.How long did it take you to put them in at ...

 what causes eye twitches?
all day yeasterday and now today my one eye is constantly twitching. my eyelid really is doing it. what causes it, why hasnt it stopped?...

 my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help?
ok i dont know how to explain this....
ok i have been wearing glasses since 2005, i am long-sighted
they are times when i wear my glasses and wear them for the whole day ounce i take them ...

 I'm starting to see black specks in my vision, what is it?
Is this is a bad sign? They started appearing last year. They are like floating specks in my vision.

Other than that my vision is very good and I don't require glasses of any kind....

Tutlegoss' Brain
Why do I see (a) black squiggly line(s) when I look around with my right eye?
Every time I move my eye, I see this thing. I try to center it, but it moves with my eye. Is there something "stuck" in my eye that I can get out? Sometimes, I will see more than one, usually in a bright area, such as when it snows and I am outside. Does anyone know what this is? I have been seeing this since 9th grade. I am in 12th now.

This was on an epidose of house, except the kid had some illness along with it. take your self to the doctor, which ever, eye or regular, and tell them what you see, and they should help you, if there is a procedure to get rid of it like i saw in the episode, it should all get better....

Those are floaters, and everyone does have them at one time or another. Some people notice them more when they are fatigued.

In the case of a sudden shower of floaters, with/without flashing lights, you need to seek medical attention immediately, as it could be a sign of a detatched retina.

it's called floaters. you should prob see an eye doctor so they can check the pressure in your eye.

this condition is called floaters, obviously you have had these for a while so they may not be serious but you should have a complete dilated eye exam with an ophthalmologist so that they can take a look at the retina sometimes these floaters can happen before a retinal detachment so it is important that if these floaters increase or you see and flashes of light or see spiderwebs in your vision that you be seen asap.. good luck

You need to see an eye Dr first. He can detect if there is something in your eye, if there is a malfunction of the eye and some tumors. If all goes well there you need to get in with your regular Dr and fast! Could be high blood pressure too. When I had these tracers in one eye only I got a CT scan and they found a benign tumor that was removed and I no longer had the vision problems. Very urgent you get these appointments line up ASAP!!
I am not trying to suggest you have a brain tumor, just that this is very common with tumors and that was my experience.

they are called flutters or something like that. nothing u can do about em, i asked because i have them too. just do ur best to ignore it.

I need help
Floaters cause that:

It's a psychical world in the 4th dimension. You're the lucky one who are about to enter that world.

Aliens. you are definitely seeing aliens.

Quinton C
I dont know but i see them all the time it creeps me out i hope you find an answer...

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