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Nicole T
Why can't I wear my contacts?
For the past 2 weeks I have had trouble getting my contacts in. They are dry and I sneeze all the time. Does anyone know of anything around the house that I can use so I can wear my contacts. My glasses are giving me a headache. Thanks

i can't even touch my own eyeballs, i find it impossible to put contacts in... i'm also scared that if i put them in.... then they're never coming out haha lol

put then in sulution of get new ones

go to the doctors i think you need new contacts.

try eye drops

Dr. Bill
Sneezing is a sign of allergy. It's probably the brand of solution.

If you are having trouble putting them on, you probably need to overcome your fear of touching your eyes by first:

1. Washing and drying your hands;

2. Then pull your lids apart with your middle fingers.

3. Then repeatedly touch the whites of your eyes with your index finger until you have no hesitation.

4. Dry your index finger tip then place lens on finger tip with edges pointing out away from the finger like a saucer.

5. Look at colored part of eye in the mirror.

6. Pull lids apart with middle fingers.

7. Press upper lid lashes against eyebrow and don't let go until lens sticks to eye.

8. look downward and slowly let go of lower lid then upper lid.

I had to finally get Dailies - because mine were the same, they dried out or hurt. Now I wear them about 12 hours and throw them away.

Pink Tiger

my glasses give me a headach too...but that 's cause your not used to them...just use contact solution and put a few drops of that in when your eyes get dry... if they are itchy, take them out clean them off with contact solution then wait a few min and put them back in. oh and youronly suposed to have the same pair for a month

I'd like to ride some of my contacts!

You could be allergic to something they used in the contacts, or you may just have allergies?


wat i do is put the contact on my index finger and put some solution in it and then put it in my eye. it works for me since mines are dry all the time. maybe u need a little bottle of eye drops. use opti free eye drops.

sounds like allergies to me. recommend seeing eye doctor for meds or drops to help. i have also heard that you can develop allergies to items that you use every day.

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