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Grants a tractor luvr!
What color eyes will my baby have? My eyes are light brown, my bf's are blue/green.?

your baby will have brown eyes, it's a scientific fact that brown dominates blue!

hope i helped!


depends on what the baby is gonna be... girl or boy... sometimes it does... if the dad has the dominate genes...it will most likely come out with his eye color...but if its a girls her mothers but then again the whole thing is a gamble so the baby can have the eyes of your grampa o.O

Bill M

Amanda F
probably brown or hazel.....brown is a dominant trait.

god knows

According to what i've studied at school brown pwns blue and blue pwn grey. Not sure about Green.

Id say ur child is likely to have brown eyes coz brown is more dominant and any other. Probably pwns green as well.

i'd say hazel

Texas granny turtle
I think Brown is dominent over blue/green but also grandparents genes are in play. *mamatx

It depends on what the Baby's grandparet's eyes were. If one of your parents had blue or green eyes, then the baby can have blue or green, but it will most likely be hazel.

(fwi, don't think it'll be brown just cause it's a dominate trait. I'm the only person in my family of six with blue eyes. Everyone else has brown.)

more than likely brown.. it is more dominate - but i have brown and my husband has hazel and my daughter ended up with blue! so who knows!

Do one of your parents have colored eyes? If so, you have 1 colored trait and 1 brown trait. You got brown because you onnly need one brown to show, and you need 2 colored to show. Your bf only carries colored traits. You can pass your brown one to your baby, or your colored eye trait (if you have one) and then your baby would have colored eyes.

I am brown eyed and my husband has brown eyes. We have 3 BLUE EYED children because my mother had blue eyes (I had 1 blue eye gene) and his mother also had blue eyes (so he had 1 blue eyed gene as well) It was rare that we both passed the blue eyed gene THREE times together but it happened! For instance if I had passed the brown eyed gene while he passed the blue eyed gene, then our child woudl have brown eyes. We got lucky because our children's eyes are beautiful! I'm glad they did not get boring brown like me!

Most likely brown or green. Probably not blue.

bill l
hazel...uhh ohh..JESUS just imformed me that it'll be a girl..congratulations!!.

brown is a dominat color but that does always mean anything my daghter got here eye color from my grandma hers are a blue-gray and both me and her father have green eyes

More than likely, brown. It is dominant over blue and green.

Could be either. Most likely brown due to that being a dominant gene! ;-)=

kimberly b
it would depend on if you have anyone in your family with blue or green eyes. If you do then you have a 1/4 chance of having a baby with blue/green eyes. If not then the baby will have brown.

My boyfriend and I both have brown eyes but carry the recessive for blue. We have one child with brown eyes, one with slate colored eyes (like my grandfather) and one with light blue.

since brown is a dominant colour...there is a 75% chance the baby will have brown eyes. 25% for blue

Brown eyes are dominate eyes and blue green eyes are resesive. Thats coming from genes. So you baby will most likely have brown eyes.

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