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This is only my second day wearing contacts, and every now and then my eyes blur out and I have to blink a lot?
to see clearly again. Is this normal because my eyes are just getting used to the lenses or should I go back to the optometrist?

You need to clean them better. They probably just have gunk on them.

B. Co.
I have contacts too. You will get used to them in the next few day. Just keep wearing them, and try to keep your eyes wet at all time

I think its either they aren't very clean, or you're just getting used to them. When I first started, that happened to me for like the first two weeks, but now it NEVER happens.

Ebony B
You may want to go back to the optometrist if this persists... the contact may be fitting wrong. I know they do tests to figure out your eye shape, but sometimes if you blink a lot and things become blurry, it may be because the contact is shifting and it seems to be excessive by how u describe it. Go back to make sure it's not a bad fitting contact. If it's blurry a lot, then you would want to go back anyway because you can't see!

Noni xx
I don't need glasses or contacts and I get that alot so I wouldn't worry about it but if you really feel it isn't normal then you should probably get checked out.

♫ Primus ♫
Mine used to do that.. Apparently because I have a bad astigmatism. I'm not getting contacts ever again until they make some that actually work for astigmatisms.

this is normal.it happened to me to.your eyes are just adjusting to the new lenses.
after a while if it doesn't stop make sure you have them in the right way. they start to hurt and you can usually tell if they are in backwards but make sure before you put them in.

What type of contact lenses your wearing? Normal? Toric/Astigmatic? Multi-focal? Some contacts rotate out of place and when that happens usually with a toric lens or multi-focal lens your vision will come out of focus. I would give it a week or so. If you continue to have problems. Go back to your Dr. Not all contact lens brands are the same. Maybe a different brand with different material will help.

redhead hottie
very very normal, at times the contacts will just dry out, sometimes they can even fall out, blinking helps keep contacts moist, if you leave your eyes open to long they blur because they are starting to dry out.

This is completely normal. Your eyes are just getting used to something new. Your eyes also have to adjust to a different amount of moisture than usual. I wouldn't be worried but if it starts to bother you, then go back to your doctor and ask him about it and he may recommend something for you to do.

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