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Recently my eyes have started straining when I use the computer?
Unfortunately my full time job involves 8 hours of non-stop computer work - what can I do to keep my eyes in good condition, without having to go to an ophthalmologist for treatment?

Hex the Fundies (JPAA)
This is quite normal, take regular breaks from the screen (every 5 minutes) and see an optometrist regularly. There are non-prescription computer glasses made by Yahoo (seriously) with anti-reflective coatings that make it less tiring.

patrick a
Whenever I have a bit of eyestrain I usually soak a washcloth in warm water and place it on my eyes for a while and get to bed early. The next morning I feel like I have eagle eyes again. It's all magic. Here's looking at you kid.

this is normal, but 8 hours is not without regular breaks. Every 15 mins, have a minute or two shut eye (not sleeping) or just don't look at the screen. Make it a time to go to the loo, get a drink for you and colleagues, or just use your phone if you are allowed.

#1. Do NOT buy cheap reading glasses from a drug store, dollar store without checking w/ your eye doctor. The reading glasses come in all sorts of numbers (+1.00, +1.25, etc) and getting the wrong number can do just as much damage. For example, if you have a very high prescription, you'll need a higher number, but since I wear only a -1.75 wearing a high + reading glasses would not be beneficial. I am wearing a +0.50 from my doctor.

#2. This is what optometrists are for! You can get a CHEAP pair of frames (since you're at your desk anyways, who cares?) and have them made up for not very much. You can skip the frills of UV protection and AV etc for a basic pair of lenses. You can find a frame elsewhere and get it made up, too. My frames cost about $50 and they're worth it, since it saves me money from my eyes getting worse and having to buy new glasses every year from eye strain.
As a college student, I read and use the computer all day! While most students' have their vision get worse from strain, my eyes have stayed the same for 3 years now- starting when I got reading glasses.

#3. once your dr. (or even the assistant) recommends a glasses strength THEN you can buy elsewhere- they have nice ones at the office for under $10 that I'd trust more than a dollar store. The only reason I spent $50 is that I wear my frames everywhere and want to look cute.

#4 HAVE GOOD LIGHTING! I suggest a halogen or natural light lamp. When you have poor lighting your eyes tend not to wander from the screen and much and that causes headaches and eye pain. Good lighting AND look away the screen every so often.

The reason for this is like exercising- if you hold a barbell over your head for an hour your arms will feel WEAK. You need to release from that position every so often or you will be sore! The same with eyes. Read. Look away for a bit. Clean out your desk. Look someplace far in the room. Then go back and read.

Hope that helps. My mom is an optometrist and I've been an opticians assistant for a number of years.

Take frequent breaks,use eye drops when needed and do have eye checks regular. cheers and good luck !

try some refreshing eyes drops, eye exercises and maybe its time to get see an ophthalmologist love...

I use to work on the computer all day as well and I had to get up every few minutes and put an eye freshener in both eyes-otherwise, I had horrible eye strain. I also had to look away from the computer screen several times a day-it wasn't fun at all. I also developed carpal tunnel syndrome-and this meant that I had to wear a brace on my right hand every day-it wasn't easy to enter the data that I had to do, but I did it!

Mister Awesome
By far the best thing I know of is to turn on some lights around you, ambient light drastically helps eye strain when looking at a computer screen, another is to turn up the brightness on the monitor so that you're not trying so hard to see what's on the screen, and the last thing is to take frequent breaks, it helps a lot more than you might think, and actually can help you be more productive as well.

♥♥Mrs SSG B♥♥
This is a very common occurance with folks who sit on the computer for any length of time. People tend to stare at the screen like zombies and they don't blink. Their eyes dry out. And because they are focusing on the computer screen for so long, their eyes start to strain. You can counteract this is by taking frequent breaks from the computer. All you have to do is simply turn away from it and focus your eyes on something that is at least 20 feet away for a few minutes. Do this every 15-20 minutes and it should help a great deal.

Also, if you wear glasses, get an anti-reflective coating on your lenses. This will virtually eliminate the reflection and glare from the computer screen that hits your lenses and causes added eye strain. Its a WONDERFUL coating and a must-have for ANYONE who uses a computer or has problem with glare.

Good luck!

Quincy D
turn down the brightness of ur screen,
stay arms length away from the screen

thats all i can think off...

Likely the strain is due to your getting older. The lens becomes less flexible and loses the abillity to focus on near images. Perhaps glasses or contacts are the answer. Who knows maybe you need bifocals.

Try buying a pair of reading glasses from a dollar store. Make sure the glasses have a low prescription level.

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