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Question on Lasik Eye Surgery?
Im 19 and my vision is BADDD, Im maybe thinking of getting a lasik surgery in the future.. I dont know because ive seen the videos of the process and i am also aware you can go blind but my question is around how much does it cost and can everyone have the surgery or is there certain people who can and who cant?

Joann Thompson, Optician
It is fairly expensive, and there are risks with any surgery (not blindness). On the other hand, I know alot of people that have had it done, and can't say enough good things about it. You need to have some tests done to see if you are a good candidate or not.

Do not do Lasik. It's a very short term solution. In 10 years you'll be back in glasses. They are shaving part of the cornea. Also, you're way too young to do eye surgery. Wait a while, when you're older (Over 40) and actually need it, the technology will be a thousand times better.

I think you should. I think I will too, probably when I am closer to thirty. I love my glasses, but I think people forget about me and think I am just some girl, when I am older than that. Anyways, it is usually pretty safe, just make sure to check your doctor's record and how much education and training they have had before you go through with it, that way it's less likely to have fewer mistakes and fewer problems outside of natural aging of the eyes.


u wont be blind with lasik dear
they do operation at more than 18 yrs till eye is fully developed
u can go for it
or any time afterwards u feel for this u can apt this surgery

Jennifer L
It would be a very bad doctor who would cause you to go blind. If they cut the cornea too much and loose it (that does happen although most places now use lasers to cut the cornea and it's not as common).

I had it done it cost me $1500. The doctor was super nice, caring, etc. I found him on yelp, he is the most recommended. He used a blade to cut the cornea, which is part of the reason why it's cheaper. That used to be the only way to do it, so it's not bad, just not as up to date as the laser. I also don't have astigmatism, which will increase costs. I had a friend get it done with the laser, it cost him about $3000.

Be careful where you go, there could be issues if your cornea is too small or not curved enough or curved too much. Some people will over look that because they are greedy (I work with people who worked at a laser surgery place who said they never turned away patients). I have larger pupils than average so the doctor was worried about me getting more glare but after a little while that went away.

All and all, I'm utterly thrilled with the surgery and would recommend that you at least get a consult with a few places to see if you would qualify.

Elaine W skittles
i had it done 5 yrs ago and i would reccomend it for sure it costs about 500 per eye maybe a bit cheaper i went with optical express and the aftercare was amazing its a simple procedure lasts 20 mins and is painless it has changed my life

Optom. Shubho M
YOU CAN NOT GO BLIND!! Please get your facts right. The video of the process that you see can differ from surgeon to surgeon. LASIK is a relatively safe procedure. There are some eligibility tests that you need to undergo. They are:
1. The thickness of your cornea which should be about roughly 540 microns, again depending on your prescription the limits are set.
2. The corneal curvature maps.
3. The fluctuations in your prescription.
Go to a good, reputed surgeons place. You may have to pay a bit more initially, but its better than getting a shoddy job done.

michelle b
I had my eyes lasered on 12th September 2008, I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done and like another poster would not trade it! It does cost a lot I paid £5000 for both my eyes (I had it done at one of the most reputable companies in the UK, Ultralase) and as usual in the UK we always get ripped off!!! but it has definately got to be the best thing I have ever purchased. The way I look at it is that I am only 24 and for at least the next 15 years I will not have to purchase glasses or contacts, even when I do it will only be reading glasses which are alot cheaper. I was paying £400 per year for glasses and approximately £30 a month for contacts, so if you work it out in the long run its actually cheaper!! Especially as we are both quite young so can get the most out of it.

There are different criteria you have to meet but every one is different, you would have to go and see the clinic then you would know exactly what criteria you meet/did not meet and you would also know the price.

I too was worried I would go Blind but my surgeon said the worst that can happen is that it wont work and you will still need your glasses/contacts. He assured me that you could not go blind.

Hope I helped

Unless the doctor really messed up, you're not going to go blind from the procedure. At worst, you would typically go back to the vision you have now. You really have to consult with the doctor because they have to examine you and your eyes to determine if you're a candidate for the procedure or not. You can't get an answer to that question here. Find a doctor who is board certified and find out how many procedures they've actually done. As far as cost goes, it really depends on where you go. I've seen the procedure cost as much as $2000, and some as low as $500 per eye.

My vision was 20/600. I had the LASIK surgery 7 years ago, & wouldn't trade it. I do have some trouble with dry eyes, so ask the eye doctor if it will be a problem for you. My vision is now, 20/35, & I'm a happy camper.

At your age you might not qualify as your vision, good or bad, hasn't stabilized yet. Better at age 25. If you eventually go through the process, take care of your eyesight. There is no guarantee that over the years you won't revert back to glasses, though likely at lower grade. The costs depend on where you are, and who you see. Go to a very very reputable one.

Yes, you can go blind ...

I'm one of the 3% who aren't happy with it.

In my case, I think they cut a divit across the surface which can't be corrected (though I haven't checked in the last few years). This means that my eye sight is UNCORRECTABLE at around 20/60. Certainly a hell of a lot better than it was, but still not crisp. I miss having crisp vision (even if it did take glasses).

If I were you, I don't think I would use me as a huge reason not to do it:

1: I did it very early on when it was "bleeding edge" technology. In particular, they didn't have Wavefront technology for really clearly mapping the eye before they operate.

2: I had a horrible prescription to start with. I think now-a-days, they don't even offer Lasik as an option to people whose prescription is as bad as mine.

Never-the-less, it is a surgical procedure and surgical procedures do have risks. I think most of the "3 percenters" complain about poor night vision (the so called "rainy windshield" effect), but some have actually completely lost the vision in one or even both eyes.

But 97% are thrilled with it. Those are pretty good odds!

As to the person above who said that you can't go blind, there have actually been people who have DIED with this procedure - though nobody ascribed the cause to the procedure itself, only to the pain killers involved.

ALL SURGICAL PROCEDURES HAVE RISKS. Life is all about risk analysis.

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