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 Are there any eye excersices for the eyes to improve vision?
I'm 16. My vision isn't that bad, pretty minor problems...I just don't see as sharpely as I used to...maybe dry eye because of the computer? I don't know. But I don't want to ...

 Does Masterbaiting cause dizzyness and drowsy eyes?
Because lately I been feeling very I been Feeling dizzy and weird and im not sure if its because of masterbating to much or not, but every time I do masterbait I get that dizzy feeling right away

 Eye exercises to help improve my vision?
I've heard that there are eye exercises that people can do to improve their vision.
I am nearsighted, and have 20/40 vision. I hate taking out my glasses every time I have to read something ...

 How much does lasik cost?

 What's wrong with my eyes?
For a while now (like months) my eyes have been red. I thought nothing of it because they don't hurt or anything and when i apply eye drops it'll go away but it always returns But lately ...

 What Color Are My Eyes?
I've been looking into eyes colors lately just our of curiosity, and I've been trying to figure out what my eyes would be classified as. My eyes tend to change dramatically depending on if I...

 is it possible to sleep with your eyes open?

 I have been seeing a black dot in my left eye for almost 3 months now. Its motionless, what is it?
I have been seeing this black dot in the center of vision of my left eye for almost 3 months. Its motionless, as in, it doesnt float around my eye and is always in the same spot no matter which ...

 How can i GET bloodshot eyes?

 Everytime I wear eyeliner my eye turns RED!!!?
Everytime I wear eyeliner my eye turns really red and starts to itch. It doesn't matter which kind of eyeliner it still turns red. Why???...

 what are the bad things about glasses?
cause i wanna get glasses but im still not sure if i want them..
i have sort of bad vision but i wear contacts.and getting tired of ...

 What color eye contacts would best suit me?
So heres the pic of me


What color contacts would look better on me?...

 Is it normal to have headaches?
I got glasses yesterday (Yay!), but after wearing them, even for short periods of time, they often cause me to have moderate headaches....

 I have something in my eye and i need help?
Well. i was on a motorcycle yesterday and something got into my eye. and its hurt for 15 hours now. every time i blink it hurts and i have to look to the right for it not to hurt. Ive tried to wash ...

 Eyes changing colours? Can someone explain please?
Hi, for the past year or so I've been noticing that my eyes seem to change colour a lot, depending on conditions, like whether I'm crying, whether I'm outside or inside etc. They'...

 What do you do if you look at the computer so much that your vision is blurry and your eyes hurt?
I work on a computer, so I'm stuck looking at the computer screen all day long, and now my vision is getting blurry and my eyes hurt. I can't quit my job and I can't stop working on a ...

 This is only my second day wearing contacts, and every now and then my eyes blur out and I have to blink a lot?
to see clearly again. Is this normal because my eyes are just getting used to the lenses or should I go back to the optometrist?...

 Could I go blind from this?

Do you think in 2-3 years we will know more information about this?!...

 Is this like.....bad?
I can pop just about every bone in my body over and ove again as many times as i want. and when I walk sometimes my ankles pop over and over.. its annoying and sometimes hurts....

 Can you tell my glasses are fake?
I started wearing glasses, but do not need them. I just like the way I look--smart. :)

Is there any way anyone could tell they are fake? I spent about $100 on the frames ...

Question about contacts? 10 POINTS!!!!!!!?
Ok i have a choice if i want to get glasses again or contacts and i want contacts but idk if i will look good in them. But i also need to know the pros and cons about wearing contacts as apposed to glasses also any tips you might have about them like how to put them in what to do to not loose them or things like that. Well thanks in advance and if you could plz hurry cuz i need to know right away thanks :)

I would never get contacts because I heard stories about them slipping up behind your eye...and that doesn't sound too pleasant. Just stick with the glasses.

i think u shood get glasses. see, if you get contacts they can get stuck in ur eye!it is really scary!also, contacts are sooooooooooo ichy and annoying! just get glasess.you will do ur self a big favor!trust me!

get contacts they're easier for the pool and swimming, playing sports, and running around.

The only problem with contacts is that at the mall the fibers from clothes in the store irritate your eyes.

My suggestion is to get contacts with a pair of backup glassse

Got Milk
contacts can be really annoying. but glasses r e-z 2 lose, trust me! if you get glasses, make sure their awsum, and contacts make sure theyr not like red or sumthing.

James The Helper
they can't slip up behide your eye thats imposible :)

and erm contacts

if you lose them you wont find it.. you will have to carry lube and contacts around with you

they will feel unconfitable to begin with O

You don't need to know if you look good in contacts, just look at your face with no glasses and that is what you will look like with them.
Contact pros:
Can't break them
Not so expensive
Contact cons:
Dry out TONS
Pain in the butt if you fall asleep with them on
Get infections from them
Easy to drop, get dirty, or lose.
If you have glasses, make sure you take them off before bed. Same with contacts, because my uncle said that he had contacts in his eyes and just before he was about to fall asleep, he had to grab it because it almost went in the back of his head with his eyes(yes your eyes roll in the back of your head when you sleep)

ok. well if I don't have contacts or glasses but my friend does. she likes them a lot. She told me the only bad thing is you have to change them like everyday instead of glasses were you don't have to do anything but put them on and off. She also doesn't like how they tend to fall out of her eye. Well, my friend still likes them a lot but it's up to u. and glasses, well, lets just say I would choose contacts instead.

Wileys Baby
I had contact at one point but i would much rather have glasses. I always had some kind of eye infection. I think glasses are deff the way to go. My eyes always itched and they were dry. stick with ur glasses.

good luck

Good things are that contacts will open up your eyes more for people to see and will allow you to be in more sports. You have to be brave enough to touch your eye and you can't let them dry out and you must keep them clean so your eye won't get effected. Getting new frames is a joy because there are so many styles. But if you keep hiding your eyes with glasses your vision tends to get worse because of the glare. I would prefer glasses because I am not in any sports and more of a reader. But if I did decide to get active or if glasses started to really bother me I would definitely get contacts.

i suggest you get if you have dark brown eye's get light brown contacts and so on light blue dark blue contacts and i suggest you get the eye suppresor's they hold ur contacts tight and if u want contacts get the 24x and get them sited so they work hope i helped

I wear contacts and LOVE them! I wear mine for a week straight including sleeping in them. Then I take them out for a night and put the same pair back in for another week. After 2 weeks that pair gets thrown out. They cause no problems and are very easy.

The contact lenses not harmful as long as you wear them, within guideline given to you by the dr.
First day wear them only for four hours see how your eye reacts to that. Putting CL will be a training that will be provided to you. if concern go with trial pair of CL, Key of not losing them or going behind eyes are do not rub your eyes always have glasses as back up wear them reasonable amount even if CL is made to sleep in them avoid that. Use rewetting drops to keep them moister. Good hygiene helps too wash your hand before using CL taking them out or putting them in. do not use water to clean soft CL always keep your CL case clean and solution with you. All this should be explained to you. There are millions of people that use them and have no problems as long as you act responsibly. Air condition, wind will dry your CL.
Glasses are away from your eyes always good but if the look bothers than know and follow all the hygienic and care that you need you should be fine wearing CL too. talk to your dr. and see what is best for you.

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