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 omg help, my eyes have gone wacko?
okay, so normally my eyes just become lighter and darker with my mood, however these last few hours they've been going crazy. Every minute they go from brown to green to blue even pink, black, ...

 My power in right eye is 0.5 and in left is 0.25. Do I need to wear glasses all the time or only at work?
I work in an MNC and work on computer for 8 hours, 5 days a week. I am also studying part time....

 Pink eye, eye drops don't seem to work..?
It is starting to try to work on my left eye after nearly 2 days, and now my right eye is starting!... I have a baby boy and don't want to spread it to him. Any advice when the eye drops don'...

 what eye glasses prescription is considered strong?
what eye glasses prescription is considered strong?
my cousine recently got glasses for her driver license it turned out she's nearsighted(-2D) her friend thinks their quite ...

 What is more convinient to use? Contac Lenses or Eye glasses.?
I just want to figure out between the two is more convinient to use based from your own experiencs. :)...

 Could you get an eye infection from sleeping with your contacts in?
I sleep with my contacts in everynight, and it doesn't bother my eyes at all. Sense I have the throw-a-way kinda contacts I where the contacts for about 3 days then throw them away, and then put ...

 is`Sleeping`Naked` Better`4`your`Health``

 How to improve your eyesight ?
Is there a possible way to improve poor eyesight ? I'm 14 and my prescription is a -6.50 . I would like if u guys tried like eye exercises , carrots , or any other stuff (except Lasik) that ...

 How can I make myself need glasses?
okay it may sound strange, but i want glasses. I got a pair of real looking fake ones for halloween and wore them to school. everyone said i looked so much prettier. so i really want real glasses. my ...

 Getting new eyeglasses, need your opinion on plastic or glass?
Tomorrow I am going to get new eyeglasses. I need something that is sturdy (I have young children) and comfortable.
So, I need opinions. What do you prefer...metal or plastic frames? Glass or ...

 Can you wear contacts in the shower?
I got contacts today, and I know you can't when you're swimming... but I'm just wondering....

 Is it okay to wear the same pair of contacts for two months--keep reading?
I am responsible with my contacts. I clean before I put them into my eyes and only wear them about 10-12 hours a day. I don't sleep in them and store them at night properly. However, my ...

 Why do I look like a panda when I'm tired?

 Are contacts supposed to be slimy?
I recently bought colored, non-prescription contacts. It was hard putting it in, it would get folded or wrinkled in my eyes. But my friend said her contacts are kind of hard, and mine are slimy. I ...

 my optician says my eyes are minus 14. What does this mean please. ?
My opticain says both my eyes are minus 14. How far down the scale of shortsightidness is this? I don't understand what 'normal' vision would be and how far down the scale I am. I ...

 help me! i have to get contact lenses tomorow!?
and im kinda scared.. im scared to touch my eye and i dont think ill be able to do it.. my cousin wears them and he pinches them out. im afraid that im gonna pinch my eye and its gonna hurt! please ...

 What does a pink eye look like?
I have this red spot on the bottom right side of my right eye which doesnt itch or anything. it's just there but hasn't gone away....

 How do i get sand out of my eyes?
Last night i was on the beach and some one threw sand at me cause they thought it would be funny,but my eyes were open and a bunch of sand got inside. When i tried to open my eyes i couldn't see....

 how to protect your eyes in a tanning both?
I had lasik done so my eyes are way more sensitive than they used to be. Is there anything else I can do besides wearing the UV protective glasses? I feel like im not wearing anything with those ...

 what would happen if i sneezed while my eyes were open?
well i am just asking because some people say my eyes will pop out while some people say your eyes are red. so can u answer the question with a source plz....

♫♥ £αµяα ♥♪™
My eye doctor said this, what does it mean?
When I went to the eye doctor to get a stronger prescription, she said that the nerve in the back of my eye was very beautiful but it was shaped the way Hispanic nerves are, and I know and she knows that i'm not hispanic in any way, i'm mostly German with some Irish and Polish. And she said that when I get older they will have to "watch it" for glaucoma...i'm only a teenager now. What I want to know is how did I get a Hispanic nerve if I don't have any Hispanic ancestors and why it can cause glaucoma. Also are there any other problems that it might cause in the future? I'm kinda worried but I want to know the truth, if you can tell me anything i'll be very grateful!!! Thanks in advance!!! :)

Stefan K
i think she is having a lend of u as there is no difference , if u are any race they all are the same

That's weird, you should have him/them explain more thoroughly to you and possibly a parent. I know some doctors don't exactly have a good 'beside manner' about things, can scare you half to death. Also a good practice to get a second opinion, your eyes are so important. Best to you!

One are you sure about your heritage? and if the shape of a nerve is a warning the dink should've just said that instead of being an ***! Just have yearly eye exam is the best prevention method!


I've never heard of such a thing, but then I have no background in ophthalmology. I'd just pay attention to the part about watching out for glaucoma as you get older. It's a very simple test. I had it done last week as part of my regular eye exam. Glaucoma is very treatable, particularly if caught early.

ok well the dr said it was shaped "LIKE" a hispanic nerve, not that it is one. So, when you get your eyes checked every year or two you get the glaucoma testing done and don't worry it doesnt hurt or anything. You probably will NOT get glaucoma, and even if you did, they can prescribe marijuana for you to make you feel better if you ever did get it. I would say, Do NOT worry, pray , and trust in the LORD>

the reason being is that many peoples optic nerve are the same even thought your not hispanic the mixture of your cultures could produce a optic nerve like that and from there on it gets prety complex

you should have asked all that to your doctor......... who is going to give you proper advise in here?!


Jester The Slacker
Why didn't you ask the doctor? She is, after all, A DOCTOR!!!

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