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 Why do I see (a) black squiggly line(s) when I look around with my right eye?
Every time I move my eye, I see this thing. I try to center it, but it moves with my eye. Is there something "stuck" in my eye that I can get out? Sometimes, I will see more than one, ...

 Problem with wearing glasses!?
i wear my glasses only in class and when i watch t.v., but if i wear them for a long time i start to get a headache, and have to take them off , anyone knows why?...

 The floor looks like it's moving after I use the computer too long?
After I spend hours using the computer, the floor seems to be moving. It also happens when I don't sleep. Is this normal?...

 How can I make myself need to wear glasses?
I always wish I wore glasses. Because it look cool, and pretty. lol. Almost all my cousins wear glasses and also my little brother too. I want to wear glasses as well. I wonder how make myself need ...

 should eye tests be free of charge?
right given that we have the nhs, why should we have to pay for the tests on the high street?

views tvm....

 has anyone ever sneezed with there eyes open?
please answer?...

 What would happen if........?
What would happen if I accidently left my contacts in my eyes and went to sleep.......

I've always wondered that question ( dont ask y)...lolzz.

Well if u no then do ...

 Contact lense problem :(?
i had my contact lense induction yday, i can get them in fine, but i had a bit of trouble taking them out at the induction, the guy said not to worry as i will get used to it..
then ...

 Can contacts make your eyesight worse?
Is it ok for a 13 year old to have contacts?
will it make the eyesight worse like if i take the contacts off?
thanks x]...

 How would you wear glasses if you only had one ear?

 my eyes are stinging me! i'm facing the computer screen, i'm on it quite alot, should i cut down abit?

 Anyone had Lasik surgery on their eyes? I'm scared they will mess up and I go blind?

 Are coloured contacts safe to wear?

 Why do peoples eyes change color?
I see someone at school every day and sometimes there eyes will be a hazel color then turn to aqua blue in a hour or sometimes a day. I have seen hazel for days then aqua blue. The aqua blue color ...

 My left eye looks smaller?
I've noticed recentley that my let eye looks smaller than the right,There is no Itching,But it does feel weird,can anyone give me some advice as Im freaking out here....

 why did my eye hurt really bad when I put my contact in?
Well I put my left contact in and it didnt hurt at all then when I put the right contact in and it hurt so much it like burned and stung really bad and my eye got really red so I just took them off. I...

 Is there any way to improve one's vision???
is there any exercise involved in keeping eyes healthy...i am a software professional...can long concentration on CRT spoil one's eyes??...

 i just got contacts and my eye is red?
im not sure if it because of the contacts,i got them two weeks ago, i was rubbing my eye so it came out, and i didnt know wat to do so i put it back in and it burned and my eye was like,gushing tears ...

 Why does my top eye lash always get stuck to the bottom ones when I blink?

 how long can you wear contacts?
I heard from someone that you can only wear contacts up to 8 hours per day... is that true? I have soft lenses from O2 optix that are 2 week dispensables. I wear them for like 14 hours a day. Is that ...

Is it normal to have headaches?
I got glasses yesterday (Yay!), but after wearing them, even for short periods of time, they often cause me to have moderate headaches.

Maybe the lens is to strong,you should go back,or maybe your just not use to them yet...........

yes when i got my glasses i had headaches for a long time, they told me i would have headaches for a couple of weeks

well it depends. if your head hurts every single day because of the glasses, then you need to tell your doctor that your head hurts because of the glasses and you either need to get contacts, or just go into the doctor to see whats wrong ok? hope my advice works for you and is the best! well good luck!

Patrick N
well dependent on the changes to your prescription, headaches can be normal and abnormal. your optometrist could have advised/warned you. having said that, glasses need to be well adjusted and aligned even if the presciption and focusing point is accurate. in certain cases, the optical quality of the lenses used is as important

Ask your doctor about this. Your Rx might be too strong or either too weak for your eyes.

That will happen, Here is how to solve that ..Start wearing them each day like this:
Day 1 Wear them 3 hours
Day2 Wear them 3 1/2 hours
Day 3 Wear them 4 hours
Day 4 Wear them 41/2 hours
Day5 Wear them 5 hours
Day 6 Wear them 5 1/2 hours
Day 7 Wear them 6 hours
I know this sounds strange but you are giving your eyes a chance to adjust

When I got my first pair of glasses, I had mild head-aches. The reason why this happens is that your eyes have seen the same way for your whole life. When you put those glasses on, your eyes strain at first because the glass bends the image you are seeing into a "clearer" image. Your brain has to signal a message that what you are seeing is not the way you used to see. Head-aches are quite normal, my patiences always discuss this with me, and I tell them to take small naps during the day and stay in a cool environment. That way, it is harder to stress your head and eyes. I hope this helps. This is what I would reccomend to my clients.

It may just be your eyes adjusting. If the headaches to not end in a few days, I'd see the doctor. Chances are, it isn't anything serious. I had the same problem.

If this is your first pair of glasses, chances are your just not use to them. The best way to handle this is to put them on, take IB Profin for the headaches and they will go away as you adjust to them. Taking them on and off will cause this to happen slower.

New glasses should give you better vision not headaches. Your prescription is wrong. Have the doctor that prescribed the glasses check to see if they are right and if the glasses are correct to the script them have the diffraction done again until they get it right. The doctor is responsible for the script. The optician is responsible to get the script right. Also often they do not measure the distance from your nose to the pupal of your eye. They occasionally assume the distance is the same for both sides. It almost never is. If it wasn't measured properly the result will be headaches although you think you can see fine.

you probably are just having a hard time getting used to the vison. it might make you dizzy at some times. but it should where off. if it doesn't go see your eye doctor for a lower perscription

Depends you might time to adjust to them.If it keeps up consult your eye doctor as the presciption might be too strong.

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