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Is it bad to keep your contacts in while you sleep?
I have had contact lenses for 3 years and the first year i took them out when i showered and slept because my doctor said so, but then my friend that has had them for a long time said that she doesn't do that stuff and her eyes have been fine, and ever since i stopped taking them out when i sleep nothing bad has happened.

I am just wondering if there is some reason that you should take them out.

I do switch out my contacts once a month.

Bob :)
Yup! it.s bad

you should definitely take them out at night because they can actually get stuck to your eye. your eyes can dry out while you sleep and you will not be able to get your contact off without serious pain and a fairly long process.

that depends. If you have contacts specifically designed for keeping in for a whole month, that's fine. But if you're supposed to take them out each night, that's bad. The contacts weren't made for being kept in while you are sleeping!

the most common cause is leaving contacts in at bedtime. When you are awake, soft contact lenses move with each blink, allowing tears to flow under the contact and constantly moisturizing the eye's outer layer (the cornea). However, when you are asleep, your eyes do not blink, so no tears flow beneath the contact lens and the area of the cornea underneath the lens dries out. A dry cornea may develop tiny cracks and abrasions, allowing harmful bacteria to enter and infect the eye.

Sexy Vanessy
Yes, it is very bad to keep your contacts in while you sleep, don't do it! When you sleep, you're eyes are obviously closed, so you no longer blink, and blinking is what re-moistens your contact lenses. So if you don't blink, your contacts will become extremely dry, and when you open your eyes in the morning, you'll feel like you have glass shards in your eye!

yes, you can scratch the cornea of you eye.

Kate J
I use soft lenses and a few times have happened to forget to take them off for the night. In the morning my eyes became very dry, they felt sore and the whites were reddened, so I don't think it's healthy for your eyes to leave the contacts in for the night.

Its a extremely bad idea to sleep in soft contacts. I did for years without problems but recently I eyes became so infected. It started with allergy like symptoms but became so painful I could not see at ALL. I was forced to see my eye doctor and found that the lack of oxygen to my eye caused spots to appear. I was forced to wear my unattractive "urkel like" glasses until all the spots disappeared. It was like having severe conjunctivitis in both eyes for like a month. I could have avoided this by removing my contacts when I slept.

Gas permeable: no, u shouldn't sleep with them

Soft lenses: i don't see why u shouldn't

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