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 Can you tell my glasses are fake?
I started wearing glasses, but do not need them. I just like the way I look--smart. :)

Is there any way anyone could tell they are fake? I spent about $100 on the frames ...

 How to convince the optometrist to let you get glasses?
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jjbb bb
If you wear your glasses from morning to bedtime is it bad for your eyes?

Dr Frank
Basically wearing glasses that you need to correct your vision does not damage your eyesight.

Adriana B
Its not bad if they are prescribed. If they are prescribed and still hurt call your eye dr. you may need a different perscription. If they arent prescribed try wearing them a little less.


but some people think it does because when you take your glasses off you see badly, if you've worn them all day every day , you'll get used to it and forget how bad your eyes were.
hope i could help

Your 45th President in 2012!
No, if you need them, you need them. It's bad for your eyes if you try to go without them when you need to have them on. What you're describing is GOOD for your eyes.

♫ Converse ♥
If they are prescribed, then no.
If they cause you pain, then have a 10 minute break, and they should be fine afterwards.


yes overtime it makes your eyes more lazy. I used to wear mine all day everyday but then i started using them only when i was reading or watching tv and things. My eye sight has drastically improved xx

Barry O
Exactly what Daniel said, they are made for your eyes, if they hurt take them off.

I suppose it depends what your perscription is. I can't really see without mine, but I do give myself a break every now and then to give my eyes a rest.

I'd have thought it'd be worse not to wear them as then your eyes would become more tired and strained.but this is said from one who refused to wear them and I still see fine after 50 odd years whereas my sister wore them and can't see so well . your choice I suppose"!

Jordan's girl, Jadyn's mommy.
i don't think its bad.
you use glasses to seee right...and you need to see from morning to bedtime rightt...well then its for a good reason.
maybe if you had contacts then it would be easier to deal with and you woulnt be worrying.

The Town Cryer
yes, u need to take them off once in a while for your eyes to take of the strain

Daniel D
If they are perscribed for a reason no. But if they do start to hurt remove them.

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