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I have something in my eye and i need help?
Well. i was on a motorcycle yesterday and something got into my eye. and its hurt for 15 hours now. every time i blink it hurts and i have to look to the right for it not to hurt. Ive tried to wash it out with water, and bought an eye wash and used almost the whole bottle. I looked in my eye and couldn't see anything. and my friends looked too and no one could see anything. It feels like something is scratching my eye when i move it. and it swollen a bit. i don't know what to do. any suggestions? i cant go to the hospital because no one is home until sunday. and i don't have enough money.
please help this is killing me.

go to the hospital. or call your grandma. or pinch yourself and make yourself cry

I went to the doctor I had an eyelash in my eye. She told me to use my hair and it will help get it out. Also close your eyes and it automatically will flush.

Anil Chauhan
Apply honey in your eye. It will clean your eye and the redness. Need not to panic.

keeper of the bees
You may have a stye. The best thing to do for it is to wait it out. Put a warm washcloth on your eye to reduce the swelling. I hope you feel better!

you need to see a doctor. could be something that got into your eye, and now it's rolled to the back or something. if you absolutely can't right now, i would just make sure to keep it super clean until you can.

When you scratch your eye, it sometimes continues to feel like theres something in there, even though there isnt/ You are going to irritate it more if you keep using the eye wash crap. Just close your eye, and put a warm compress on it.

Brown Sugar
go to the ER they will bill you for the visit. you probably have a scratch on your cornea. the dr will give you some ointment to put in it.

Mr Renee
go to the doctor anyway fix the money up later

it probably stuck in your eye try getting a clean dry towel and wiping it over your eye a few times

also push and squeeze the inside of your eye where it meets the nose try that a few times

Not sure WHY you cant go to the hospital? If you go into the emergency room, they HAVE to take you whether you have money or not. Just call a taxi if you dont drive and go into the emergency room. They will help you. Better to do it now than to lose your eye for good.

There probably isn't anything still in it.. it is probably a cornea abrasion. It feels like something is in there. I've done it and had to go to the ER. nothing to do except make sure it is well rinsed. If it is an abrasion, it will start feeling better tomorrow.

Your health is more important than money, you should seek medical attention asap

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