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views tvm....

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 My left eye looks smaller?
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I have been seeing a black dot in my left eye for almost 3 months now. Its motionless, what is it?
I have been seeing this black dot in the center of vision of my left eye for almost 3 months. Its motionless, as in, it doesnt float around my eye and is always in the same spot no matter which direction I look. Im starting to get a little worried since I have perfect (20/10) vision and dont want to mess it up.

john e
You have a vitreous floater. It is a piece of your eye that doesn't have anywhere to go. Just hope is will move away if it ids near the center.

that is a problem and you should tell the ophthalmologist when you make your appointment so they give you a quick one and not wait for two months


What is it? It is a reason to see your optometrist 3 months ago! See a doctor immediately. I don't know if they will be able to help you get rid of the blind spot, but hopefully they can prevent further deterioration of your vision.

Good luck.

it could very well be a cataract. i have a floating cataract in my right eye which is very annoying ,go see ur optician dont take it for granted its nothing and will go away,i made that mistake wen my left eye got a tiny scratch on it and the end result was the removal of my eye.ur eyesight is precious so look after it and see ur optician asap.

Miguel O
There's supposetly a "blind spot" in each one of our eyes, hence, the black spot. But it shouldn't be big enough to be visible. You should go check it out to make sure it doesn't grow/get worse.

It sounds like a floater (there's probably a more technical name, but that's what I've heard them called). It will be in the same spot because it's in that spot on your eye. I'd suggest mentioning it to your doctor the next time you have your eyes checked. It's probably nothing, but you don't want it to get bigger and really mess with your vision.

I've had one for about a year now. It sits just below and to the left of center in my left eye. I can really only tell it's there if I'm looking at something white and the lighting is just right. I check it regularly myself, and you'd better believe I'd be headed straight to the doctor if it ever changed.

go to your eye doctor and get it checked out!

Lucifer Sam
Have an eye care specialist look at it. It might develop into macular degeneration or worse- it could completely take that eye out and you won't be able to see through it.

see an opthamologist..it could be a symptom of something other than a visual problems such as migraines. It could also be a problem with your cornea...Getit checked out!

i think you should go to the eye doctor so they can check it. good luck :]

Make an eye appointment immediately. Something is happening to you eye.

It is not a floater because floaters float around.

You may have a hole in your retina.

You may have something embedded in your eye that you don't know about.


BTW.....20/10 sight is not perfect. 20/20 is. Good luck. Pops

You should be worried. You really need to get to an eye doctor now. You should have done it when it first started. Why would you want to take a chance with your eye sight. The person above me mentioned the possibility of a floater. I really don't think that is what it is. A floater floats around and does not stay in one spot. Plus a floater is not a solid black spot, but rather a clear type of spot. Please go! I can not stress how important it is for you to seek professional help now. Good Luck!

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