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 Can contacts make your eyesight worse?
Is it ok for a 13 year old to have contacts?
will it make the eyesight worse like if i take the contacts off?
thanks x]...

 How would you wear glasses if you only had one ear?

 my eyes are stinging me! i'm facing the computer screen, i'm on it quite alot, should i cut down abit?

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 Are coloured contacts safe to wear?

 Why do peoples eyes change color?
I see someone at school every day and sometimes there eyes will be a hazel color then turn to aqua blue in a hour or sometimes a day. I have seen hazel for days then aqua blue. The aqua blue color ...

 My left eye looks smaller?
I've noticed recentley that my let eye looks smaller than the right,There is no Itching,But it does feel weird,can anyone give me some advice as Im freaking out here....

 why did my eye hurt really bad when I put my contact in?
Well I put my left contact in and it didnt hurt at all then when I put the right contact in and it hurt so much it like burned and stung really bad and my eye got really red so I just took them off. I...

 Is there any way to improve one's vision???
is there any exercise involved in keeping eyes healthy...i am a software professional...can long concentration on CRT spoil one's eyes??...

 i just got contacts and my eye is red?
im not sure if it because of the contacts,i got them two weeks ago, i was rubbing my eye so it came out, and i didnt know wat to do so i put it back in and it burned and my eye was like,gushing tears ...

 Why does my top eye lash always get stuck to the bottom ones when I blink?

 how long can you wear contacts?
I heard from someone that you can only wear contacts up to 8 hours per day... is that true? I have soft lenses from O2 optix that are 2 week dispensables. I wear them for like 14 hours a day. Is that ...

 Hey, How do I look in my new glasses. They have wide temples and rimless lenses?

 Whats wrong with my eye?
My left eye feels heavier than my right. I had a accident involing my eye almost 3 years ago, and I dont know if that has anything to do with it. My left eye just feels really heavy! I'm ...

 What happens when you do cross eye for a long time, and for how long?

 I have a lazy eye. How do I turn down 3D movies when my friends invite me?
I have a lazy eye (or strabismus) so my eyes are always crossed even with my glasses on. Its very noticeable so its not a secret.

But I still get invited to see 3D movies with friends. I ...

 Why don't they invent cigarettes that are good for you?
If people find it so hard to quit my aren't there such cigarettes that are good for you?
Still keep them addictive just not harmful....

 I just got new eyeglasses; Are they appropriate for wearing at office or are they too glamorous? Please help?

 what is my eye colour?
i dont know whether they are green or hazel, because someone told me hazel is darker brown but mine have only a hint of brown. They look a bit darker in real life and they look bluey green sometimes ...

 Am I the only one who thinks that.....?
contact lenses are a total nightmare? I have spent 3 hours trying to get them in and apparantly getting them out is even harder! It is so uncomfortable.How long did it take you to put them in at ...

How to convince the optometrist to let you get glasses?
Well... its a long story, but i bought some reading glasses from the chemist and now my parents said that they are gonna take me to get some proper prescribed ones. I really like glasses so i would like to get them, but im afraid the optometrist will say i dont need them. My vision isnt very bad, its just hard to focus in on books, and i sometimes get headaches from it... so i think he'll think im lying (like my parents do) just to get glasses, but i need them and i'd like a way to "convince" him to let me get them, not beg, but ways to make it more obvious that i need glasses... any help appreciated!!!

Sian xox

Squint your eyes alot and try to atleast get 2 or 3 of the smaller letters you read out wrong :)

A Leo _n_ [email protected]
Try to let them know that that UFO that you recently saw had GRENNISH/PURPLISH 9ft 2& a 1/2 inch tall legs !! which made them t0o tall for you to see the brand or makers name of the time peace they had on!?! But if you had the correct prescribed lenses on ... You'd have no problems !! & then BLAME them for that missed chance !! & then tell them they need to get it together so stuff like that would have less of a chance of taking place again !!. ;-D r`'R'`r

well, if your parents say you need glasses..he shouldn't say no but if he is just that ridiculous..tell him you need reading glasses and make it obvious you cannot see very well while you read and if you read in front of him, make it seem like you cant read most of the words and squint your eyes alot when you try to see something but act really good or it wont be pulled off...also, if it takes you too long to see something then just say "i give up...i cant see it"

just tell them that you only need it for reading

I had a eye test this arvo haha.
and well dont lie :)
i told him a i get miagrnaes and he asked me was it for when i read [ ll tell the truth so you get the right lense! haha u dont want blurry vision silly]

I think you should do the test honestly as using glasses with the inappropriate grade will most probably damage your eyesight. I dont think you should worry too much about not getting glasses as I think you will be prescribed one based on your accounts of finding it hard to focus in on books and getting headaches.

If you need them, the doctor will prescribe them, he won't lie.
If you don't have bad enough eyes to get glasses, buy some cheap sunglasses.

I would think that the "hard to focus in on books, and I sometimes get headaches from it" statement would do the trick.

If that doesn't work tell him you need them for a play or something and just wanted to get some that matched your vision.

He will give them to you don't worry, if you can't see 20/20 then you can't see 20/20, and you will need glasses. Your eyes do not lie, unless you are then your damaging them.

Nancy C
Don't be concerned about the optometrist not believing you. The optometrist has many instruments & knowledge and will listen to you & prescribe the right prescription.

Just go to the DR. and they'll give their normal eye exam. TELL THE TRUTH. If you get a prescription that doesn't work, you'll get really bad headaches. I don't recommend it! If the DR. doesn't think you need glasses, you can always buy fashion glasses at boutiques in the mall.

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