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How do i fail an eye test?
Now i REALLY want glasses and i want to know how to cheat the exam so i can get them. How? I have tried to say that i can't read things and sometimes i have worn my friends glasses. Is there anything else i can do?

just say random letters ! and the ^^^^^^^^^?

just refuse to answer any questions...

Why would you want to fail and eye test, why would you want to were glasses, i have worn glasses since i was 6!
How come you want them so bad?
if you did fail and eye test you would have to get the letters wrong you see on the board they tell you to read from and if you did they would give you glasses that would be the wrong prescription and then you wouldn't be able to see out of them.

The better solution is buy glasses frames that have no lenses prescription in and there clear glass that way you wont hurt your eyes and you can wear glasses!! ^_^

There is no way to fail an eye test. The opticians carry false lenses that look and feel like real lenses but make no change to your natural eye sight what so ever. If you want glasses why don't you try some in shops that have false lenses? That way you don't damage your eye sight and you will look like you have the real things.

Ello Guv
You can buy some frames and just have clear lenses put them in them....you don't need real prescription lenses or they will damage your eyes.

Why would you want glasses? any way you don't need to "fail" an eye exam you can buy frames that only have glass in them and not real lenses. Wearing glasses not meant for you wont be doing your eyes any favours and you will end up really needing them. Having to wear glasses isn't a choice or fashion statement.

♥ ѕσ¢¢єя ρℓαуєя ♥
If you lie you could do the wrong thing and they might have to do a painful surgery on your eyes including cutting off your corneas.

Have you thought about that?

You can wear a non prescription glass. I also wear non prescription glass. You may go the link from where i got my non prescription glass. The link is: http://www.cococontacts.com/ I think Cococontacts.com is awesome and has fascinating glasses and I highly recommend them and think they are excellent.

Get glasses with clear glass lenses.
you dont need to fail the eye test to wear them.
search them on google. they look like the real thing. x

you dont need to fail an eye exam to have glasses, as you can get glasses with plain glass in them,tell the optician you want them for cosmetic reasons only

Jer Bear
One day, you will wear glasses. I wanted glasses when I was young and only a couple years later I got them for real.

you can seriously damage your eyes by lying, they will know you are lying anyway.

Joe S
What the hell is your problem?

If you cheat the test, you won't be able to see through the lenses your mom will pay $100 for, not including the frames.

Answer the doctor honestly, and if he says you don't need glasses, you can buy frames with just plain glass in the lens.

Why would you want to purposely damage your eyes? That's crazy. If you are so hung up on wearing glasses just go to a store and order a pair of glasses with lenses without any prescription to them. You could even order ones that change into dark sunglasses in the sunlight. "photo-grey" lenses.

Why don't you just go, take the eye test... and if you actually need the glasses get them?

wow there are some bad answers on here. 1st off: you cant "fail" an eye exam. it doesnt matter what you say/dont say. a good optometrist will figure you out in about 5 seconds. plenty of people fake bad vision for various reasons & it never, ever, ever works...mostly b/c we dont make decisions on refractive error based on subjective testing. subjective testing is just fine tuning. whether you do or do not need glasses is VERY OBVIOUS upon OBJECTIVE testing (no questions).

"refusing to answer any questions" just makes you uncooperative. it doesnt make you fail an eye exam. you'd think people would know this.

there is nothing you can say or do to fail. no purposeful "wrong answer" or refusal to answer will make you need "strong" glasses or "painful surgery" or any of that. all of those answers are assuming that decisions are made based o0n subjective testing...which is an incorrect assumption. you cant fool your eye doc by lying. its impossible. you can just make him/or her irritated with you

ask them for glasses with no prescription... im sure they can giv it to u... lol u wierdo. :P

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